The Unrestricted With Vex and The Bulldog

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A sports podcast about nothing. Literally nothing. Well, some sports, most sports, some social commentary, laughs, jokes, insults and other assorted fun.

Ep 87 - Top 5 Movies of All Time! Spurs Talk, Cowboys Hate and a little Caitlyn Clark Chat
Last Thursday at 7:34 PM

We added a new segment, our Top 5. We started with movies. Ok, this is a bit more open ended than this, and Walter told us about it at the last minute. We argued alittle about our criteria and then came up with this list (oh yeah, we also talked about Spurs, Cowboys and Caitlyn Clark):


5 - Shawshank Redemption

4 - Back to the Future

3 - Field of Dreams

2 - Rocky

1 - It’s a Wonderful Life


5 - The Blues Brothers


Ep 86 - Superbowl Recap, Taylor Swift Hate and Statues

Well, another NFL season is in the books. Bob is sad, Walter loves Cerave commercials and Jeff thinks Jake Moody and Kyle Shanahan are a perfect match. We talk the commercials, we talk Tay Tay and we even meander around talking about statues and charitable giving.

Ep 85 - Superbowl 58, Taylor Swift Prop Bets, and We Are The World

Of course we talk about the Superbowl. Walter relives his greatest prognosticatory success and then goes angry on us. We talk some prop bets, and ponder a parlay between Travis K proposing and someone mentioning TayTay during their MVP speech. And we wrap it up with a discussion of a documentary about the making of "We Are The World" on Netflix.

Ep 84 - World's First Mewing Podcast, but First ... Sports!!!

Well, Walter has never heard of American Pie so we introduce him to the "one time at band camp" meme. We talk some Spurs information, and then we turn our attention to an entertaining NFL weekend with a bunch of story lines. Oh yeah, and them Jeff teaches us how to mew.

Ep 83 - Worst Podcast in Sports? We Don't Think So!

If you take a Gummy, just take one. The first one really does work, trust us. This is your PSA. Talk some Spurs and our stout defense, and then some NFL playoffs. Oh, we propose a different rule for fumbling a ball through the end zone.

Ep 82 - Cowboys Collapse, Boilers, Spurs Update and Running it Back (Thanks Einstein)

Well, breaking news as we started recording that McCarthy was staying, so yeah, we talked about that. We also had some thoughts about the collapse. We talk about the Eagles collapse as well. Spurs pop up as we are all in wait mood for the next season at this point. San Antonio schools are cold and we go all Election Board and talk about the New Hampshire primary.

Ep 81 - Hell Camp, Coaching Wackiness and Paul Giamattis gets a Burger

Well, the coaching carousel has become a carnival ride. At both the pro and college leve we had nothing but news this week. Saban and Belichick both move on. Oh My. Jeff tells us about Hell Camp and we help Jeff on watching football.

Ep 80 - Light Footballs, Longhorns Come Up Short, Cowboys Get Lucky and Walter is Angry! Happy New Year

What a way to start off the new year. CFP Semi games did not disappoint. Instant Classics? Possibly. Cowboys get a late Christmas present from either the officiating crew or a cutesy gamesmanship ploy by a real gambler. We get back together and Walter gets a phone call from his son, that he doesn't answer.

Ep 79 - It's a Holiday Episode ... Well, Just Walter!! Happy New Years, y'all!

We all took a quick break to spend time with fam. Walter called in from points unknown to give a quick breakdown on the final week of the year in sports.

Ep 78 - Crazy Ladies, Bullied Cowboys and Bad Decisions!

Cowboys did not show up in Buffalo and we have some conversations about it. But Philly lost, so it's all good? Spurs Win and then Lose, and Walter and Jeff go see them live. They just picked the wrong games to watch. Jeff has a bad fan experience and tells us a story. And yeah, if you are on a trip to attend a coaching clinic, perhaps skip the strip club. And if you have to go, don't use the school's credit card and then lie about it.