This Won't Last Long

8 Episodes

By: Michael Winter

My name is Michael Winter and on this podcast, I talk about the latest in my personal life, my creative life, and in pop culture. These are the edited down versions of my usual livestream format of this podcast. If you want to check those out on my twitch as well as my other creations, here's the link:

Late Night D23 Talkļ½œThis Won't Last Long Episode 8

I was very tired here so it's a little shorter but I still hope you enjoy. Also, apologies for the delay by like 5 days, school and work has been hectic lol.

Episode 7ļ½œ Spectacular Spider-Man and Cowboy Bebop

I talk about my experience watching both shows for the first time recently.

News Of The Weekļ½œThis Won't Last Longļ½œEpisode 6

This episode is a little different because it has no central theme. I hope you enjoy though.

I've Been Obsessed With The Last Of Us Universeļ½œThis Won't Last Longļ½œEpisode 5

Talking about my experience with this amazing and tragic universe :)

So I Finally Watched Daredevilļ½œThis Won't Last Longļ½œEpisode 4

Watch Daredevil if you haven't already!

SDCC 2022ļ½œThis Won't Last Longļ½œEpisode 3

Highlighting all the SDCC content and news that was revelant to me in this week's episode.

Thor Love and Thunderļ½œThis Won't Last Longļ½œEpisode 2

The meat and potatoes of this episode is my spoiler review of Thor Love and Thunder

Umbrella Academy Season 3 and Life Since Last Podcastļ½œThis Won't Last Longļ½œEpisode 1

In this first episode (For Spotify), I talk about Umbrella Academy Season 3, my creative life, and my personal life.