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The Mile 99 Interview podcast is here to support runners and athletes in Northern CA. A place to keep the community in touch and share stories.

Episode 96 - Jack Meyer - POST SHOW
Last Friday at 8:00 PM

Not had enough of Jack?  Well join the FREE post show for more.  For the month of May our Patreon is free and loaded with tons of extra content you won't hear anywhere else. You never know what nugget you will find there. See what Maggie is up to and find out how Jack got the nickname Unofficial Mayor of Foresthill.  


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Episode 96 - Jack Meyer - "Unofficial" Mayor of Foresthill
Last Friday at 7:00 PM

Join us as we sit down with the unofficial Mayor of Foresthill, Jack Meyer. Whether you are new to trail running or an old goat, you know Jack. You have seen him all over the mountains with his trusty Queensland Heeler Maggie by his side. Jack is always helping someone out. He is always pacing, crewing , or volunteering somewhere. And his running career is over the top with over 137 ultras under his belt. He has a wealth of knowledge to share. Let’s jump in.


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Episode 95 POST SHOW - Western States Trail Update

Not had enough of Craig and John? Well join the Episode 95 - Western States Trail Update Post Show. Find out why Craig is always covered in soot and why he may need a garbage disposal installed in his hot tub. We also get into how felling, bucking, and swamping gets done. Let’s jump back in!!

Mosquito Fire Trail Restoration Update

Trail Stewardship – Western States Endurance Run

Photo Credit: Elke Reimer


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Your Hosts: Jessica Harris / Greg Larkin / Mike Turner

The Mile...

Episode 95 - Western States Trail Update - Craig Thornley and John Catts

For Episode 95 we sat down with our favorite stewards of the Western States Trail Craig Thornley and John  Catts. Craig Thornley is the WSER  race director and John Catts is the WSER and Tevis Trail Manager. The Mosquito Fire was devastating to many families, our beloved forest, and a good section of the Western States Trail. But with great leadership; strong partnerships with the Tahoe National Forest, Auburn State Recreational Area, and private landowners; generous donations; and most of all an amazing community of volunteers substantial progress has been made.  Join us to see how far we have come and...

Episode 94 - Beth Lang

At The Mile 99 Interview, we love strong females who work hard for their communities and tough out some big efforts. Tonight's guest Beth Lang first came on our show  for a round table talk about her 2022 Western States 100  experience. We couldn’t get enough of her story telling so we brought her back for a full episode. Join us for her episode and get all of the inside information about what brought her to running, her ascent through the sport and what's next up for her!

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Episode 93 - 2023 Canyons by UTMB Pre-Race Briefing

Canyons by UTMB is back!! Join us as we sit back down with the Epic Endurance Events crew to talk about all things Canyons. The 2023 race had major challenges with the record-breaking snowfall plus relentless winter storms.  Through their hard work & dedication the Canyons team and land partners were forced to reroute the course, but don't worry, they came up with awesome alternatives for the 100K and 100M distances. 25K and 50K are still the same. 2023 brings beautiful views of the American River Canyons, lush foothills bursting with wildflowers and rushing waters of the Middle and North Forks of t...

Episode 92 - Brett Ewing

Join us for this episode where we chat with everyone's favorite trail party ambassador, Brett Ewing. Coming from the Hash House Harriers world, Brett is not only an accomplished ultrarunner but also party master and all around fun guy. You know him from his trusty Trail Junkie hat, beaming smile and laid back demeanor. Brett knows the balance between work and play. We have a lot to talk about from falls to donuts. If you don't know him you will after tonight!

Brett Ewing's results


Episode 91 - Placer Trail Running Fest - Pre-race Briefing

The Bad Luck Run Club has out done themselves this time. The inaugural Placer Trail Running Fest is finally here. We sat down with race directors Shannon and Ken Krogsrud to get you all the details on what you need to know to crush this great new local race. The inaugural Placer Trail Running Fest is an event unlike any other. Enjoy the most beautiful and runnable trails in all of northern California through the majestic trail system of Hidden Falls Regional Park in Placer County. Choose from the Jack Rabbit 25K or the Thumper 50K while the kids...

