Quick Hands Rugby League Podcast

40 Episodes

By: George Roumpanis

A weekly comprehensive wrap on all things Rugby League from three NRL diehards, George, Nick & Artie who don't hold back and tell it like it is!

Quick Hands Podcast -Grand Finally EP.59

This week is the last week for the boy's as the season comes to and end there Quick boys come to an end for now !

The boys sit down and recap the amazing grand final as Nathan Cleary has now entered a new level of his career and the up and down performence of Reece

Quick Hands Podcast - Iva The Great EP.58

This week the boys sit down and talk about how good is Penrith, The Dragons sign,Reviews gus SF preview and seeing the reff

Episode 57 - May The Fairytale Never End

Finals Fever.
Ben Hunt, Stay or Leave?
Super League Finals.
NRLW Finals.
Ray Price Player Profile.
Bunker Should Be Blown Up.

Quick Hands Podcast - Who's gonna to beat penrith EP.56

This week the boy's talk about men of the league change there name, Valentine holmes, Tyson Gamble and Nathan clearly is he the best of all time.

Quick Hands Podcast - Final's Fever EP.55

This week the boy's sit down only 3 week before the finals to talk about the Bulldogs, Souths, Latrel and Buzz talking about the Dogs

Quick Hands Podcast - Walsh or Ponga EP.54

This week the boy's talked about the top 8 selection, The bulldogs delema, who will make the 8, latrel Latrel Latrel and Aris Spam

Quick Hands Podcast - BBQ Gate EP.53

This week the boy's talk about tiger's,Latrell,Cody and the Raiders not making the 8 Also bulldogs aren't good at rugby league

Quick Hands Podcast - The Squeeze EP.52

This week the boy's sit down and talk about the last 2 spots in the 8 and who is going to squeeze into the semis, The Dragon's tough love and Hoas stays put

Off The Bench EP.07 Laurean Biville

On this episode of Off the Bench we are joined by a specal guest Laurean bivlle a RLNational player for the French team as we talk about her story and how she found herself in the world of rugby and what it means to be athlete

Quick Hands Podcast - So Called , Non Crack Down EP.51

This week the boy's sit down and talk about Wayne Bennet, Hass, State of the game and the bunker

Quick Hands Podcast - 50TH Episode Arthur's Back EP.50

This week the boy's celebrate the 50TH episode of Quick Hands asa Arthur returns to the hot seat as the boy's talk about who's gonna make the 8, Coach of the year, Best is Best, ponga is the man , St george ripped off and Saint Helens top 4 in super league

Quick Hands Podcast - Who's got the power EP.49

This week Nick and George sit down and discuss RLPA, Did the bulldogs get the right coach and how good is webster "WHO" and most importanly Shaun Johnson in elite form !!

Quick Hands Podcast - Benji get out while you can EP.48

This week the boy's are joined by the parra Cave as the third co-guest as the boy's talk about origin,the Tiger's, RCQ. out for queens, and Tino Fa'asumaleaui and classic Benji

Quick Hands Podcast - The Night Before Freddy Goes EP.47

This week the boy's sit down and talk about the upcoming State Of Origin game 3,Players union,The movment at the bulldog's, Fairwell to Josh reynold's and shaun Johnson is a GOD

Quick Hands Podcast - Freddy is crazy EP.46

This week the boy's talk about the bulldogs and how trash there are and the tigers loss (someone has to pay). The ref's are wrong and Drinkie is a GOD

Quick Hands Podcast - What's your worth EP.45

This week this boy's talk about the state of origin game 2, Ben hunt's contract and luke brooks recent tigers contract and how it might effect the team for the next four year's


This week George sit's down with two local Western Sydney boy's as they talk about NRL , The State Of Origin game 1 and game 2 prediction's and rank all NRL team's from best to worst

Quick Hands Podcast - What Moses ! EP.44

Game two of origin is coming up and the boy's are ready as they talk all thing's origin and the new line up of both teams and there recent controversy

Quick Hands Podcast - We've Got The Blue's ! EP.43

This week the boy's sit down and talk about the dissapointing loss from NSW in the first round of State of Origin

Quick Hands Podcast - State of Hate Ep 42

This week the boys talk about the upcoming Sate Of Origin 2023 and all the teams and drama before the games have even started.

