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Insights by PropertyLimBrothers is our editorial and research arm where we do deep analyses of market trends, property news, and all things Real Estate. Our Insights channel will cover deep dives from New Launch analyses to investments FAQs, answering relevant and insightful questions that best position our readers in this ever-volatile market.

Pinetree Hill Condo New Launch Review - Mount Sinai's Latest Rejuvenation Injection

Pinetree Hill Condo New Launch Review - Mount Sinai's Latest Rejuvenation Injection

Wayne, Nicole and Joan from PropertyLimBrothers delves deep into the recently launched Pinetree Hill development, nestled between Ulu Pandan Road and Pine Grove. This project is truly exceptional, particularly considering that there have been no new developments in D21 for approximately 14 years. Pinetree Hill is also situated alongside Clementi Forest to the North and Dover Forest to the South, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a proximity to nature. This joint venture between UOL and Singapore Land Group Limited encompasses 520 units on...

The Myst Condo New Launch Review - Upper Bukit Timah's Green Masterpiece!

The Myst is a 99-year leasehold new launch development located in the heart of D23. Spanning an impressive ~179,000 sq ft expanse, this project boasts a unique composition of 25% residential area and the remaining expanse dedicated to lush landscaping. Positioned just a short 5-minute sheltered walk from Cashew MRT station, this development promises convenience and accessibility.

In today’s New Launch Banter, Wayne and Beng Yew from PropertyLimBrothers is back, along with a fresh perspective from our latest guest, Phyllis (who you might have seen from a number of our home tour videos), to talk about this brand ne...

CBD Incentive Scheme, Freehold Newport Residences | New Launch Review

Originally Fuji Xerox Towers, under the CBD Incentive Scheme, we’ll see new life breathed into District 2! Newport Residences will be a mixed use development incorporating Work, Live, Play into its spaces and functions, made up of Newport Plaza, Newport Tower and Newport Residences. Follow Melvin Lim, Grayce and Yu Rong from PropertyLimBrothers as they gather the information available, estimate the launch prices, offer location analyses, as well as insights about the unit mix.

Find out why the launch was postponed, as well as what to look forward to in the next part of our Newport Residences Ne...

District 15’s last and largest New Launch mega development for 2023! | Grand Dunman | New Launch Review

It’s time we’re reviewing Grand Dunman!— A mega project slated to TOP in 2027 and will be one of the largest projects in D15, featuring 1,008 units on the 25,000 sqm land plot.

Grand Dunman is a joint venture by SingHaiyi and CSC Land, and is predicted to head into the direction of being a luxury development, with personal sauna rooms for one of seven blocks, and possibly a private lift as well. This episode, Melvin Lim, joined by Wayne and Yu Rong from PropertyLimBrothers, discuss whether this is a project worth buying into in 2023, as well as what d...

District 21’s Latest Highly-anticipated Integrated Project | The Reserve Residences New Launch review

District 21’s Latest Highly-anticipated Integrated Project |The Reserve Residences New Launch review

It's finally time to review the highly-anticipated integrated project, The Reserve Residences! The Reserve Residences is Far East Organization’s newest development, following the success of One Holland V.
 Could the introduction of 4-bedroom configurations into the Upper Bukit Timah spark a whole new market response to the area? What do we foresee in the future for this integrated project? Melvin Lim, Beng Yew and George from PropertyLimBrothers talk about the difference between an integrated and a mixed-use development, compare past turn outs for in...

District 23’s latest 99-year boutique project! | The Arden #NewLaunchReview

The Arden is a 99-year leasehold development by renowned developer Qingjian Realty, that will sit on what used to be Phoenix Heights Condominium. This new launch is just 600m from Bukit Panjang MRT Station. George, Yu Rong and Melvin Lim from PropertyLimBrothers finds out on this episode of New Launch Review if this project will have a strong market response. Competition is fierce as The Arden is surrounded by pretty well-known developments!

Get ready to take notes on what to look out for as the trio discusses about upcoming projects in the area as well as the...

Lentor's latest addition breathes new life to District 26! | #NewLaunchReview

PropertyLimBrothers is zooming into Lentor’s newest upcoming project by renowned developer GuocoLand to rejuvenate and redesign this area into a bustling neighbourhood. With a great masterplan to bring the area to life, together with URA Master Plan wind funnel system planning, we look at the 2nd of the projects being released in this area, Lentor Hills Residences.

Melvin Lim, Wayne and Grayce compares this new launch project to existing projects around the area and which bedroom type would have the best reception with an opportunity for rental play. Join them and find out why some units ma...