Episode 90 - Suzanne Cardenas - IRONWOMAN

For Episode 90 we sat down with Suzanne Cardenas. This woman is amazing. Trail runner, mom, wife, personal trainer, marathoner, ultrarunner, multi-stage trail racer, and worldwide multi IRON WOMAN finisher. Her accomplishments are endless, yet you would never suspect she has superpowers because she is so joyful and down to earth. And hear how she has done all of this under a debilitating asthma diagnosis. Let’s get into it. 

Suzanne Cardenas' Results (

Obstri - Suzanne Cardenas

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Losing Weight, Gaining Wisdom | Style Magazine (

Episode 89 - Way Too Cool 50k Pre-Race Briefing

Frog cupcakes, prizes, and mud!!! We are talking Way Too Cool 50k, of course. To help you stay on course on race day, we get down to the nitty gritty with Race Director Julie Fingar. Julie is the owner of NorCalUltras and directs many of our iconic and legendary local races in the area including the WTC 50k, American River 25 and 50, and Rio Del Lago 50k and 100. Julie is an active member in our ultra community and recently completed (WON) another Dreadmill race (BURCS Treadmill 50k). She loves those things. She also completed Badwater 135 again last summer and is...

Episode 88 - Salmon Falls 50K Pre-Race Briefing

Join us as we sit down with local race director of the Salmon Falls 50K and executive director and co-founder of Clipped in for Life, Clint Classsen to talk all things Salmon Falls, hosted by Coloma River Races. Coloma River Races is a non-profit with proceeds benefiting the Northern California Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  The Salmon Falls 50K is a point to point ultra distance trail race offering a challenging and unique trail race experience. This hidden gem offers adventurous terrain and breathtaking views–all in Sacramento’s backyard. The race begins at the Magnolia Ranch trail...

Episode 87 - FOURmidable Pre-Race Briefing

Join us as we sit back down with race director and local purveyor of beer, kombucha, and all your favorite running attire, Paulo Medina to talk all things FOURmidable. We are going to get you all the info you need to both train and crush FOURmidable this year. But that's not all.  You may have heard that the FOURmidable 50K has been selected as a US Team selection race for the 2023 USATF World Mountain & Trail Running Championship. Which means runners who finish in the top two places (men/women) will receive an automatic placement in the USA MOUNTAIN ULTRA T...

Live At The Bar - Oregon Bar with Greg Larkin

Welcome to a new series from The Mile 99 Interview called “Live at the Bar”. At the Bar, you say?  Well, not the kind of bar you are thinking but the kind trail runners, hikers, and all the rest of us outdoorsy folks think of. Yes! RIVER GRAVEL BARS!

We plan to explore all the beautiful bends, twists, and turns of the American River and couple that with a trail run and interview. Cool, huh? We are starting out this new series interviewing our very own Greg Larkin. Join us as we run down from the American River Overl...

Episode 86 - Jonathan Seely - Dragons Back Race - Wales

Hang out with us as we chat with local trail runner Jonathan Seely. You may have seen him running with his daughter on Thirsty Thursday or out on one of our local trails like Training Hill/K2 or maybe even WAY OUT in the Auburn Lake Trails area. But for Episode 86 we leave North America and travel all the way across the pond to Wales to hear all about his 6-day adventure on the World's Toughest race, Montane’s Dagons Back race. The multi-day running event takes you across the mountainous spine of Wales, from North Wales to South Wa...

Episode 85 - 2023 Goals and Resolutions

WOW! Can you believe it? The Mile 99 Interview is wrapping up 2022 as well as Season 3. Join us as we reflect on the past year and run through all the cool stuff that happened in our community and on the show. And find out what awesome new stuff the Mile 99 Crew has planned for 2023 (Here is a clue…Live at Bar). Want more?  We also dig deep into our own 2023 personal goals and resolutions. LOTS AND LOTS OF GOALS were told to the Universe, from hundos to snot rockets. Listen in and hold us to them. 


Episode 84 - She Runs This Town - Michelle Hall & Samantha Fontaine

We are live at The Aid Station, Trails and Ales in Auburn, California to celebrate the end of 2022 with two awesome and inspiring women who Rock This
Town, Michelle Hall and Samantha Fontaine. Both of these ladies are masters of
balancing families, work, community, volunteering, and fitness. Michelle is an
accomplished Ironman and Ultrarunner, Samantha is an accomplished Ultrarunner
and organizer of the Roseville and Rocklin Chapter of She Runs This Town. Both
are positive and powerful women who are supporting their fellow ladies and
community day in and day out. Let's go...

