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By: Dhalgren Gallery

Patricia Erbelding, represented by the Dhalgren Gallery. Patricia Erbelding was born in Paris, France. Patricia Erbelding’s first solo exhibition was at the Haut-Pavé Gallery in Paris in 1993. She is exhibiting around the world since 1991 including Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and Europe and has participated in many artists’ books publication, working with writers and poets. Her artistic expression, with a core body of work in abstract painting, also includes other media and creative areas including photography and sculpture. The work proposes a vocabulary of signs and matter that explores the malleable nature of our visual perception by appropriating, decoding and r...

Patricia Erbelding

Oeuvres de Patricia Erbelding.

Patricia Erbelding est née et travaille à Paris, où elle fera ses premières expositions personnelles à la Galerie du Haut Pavé au début des années 90. Son travail plastique, bien que centré sur la peinture, intègre aussi la photographie et la sculpture. Son œuvre est une proposition, sous la forme d’un vocabulaire de signes et de matières, qui éclaire la

Featured in the exhibition: Prints

The gallery proposes prints by Patricia Erbelding: Lithographs, serigraphs and C-Prints, limited editions numbered and signed by the artist

Featured in the exhibition: Phasmes

The Dhalgren Editions presents in exclusivity, the new artist''s book "Phasmes" (Phasmids) by the two artists Emmanuelle Aussedat and Patricia Erbelding with poems by Tita Reut at the Grand Palais during the International Fine Print Fair. Find us at the Artist''s Booth. La Nef du Grand Palais Stand des Ateliers Avenue Winston-Churchill 75008 Paris, France April 29th to

Featured in the exhibition: The Ghost Lemur of William S. Burroughs

This book includes three original paintings by Patricia Erbelding and three original paintings by Tony Soulie presented in a canvassed box of 32cm x 32cm x 4cm. It was edited in 12 copies numbered from one to twelve and signed by both artists, forming the original edition, printed in March 2010 in Paris.The Ghost Lemur of William S. Burroughs is indebted to William

Featured in the exhibition: Dreamlands

It''s in New York during 2004 that I started this series of photographs on the amusement parks, Coney Island situated to the south of Brooklyn is where in 1903 Luna Park and Dreamland were first built. The "Foire du Trone" and the Tuileries gardens in Paris, the funfairs of the north of France and the Danish amusement parks Bakken and Tivoli follows. I see a

Featured in the exhibition: Studios

Three artists: Bernard Thomas, Patricia Erbelding, Tony Soulie, question the concept of the studio today. Their exterior interventions in-situ in different environments, are an integral part of their works. The poetry of Tita Reut reveals the fluidity between these components. From Bastille to Villette, the channel links the three harbors which are the artists'' studios.

Featured in the exhibition: Borderlands

Painted photographs

Featured in the exhibition: Clouds and Days

An artist lives quietly by the Bastille Square, clothed in black, the brush between shadow and sky. Patricia Erbelding do not chose the color, that who invade the walls here, frenetic, that who hurts the eyes. In a space ordered to a square, I recently visited her. Refusing all excesses, she counts her gestures as the warper the threads. The artist pauses in front of

Featured in the exhibition: Lost Bodies

Lost bodies always seeked, compared body pieces, arms legs and organs lined up for inspection, objects of curiosity for the "cabinets de curiosité", precursor of today''s museums, life questioned by death.  Bodies in tainted wax, maps of the veins, radiography of translucid bodies, the fragile skin, to see through the body''s transparencies,

Featured in the exhibition: Dipterous

Des livres qui inculquent les préceptes. Des corps sans âme nous fournissent, par leurs sentences, les préceptes qui nous aideront à bien mourir. - Léonard de Vinci. Diptère est constitué d''un ensemble de 13 encres sur papier ciré, chacune étant collée sur un