The Continuum - The Newest Freehold contender in D15! | #NewLaunchReview

One of the most anticipated New Launch projects in District 15! Today, the PropertyLimBrothers team discuss The Continuum, a freehold development by Hoi Hup and Sunway!

The Continuum is a unique project where Thiam Siew Avenue road will run through and separate the development into two similar-sized built-ups, named the Signature and Prestige collections. There will be individual entrances, parking and facilities shared via a link bridge.

Launching in early May 2023, find out how we think it will perform, comparing this project with existing developments and other New Launches, as well as the upcoming Grand Dunman.  F...

Blossoms by the Park Singapore New Launch Review | A comeback for Dual-Key units in District 5? #NewLaunchReview

Here comes another new launch contender in District 5, Blossoms By The Park! A 99-year leasehold project developed by EL Development comprising 275 units across 27 storeys. Join Melvin Lim, Wayne and Grayce from PropertyLimBrothers as they talk the potential hot-selling units of this project, as well as future rejuvenation in this area.

An extremely strong rental pool for this area, plus a dual-key 3-bedroom layout; this is one for the discerning investor. However as we find out through this discussion, that rental demand may not be everything. Tune in to a deep-dive analysis of One-north’s newest development, the id...

How will this 99-year New Launch fair against its freehold counterparts @ D15? Tembusu Grand Review

We’re expecting 3 upcoming projects this year in D15, and it’s been a long time since this popular district has seen new launches.

Melvin Lim, George and Wayne discuss the earliest one to TOP, Tembusu Grand, and compares it with two upcoming projects in this district— The Continuum and Dunman Grand.

This 99-year leasehold project developed by CDL and MCL Land sits along Tanjong Katong Road, with entry and exit points at Jalan Tembusu Road. With land plots slated for development around the area in the future, there are plenty of considerations to take note t...

Is Terra Hill New Launch Worth the Hype? - Full Review and Analysis | #NewLaunchReview

On this episode of New Launch Studio Review, PropertyLimBrothers reviews Terra Hill! A rare freehold New Launch project in District 5!

A project by renowned developers Hoi Hup and Sunway, This development is a well spread-out unit mix. Watch as  Melvin Lim, Grayce and George discuss the best unit types as well as floor plans. Find out which ones they think are the must grab units!

The Botany @ Dairy Farm: Entry to an OCR New Launch under $2,000 PSF? | #NewLaunchReview

An upcoming  project by Sim Lian Group in one of the rare few areas with plentiful greenery is The Botany At Dairy Farm, a New Launch project set to TOP in Q1 of 2026. Join Melvin Lim, Yu Rong and Grayce from PropertyLimBrothers as they discuss about the project’s location, its layout types and future exit potential. 

Using PLB’s proprietary MOAT Analysis tool, they will decipher which layout is likely to be the more popular types, and who will be the core audience of this project. If you’ve been eyeing The Botany at Dairy Farm, you won’...

Will Property Prices Continue to Rise? | #REnews

With increasing interest rates alongside high inflation, is there a correlation between inflation and property prices? What will that mean for real estate in Singapore?

Zoe from PropertyLimBrothers explains what inflation is, why being in a high inflationary environment is bad, and what can we expect from Singapore’s property market in future. 😃

PLB Insights Article - Inflation & Property prices – Will the price of homes keep on rising?

5 Ways to Impress Home Buyers with Your Home Staging (Part 2) | #SellerSeries

Have you been marketing your home for a few months or even years now? Had many viewings but no offers for the longest time? Stay tuned to this episode where we share some tips to stage your home better!

Melvin Lim from PropertyLimBrothers shares 9 tips backed by research and experience by PropertyLimBrothers that might be useful to you! These tips are highly applicable to most home owners and are easy to implement, allowing you to market your property better, attract more interest buyers and maximise the chances of you having offers to ultimately sell your property. 

5 Ways to Impress Home Buyers with Your Home Staging (Part 1) | #SellerSeries

On today’s episode of Seller’s Series, Melvin Lim from PropertyLimBrothers chats about the rise of home staging in Singapore’s property market.

We dive deep into the history of home staging, and the importance of staging your home to enhance the value of your property. Watch on if you’re planning to put your home in the market!

Are En Bloc Sales Still an Avenue for Homeowners to Expect a Windfall? | #REnews

Is anticipating a collective still a good way for homeowners to obtain high profits on their properties? Why are these sales less ''hyped'' recently? In this episode of R.E news, Grayce from PropertyLimBrothers will be discussing about one of the hottest topics in Singapore's real estate market, en bloc. 

As seen in the news, there are currently huge changes in the real estate market conditions in Singapore. From rising interest rates to various cooling measures that were introduced recently. Coupled with current economic conditions, developers will be more conservative in pursuing an en bloc project. 