Episode 83 - Mo Bartley - Running for a Lifetime

We sat down with legendary ultrarunner (trail and road), coach and community builder Mo Bartley for a lively conversation with interesting stories, anecdotes, advice and observations from her storied running career.

Join us for this episode and hear more about how she started out, her overseas adventures, how she gives back to the community and continues to enjoy running as a lifelong sport!

Mo Bartley's Results (

Impala Racing Team

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Episode 82 - Ken Crouse - Vietnam Mountain Marathon

In this episode we chat with Local Legend Ken Crouse. If you know Ken you know him as a quiet and unassuming kind of guy. He is always hanging out at some race in a temporary portable Ham Shack reporting that you have passed through his Aid Station. But you will have a totally different respect for him after you hear his story. Who else has run AR50 22X, WTC 24X and Tamalpa Headlands 50k 17X? He is also a USMC Vietnam Veteran, served in Saigon and is now back there embracing the country, its people, and running the...

Episode 81 - Scott Abbott and CIM

Scott Abbott, the Executive Director at Sacramento Running Association and the Race Director for CIM 2022 sat down with us to talk details about his career as a runner through high school and college, his transition to coaching and his eventual role as the race director of the world-renowned California International Marathon, coming up this year on December 4th!

9000 marathoners and 1000 relay teams participated in the 2021 California International Marathon, and they ran a fast Boston qualifying course from Folsom to Sacramento. This massive road race has runners from all walks of life. Many are chasing personal goals, Boston...

Episode 80 - Bill "Billy Goat" Clements

In this episode, we chat with local legend Bill “Billy Goat” Clements. Bill has raced some of the country’s and world’s hardest races from Hard Rock to British Columbia's Fat Dog 120 to UTMB. Bill is also a paddleboard adventurer who paddles among the blue whales and dolphins. He has a wealth of experience and so many great lessons to pass along. Take a listen!!



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Episode 79 - Trail Work with Elke Reimer, Chaz Sheya, and Matt Brownlee

In Episode 79 we sit down with our favorite stewards Elke Reimer, Chaz Sheya, as well as the U.S. Forest Service's own Matt Brownlee. Matt is the Tahoe National Forest, American River District Trail Manager, volunteer coordinator, and motorized and non-amortized trail advisor.  The Mosquito Fire was devastating to many families and our beloved forest. But now that smoke and ash are starting to settle, we are all eager to get out there and help. Get an update on the Mosquito fire, rehab and repair plans, who is involved, funding, future projects, and most importantly how we can help. S...

Episode 78 - Taylor Edwards - Bike Touring CA to Denali National Park

We sat down with our dear friend, trail runner, boxer, and long-distance bike rider Taylor Edwards. Hear about his epic 3,400-mile, 31-day bike touring journey from Newcastle, California to Denali National Park, Alaska to honor the passing of his best friend and Father and to spread his ashes in his father’s favorite place. Taylor’s interests in running, backpacking, and cycling especially, were inherited from his father and he always felt the most connected to him when he is out there pushing himself and finding his limits. Seems fitting to tie it all together for their last adventure toge...

Episode 77 - LIVE! - The Rusty Nails and their UTMB PTL experience

The Rusty Nails team of Craig Thornley, Joe Steinmetz and Matt Keyes joined us for a live recording at The Auburn Aid Station in Auburn, CA, and we had a great time with them. In addition to learning about their backgrounds, we dove into the team's experience at the UTMB PTL event - a multi-day, 186 mile journey around Mont Blanc with over 80000 ft of climbing.

On top of that, our community really showed up with us to raise money for the Placer County SPCA.  The SPCA has had a great need for additional funding to help them m...

Episode 76 - Katy Gifford and the Bighorn 100

Our community member Katy Gifford is a well-known fixture on the trails and in races all over Northern California. She joined us to talk all about her start in running, first on the road and then to the trails. She has an impressive list of race completions and recently crowned it with a hard fought effort and finish at the Bighorn 100, "a remote rugged test of your endurance"!

It certainly delivered on that promise, and we'll hear all about that, her motivation for finding  joy in her running and racing and her hope for more and more i...

