Protecting & Preserving Wealth

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By: Bruce Hosler

In the Protecting & Preserving Wealth podcast, Bruce Hosler discusses and provides timely answers to important topics for our listeners: • Tax Reduction Strategies • Financial & Estate Planning • Investment Management • Retirement Planning • Insurance Strategies • Business Owner Exit-Planning Strategies • Current Events and their Market Effects We started the podcast because a number of clients have questions, and this is a way for us to give them a venue to listen to different answers on all the things they're concerned about today. First and foremost, foundationally, for most people, taxes are a very important thing. We always start with taxes and then we go from there and work...

MOVING TO TAX-FREE™ Bruce's New Book

In this episode of "Protecting and Preserving Wealth," we dive into the significance of moving financial assets to tax-free vehicles, a topic Bruce Hosler has extensively explored in his new book, "Moving to Tax-Free." Bruce, alongside Jason Hosler and host Jon Jag Gay, discusses the critical nature of planning for a tax-free retirement, emphasizing the importance of strategic financial planning to mitigate future tax burdens.

Bruce opens the conversation by highlighting the central question of whether tax rates in the United States will increase, decrease, or remain the same over the next decade. This question is pivotal...

Refinance Your Retirement

We're unpacking a novel concept today: refinancing your retirement.  Amidst soaring interest rates similar to those of the early 2000s, we explore why now might be the golden hour to lock in these rates for your retirement plans.

First, I break it down, highlighting how current high rates offer a rare chance to secure high-income payouts from annuities and their living benefits.  We haven't seen an environment like this in about 15 years.  This environment presents a unique opportunity to reassess where your money is parked and possibly guarantee income like never before.

Alex adds to the...

Retirement Questions When Selling Your Business

Today we are covering retirement planning for business owners during and after the sale of their business.  Bruce Hosler and Alex Koury are both Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA®), and our conversation revolves around ensuring business owners have enough funds to retire comfortably after selling their business. This is a significant concern since many owners have their wealth tied up in their businesses.

Bruce shares a success story about clients who, after 40 years in business, sold their land for a substantial sum, adding a comfortable cushion to their already solid retirement plan. This story highlights the importance of...

Tax Questions When Exit Planning For Your Business

Today,  Bruce and Jason Hosler of Hosler Wealth Management dive into the complexities of exit planning and tax issues related to selling a business. We kick off discussing the importance of understanding a business's structure when preparing for a sale. The structure, whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, S-corporation, or C-corporation, significantly impacts tax implications. We note that some business owners even change their structure before a sale for better tax treatment.

There are differences between selling business assets and selling stock. Selling assets involves transferring individual business components, while selling stock means transferring ownership of t...

2024 Election Year Market Outlook

Today we have a comprehensive discussion with Bruce Hosler and Alex Koury of Hosler Wealth Management about the market outlook for 2024. We're now into a Presidential election year, and Alex addresses the common concern about the impact of presidential elections on market performance. Historically, the market has averaged an 11.6% return during election years, regardless of the winning party. This trend suggests that the political landscape may not be as influential on market performance as often perceived.

But Bruce cautions against expecting a smooth market ride in 2024, despite the historical data. He highlights the unpredictability of the market...

2024 Interest Rate Outlook

Today, Bruce and Jason Hosler delve into the financial landscape of 2024, focusing on the pivotal role of interest rates, the ongoing impact of inflation, and the potential influence of the presidential election on the economy.

The Federal Reserve had significant influence on the financial events of 2023, particularly through historic rate increases and a subsequent pause. We collectively foresee this trend continuing to shape the markets in 2024. We recognize that the market's recent fluctuations are largely a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government's response, which included aggressive measures to combat rising inflation.

We explore...

The US Debt Clock - And What It Can Tell You

Today, Bruce Hosler and Jon Gay dive into the financial realities of the United States, focusing on the website This website offers real-time data on national finances, including our ever-increasing national debt. As of this podcast, the U.S. national debt is at about $33.7 trillion, a steep increase from $27 trillion just three years ago.

We also discuss the significance of debt-to-GDP ratio. Currently, the U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio stands at an alarming 124.42%, which is far higher than it has been in past years. This ratio is concerning for several reasons, especially considering that federal spending...

The S&P in 2023 and The 'Magnificent Seven'

Today, Bruce and Alex Koury talk about the S&P 500's present situation and potential future growth, emphasizing the role that specific stocks and more general investment strategies play in these turbulent times.

Alex begins by outlining the S&P 500's incredible 2023 performance, powered mainly by seven stocks—dubbed the 'Magnificent 7.'   These are IT behemoths like Apple, Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Tesla, who together accounted for 80% of the index's returns. At the same time, the 493 stocks that were left were essentially unchanged. This concentration calls into question the durability of such growth and the poss...

The Corporate Transparency Act - What You Need to Know

Bruce and Jason Hosler discuss the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) implications for small business owners. The CTA, a new regulation set by the Treasury Department's lesser-known division, The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), mandates that most small businesses disclose comprehensive information about their beneficial owners. This mandate includes personal and contact details, requiring a new application process starting January 1st, 2024.

Bruce elaborates on the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) regulations, which define a beneficial owner as anyone who either directly or indirectly exercises substantial control over a company or owns at least 25% of its shares. For sole member...

Use the Buckets of Money strategy for retirement income

In this episode of the "Protecting and Preserving Wealth" podcast, host Bruce Hosler and Jon Gay dive deep into the Buckets of Money strategy for retirement income. Amidst a backdrop of stock market volatility, geopolitical tensions, and inflation, Bruce presents the Buckets of Money strategy as a safeguard against Sequence of Return Risk—a serious risk retirees face when market downturns coincide with the early years of retirement.

Bruce breaks down the strategy into four distinct "buckets," each designed for a different period of one's retirement. The first bucket covers years 1-5 and is heavily oriented towards co...