Quick Hands Podcast - I'm Hooked on You EP.41

This week the boys sit down with only one week to go untl STATE OF ORIGIN and discuss the team's, The Rooster's Drama and Hooks dissaperance in the sport.

Quick Hands Podcast - Will The Real Dragons Please Stand Up EP.40

This week the boys get down and dirty as they talk about the roosters demise ,Jack Birds comments and ricky being ricky and finally brad being frustrated don't blink cause this episode's a banger

Quick Hands Podcast - Magic Round EP.39

This week the boys talk about round 11 as they disucss the magic round follwing up with hook and Cody walkers recent drama while nick also gets a suprise at the beggining of the episode.

Off The Bench - EP.05 FT.The Parra Cave Podcast

Hey guy's todays a special episode as we sit down and talk to Troy from the Parra cave podcast. The boys discuss NRL , Troy's love for the sport and he's team and much more hope you enjoy.

Quick Hands Podcast - Brooks is back EP.38

This week the boys sit down as our third co-host Nick will be talking over zoom, the boys will talk about Luke Brooks, The Draft while reviewing the games and manly's recent issues.

Off The Bench - EP.04

This week we are introduced to the third co-host of off The Bench Arthur as we talk about the upcoming round.

Quick Hands Podcast - What's A Hit-Drop EP.37

This week the boys sit down as Nick won't be present however George and Arthur will talk about all the topics of the weeks ranging from the All the around, Hip-Drop , Jack and all things penrith and south's

Quick Hands Podcast - Crystal Ball EP.36 - PART 3

This week we introduce a new style of content, we are splitting our episode into 3 parts and we are posting them from Monday - Wednesday with visuals also being uploaded on You Tube.

Quick Hands Podcast - Controversy Corner EP. 36 - Part 2

This week we introduce a new style of content, we are splitting our episode into 3 parts and we are posting them from Monday - Wednesday with visuals also being uploaded on You Tube.
Hope you enjoy and stay tuned tomorrow for episode 3.

Quick Hands Podcast- Done & Dusted EP.36-PART 1

This week we introduce a new style of content, we are splitting our episode now in 3 parts and we are posting them from monday - wednesday with visuals also being uploaded on youtube. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow for episode 2

Off The Bench - EP.03

This week we are introduced to David Seth, a young man whose love for NRL has helped him develop as a man. David and George will be sitting down and discussing his love for the Roosters, How you fix the West tigers, and we get to know why David loves this sport.

Quick Hands Podcast-Latorell's Heffas EP.35

This week the boys take a trip down memory lane as they reminisce on old NRL themes while also talking about the round in review. The HIT drop tackles, The St George coaching job, They also look at the english Super League and Arthur calls his early origin team.

Off The bench - EP.02

In episode 2 of off the bench the boys interview Anthony Roumpanis the creative director behind the podcast and also George's son, We will sit with him and talk about the future of the podcast and his inspiration and love of movies.


This week the boy's attack Paul kent, Preview and review the round of football, Ari call the super team and much more

Quick Hands Podcast- 10 In The Bin EP.33

The boys talk all the latest news including a critical review round 4, The downfall of Joseph Sua'ali'i and the controversial topic of Trans player entering the scene.

Quick Hands - Trouble In Paradise EP.32

The boys are back this week as they talk about the new round, Mitch moses and more.
stay tuned !

Off The Bench-EP.01

WELCOME to our new show OFF THE BENCH were we go around and interview everyone revolving around NRL and on todays episode we have local NRL lover Jeffery Farah as we talk about the youth of nrl and growing up in this day and age with nrl and how that's effected his life.nrl]


This week the boy's talk about the terrible tigers, penrith's redemption, The dolphins two in a row and all the talking points of the week !!!

Quick Hands -THE MAGIC HAS GONE ! EP.30

All the talking point's of the week as the boys review last weeks round.
Preview round two and nicko dives deep into paramatta's draw.


The boys launch into the season the night before it kicks off covering bold prediction's and a range of other topics.