Episode 75 - Laura Matz

Join us as we sit down with our long time friend, accomplished trail runner, dog mom to Emmy Lou, long time race volunteer, and volunteer coordinator for Western States Endurance Run, Laura Matz. Learn what drives her to push beyond her limits and how she overcame great odds. Laura will truly inspire you. Run for fun and don't forget, the number of swims in the river is more important than the miles.


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Episode 74 - Dr. Tonya Olson - Fixing Your Feet

You are just rolling into Michigan Bluff, mile 55.7, at the Western States Endurance Run. You are hot, sweaty, tired, sore, hungry, and on top of that your feet have been sweaty and wet for miles AND maceration has set in!!! BUT DON'T WORRY Dr. Tonya Olson, is there to save your feet and save your race. Learn about foot care, taping, lubricants, and what to keep in your foot care kit. Be ready for your next race!!!

Sports Medicine -

Tonya K Olson - Facebook

Tonya Olson...

Episode 73 - Sierra Trailblazers - Rose Asquith, Alex Danner, & Anne King

We are hanging out with Sierra Trailblazers Club President Rose Asquith along with Alex Danner and Anne King. Learn how they got started as the Sierra Slow Pokes and transformed into the Sierra Trailblazers, the oldest running club in the west, since 1977. Also, did you know they have hosted the Michigan Bluff Aid Station at Western States for 21 years and Auburn Lake Trails before that? Tons of Trail Running History!!! Join us to hear about all of the fun stuff they have going on.

Sierra TrailBlazers

Sierra TrailBlazers Running Club | Facebook

sierra trailblazers...

Episode 72 - 2022 Tahoe Rim Trail 50M & 50K Race Briefing

The Tahoe Rim Endurance Runs are finally here and we are talking to George Ruiz and Angela Sullivan about the 50 Mile and 55 K race distances. There are a number of things that you need to know before you step foot on the course. We are going to get into the course, bib pick-ups, cut-off times, aid stations, but most importantly how we will be tracking you this year with the new RaceJoy app. Let’s get into it.

Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs | A glimpse of heaven … a taste of hell. (

Tahoe Rim Trai...

Special Episode - 2022 Western States On the Spot Interviews

Your co-host Greg worked at the Duncan Canyon aid station at the 2022 Western States Endurance Run and wandered around before the runners arrived and talked to crew members and spectators to hear their expectations for the weekend.

After getting all of the runners in and out of the aid station and helping to break it down, he headed down to Foresthill to meet more people, hear from them and enjoy the community atmosphere. We hope you enjoy this special episode and that it brings back great memories from the race and "fuels the stoke" as our friend...

Episode 71 - 2022 Western States Endurance Run Wrap Up

The 49th Western States Endurance Run is in the books and what an event it was. This episode is a special tribute to all the runners, crew, pacers, volunteers, family and friends who made this magical weekend so special. We share their stories as well as our own. Hear from Dave Hope, Beth Lang, Tina Sinetos, and Randy Van Dusen. Let’s jump in!

Western States web site:
Your hosts: Jessica Harris / Greg Larkin / Mike Turner

Intro/outro music: Joseph McDade - Elevation:

Episode 70 - Western States update with Craig Thornley, Diana Fitzpatrick and Topher Gaylord

Craig, Diana and Topher were gracious enough to take time from their busy pre-race schedules with only 9 days before the start of the 2022 Western States Endurance Run. They joined us for an hour to give us all of the updates about what's been going on behind the scenes in the past year.

We covered a wide variety of topics include the new WSER mission statement, major trail realignment projects in the high country, an update on the critical Cal Street trail section in Foresthill, medical research and personnel updates and so much more. Join us to get...

Episode 69 - Dave Hope - From 5k races to Western States

Our good friend and Foresthill trail runner Dave Hope joined us to talk about his start as a Stockton area speedster on the track and cross-country racing scene, to a missed opportunity in the Marine Corps, travels from Belize to Minnesota and eventually finding his way back to California!

Now he has the opportunity along with a few hundred others to toe the line at the 2022 Western States Endurance Run. Dave runs with a smile on his face and a positive outlook and has dialed in his training for this year's race, including a new 50k distance...