HDB Loan or Bank Loan? | #BuyerSeries

Buying a home is probably the of the biggest financial decision one would ever make living in Singapore. Which then leads to the ever-popular question – When it comes to financing a home, should you finance it with an bank loan or an HDB loan? 😁

On the surface, most of us know that the interest rates between the two differ quite clearly, but what are the nuances surrounding each type of loan? And what are the prerequisites of either type of loan. In this episode of Buyer’s Series, John from PropertyLimBrothers will deep-dive into all you need to know...

Are High Rent Prices Here to Stay? | #REnews

Since the start of the pandemic, rental prices have been rising in Singapore’s rental market. Are these high prices sustainable and are they here to stay? 

Alexa from PropertyLimBrothers is back again to dissect this topic and give us a run-down of this rise, the causes for the increase and whether it is reasonable in comparison to the other cities.

R.E News Introduction to URA Master Plan 2022 | #REnews

The recent unveiling of URA’s Master Plan for 2022 has had news outlet churning out more information faster than the public can digest. Living, Working, Playing, Moving, Cherishing, Stewarding and Sustaining . What do these seven areas of focus mean? 

Allow Alexa from PropertyLimBrothers to introduce you to the purpose of the master plan, and to contextualise the seven areas of focus; tackling three prominent topics that dominate the discourse – Social Inclusion, Sustainability and Mental Wellness.

Is Your Property Subletting Illegally? | #REnews

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. It’s a hot rental market these days and people tend to sublet their rented properties for short term gains. But in what context is subletting a property illegal? In this episode of R.E News, we cover the rules of subletting, who can sublet, what kinds of properties can be sublet and how different stakeholders share responsibility in regulating sublet properties. 

More often than you know, properties are sublet without the landlord’s knowledge. In most cases, the landlord would not have even known, right up ’til the point of gett...

Is a Housing Bubble forming in Singapore? | #REnews

With inflation roaring and home prices soaring in the US, there are real concerns about the formation of a housing bubble. Are the high prices of homes justified? Is it sustainable to keep climbing up like this? Or is this a housing bubble that is going to pop like the one in the mid 2000s? We look at the housing market in the US and compare the situation there with the one here in Singapore.

Join Grayce in this episode of R.E News where she will be looking at how the Dallas Fed (US Central Bank...

Singapore – Property Safe Haven? | #RENews

In today’s episode of R.E News, Alexa will talk about the factors that set the stage for Singapore as an investment destination for foreigners.

We’ll also look at how Singapore continues to perform as a real estate destination against other countries and the takeaways from corporate reports, translating them down to how Singapore remains at a great position to expect global inflow.

However, with the recent ABSD hike on foreigners buying into property in Singapore, how will affect their investment strategy? Stay tuned to find out!

Working From Home & the Real Estate Market | #RENews

The work from home arrangements in this pandemic whereby employees were working remotely was a highly common sight during the past two years. Will this affect the real estate market and how?

In this episode of R.E. News, PropertyLimBrothers take a deep dive into the trends observed not only within Singapore, but in the United States and London as well. So watch on to find out what these trends are!

NEW ABSD on Living Trust | #REnews

On 8 May 2022, the government announced that an ABSD of 35% will be imposed on any transfer of residential property into a living trust. Why implement a new ABSD rule? Who does it affect? What will happen from now on? Join Grayce in this episode of Real Estate News where she will be discussing on the new ABSD on Living Trusts and how they might affect High-Net-Worth (HNW) Property Investments. Watch on to find out more! Enjoy!

Age Limit for Singles Buying HDBs | #REnews

The parliamentary session in March sparked many questions, debates and opinions on reducing the age limit of single Singaporeans buying a HDB from 35 to 28. How will this policy change potential shape the real estate market?

While we are not here to set the record straight with all these assumed numbers, run through this little experiment with PropertyLimBrothers on this episode of R.E. News on how the lowered age limit can possibly set off a chain of effects in the market!

War & Singapore's Real Estate | #REnews

Though the ongoing war in Ukraine may not be recent news anymore, we have to acknowledge the raw emotions, lives lost and how we should never take the peace we’ve enjoyed for granted.

In today’s R.E News, Melvin Lim from PropertyLimBrothers, brings up three points, on how geopolitical instability in other parts of the world will impact Singapore and our real estate market.

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Property Tax 2022 + EV Property Rush #REnews

In this first episode of Real Estate News by PropertyLimBrothers, Alexa shares the recently revised property tax and how you may be affected by it in 2022. How will the upcoming GST Hike affect property transaction prices? Moving forward with Singapore’s Green Plan, how will EV infrastructure increase saleability of your property? All these and more in our pilot episode for Real Estate News!

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