CEO M.I.S.C.H.I.E.F. Maker

10 Episodes

By: Mary Kathryn Johnson

Let's create some brand mischief together with the CEO M.I.S.C.H.I.E.F. Maker podcast. We are so tired of listening to shows that generically skim over the meat of business and marketing without planting a flag on their turf that represents the reality of life. Each guest Mary Kathryn Johnson interviews will share their experience with the Mindset Shifts (published on Mondays), Impact & Innovation (published on Wednesdays), and Strategy & Tactics (published on Fridays) that have contributed to their success. Only we help our listeners understand business and marketing from the Mindset required, to the Innovation...

CMM 172: Uncover How No Expectations, and Active Listening Can Create Scalable Success in Business

Valerie Cobb shares the exact strategy and tactics she uses to grow sales teams, and scale revenue. Use her tools to grow your own business, and share the success.

CMM 171: How Your Mistakes and Empathy Provide Momentum for Innovation in Business

When you use the mistakes, empathy and experience, Valerie Cobb shares how you can create momentum toward true innovation in your business.

CMM 170: What is the Cash Flow Mindset, and How Can You Use it with Valerie Cobb?

Valerie Cobb joins MKJ to share how being driven by cash flow, rather than revenue growth can future-proof your business.

CMM 169: The Strategy of Live-Solving vs. Recorded-Solving, and Which Will Create Greater Success for You

Jim Fuhs shares his strategies for live-solving and recorded-solving to grow your success using streaming video. Join MKJ as Jim takes her on the adventure into the details, and business use cases that will benefit most when using each strategy.

CMM 168: How Jim Fuhs is Innovating Streaming Video By Marketing The Marine Corps Way

Jim Fuhs shares his previous experience in the Marine Corps, and how that has helped him create success with live streaming video. Sounds like a mis-match, but it isn’t, and MKJ is betting that you have just such a mis-match in your past that might be just the thing you need to create success. Listen in to see how you might use it.

CMM 167: How To Transition Your Mindset To Use Streaming Video Effectively

Jim Fuhs shares his adventure from The Marines, to government contracting, to live streaming entrepreneur. He and MKJ discuss how anyone with a side-hustle, or full time entrepreneurial gig can get comfortable with live streaming video.

CMM 166: The Simple, Effective Strategy to Future-Proof Your Business Success Without Ads

MKJ shares her strategy and specific tactics to future-proof your business using interactive videos to scale relationships and revenue. She takes you step-by-step through the process she uses to create 7 interactive videos in just 45 minutes, and share them everywhere her audience consumes her content.

CMM 165: How Can Curiosity Help You Innovate Your Future?

Who is the best person with the problem that is easiest for you to solve? Why are you the best positioned business to solve it? These are just two of the questions MKJ asks to help you innovate your industry to help future-proof your business using your tacit knowledge.

CMM 164: The Mindset Shift That Will Future-Proof Your Business

MKJ shares why the status-quo marketing techniques will be less and less successful in the future, and how Category Design, and being Relatable are taking over. She outlines the specific mindset shifts she has made over the past 2 years, and how her unique point of view is creating success now, and for the entrepreneurs coming up behind her.

CMM 163: How a Positive Reputation, Work Environment, and Cash is the Best Strategy for Success

The strategy and tactics for success that Anthony Nitsos shares on this episode of the podcast include controlled growth and hiring, building a strong reputation, creating a happy work environment, and forecasting for cash. Check it out.