First 99 Gear Review - Sunbrella and Hoodies - A Cocodona Experience

My Cocodona Redemption was an experience in planning, preparation, and prevention. But it was also a net sum energy equation and using the energy in the system as efficiently as possible. That meant eating, drinking, moving, resting, and sleeping on a regular rigid schedule to get the energy in and moving efficiently during the days and nights. One of the quickest ways to loose energy during the day is from solar rays.  Many of you asked, why is he wearing a hoodie and what is with the umbrella? Well, it again comes down to energy. When the sun is o...

Episode 68 - Mike Turner - Cocadona Redemption

After his first ever DNF at the inaugural Cocadona 250 in 2021, Mike Turner, co-host of The Mile 99 Interview podcast and "Regular Guy Ultrarunner" stormed back into his training with a burning desire to fix what went wrong.  He reinvented his entire plan, hired trainers, researched the "Ultra Lean", spoke to doctors, hit mega vert, cross-trained, dramatically changed his diet and most importantly relentlessly studied how to tackle this new distance.  

 With trusty Sun-brella in hand, he assembled a support team with his daughter at the helm and friends of new and old to pace him along the way. Fro...

Episode 67 - HOKA athletes Erin Clark and Adam Peterman post Canyons 100k interview

Erin and Adam sat down with co-hosts Jessica and Greg for a post race interview after Canyons 100k presented by UTMB after we had spoken to them right before the race live at the Auburn Aid Station. First we started with some exciting news about Erin's return to racing (hint: it went great!) as she prepares for an overseas foray to CCC this fall. We can't wait to follow her progress there!

Then we talked to Adam about his course record-setting win at Canyons 100k which earned him both a Golden Ticket and an automatic entry into...

Episode 66 - Manouch Shirvanioun

Greg and Jessica sat down with Manouch Shirvanioun while Mike was on course at the Cocadona 250 race in Arizona. Manouch is an ultrarunning fixture in the Auburn area and has a great resumé of race finishes at all distances including Western States in 2018.

He is currently training for another Western States attempt in June, and he's a new age category. We talked about his childhood in Iran, how beer got him into running, his mentors along the way as he discovered ultrarunning, his volunteer work with the Canyon Keepers in the Auburn area and much, much more! J...

Episode 65 - HOKA Athletes Erin Clark and Adam Peterman live at the Auburn Aid Station

HOKA generously arranged for two of their sponsored athletes - Erin Clark and Adam Peterman - to have an in-person live podcast recording at the Auburn Aid Station store just two days before the Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB race that took places on April 23rd, 2022.

We had a fantastic time getting to know Erin and Adam, their early race experiences, their transitions to the trails, and their favorite distances. We also heard about the great trail community they have in Missoula, Montana, off-season training options and their dog Poppy, an accomplished runner as well!


Episode 64 - Canyons by UTMB 2022 Pre-Race Briefing

Canyons by UTMB is here!! Join us as we sit back down with the Epic Endurance Events crew to talk about all things Canyons. The 2022 race is a game changer. Runners in the US are now able to start their journey to the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) right here on their own turf, as the Canyons Endurance Runs have joined the inaugural UTMB® World Series in 2022. We dive into the 2022 race and get you all the last-minute news you will need from the course details to shuttle services to the world-renowned finish line burritos…and the swag of course. And...

Episode 63 - Michael Li, crew chief Kendall Young and the Mt. Tam #FKTam300 journey

Co-host Greg Larkin sat down with ultra-ultrarunner Michael Li and his crew chief Kendall Young just days after Michael's successful completion of a nearly two week effort to make 40 round trips up and down Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, Northern California.

Michael and Kendall recounted all of the stories of preparation, day to day adjustments required throughout the effort, the great support from the ultrarunning community and so much more.

This journey was naturally an incredible physical challenge for Michael and his team, but he relayed so much of the emotional journey and they both...

Episode 62 - John Donlevy - Auburn City Manager

We are hanging out with the City Manager of Auburn, California, John Donlevy.  He is not only the City Manager, he is also a local ultrarunner and recently completed the Way Too Cool 50K race right there in town. John breaks down the State of the Endurance Capital of the World and updates us on all things Auburn from how Endurance Capital Nickname came about, to the latest in race news, and navigating the State Parks and Bureau of Reclamation. John talks the talk and walks the walk (well runs the walk) and is truly an advocate for all t...