Social Accountability ✨ with Jett

7 Episodes

By: Jett

I am Jett, MSW, externally processing weekly with anyone willing to listen. New topics.. hoping to spark continued discussion!

Team Work

My generation seems to believe that not working is a valid route to fight poor employers… find an employer who understands your worth! but work.. because progress ONLY comes from effort.

Loneliness Discussion

I’ve been burned out more at work, and so this podcast is more low in energy, but nevertheless real thoughts on loneliness

Society’s, or My? Survival

Thoughts about functioning.. society’s.. interpersonal.. systems.. it seems everything is on the path for collapse

And I kind of want to live?

I Try.. now.

This is about motivation? Effort?

If you have chronic depression this may not be the podcast for you.

It’s raw.

No More Credit

It’s just.. a credit score hasn’t helped me in the past 26 years of my life.. why should I truly care about it? I care about a roof over my head.. food.. and transportation to my employment.. the financial needs.. almost not making a rent payment to make credit card payments just doesn’t make sense? The cycle repeats. Unless I learn.

Coping with Podcast

It’s not a secret I experience a scale of anxious and nervous symptoms.. I have a functioning central nervous system.. anyway this is how I cope currently.. and maybe voice memos will help you too!

Personal Accountability

Episode 1, first take! Listen if you would please.. and stay bold!