Baki Talki

10 Episodes

By: Steven Lyons

A fan watch along podcast for Baki (2018), where only one co-host is a fan. Each week Steve invites a new friend with no idea who or what Baki is to discuss a new episode. Listen along to find out who is Baki, what does he strive for, and why is everyone so buff?

Baki vs Kengan: The "thrilling" finale with Lindsay!

Lindsay joins the podcast to discuss the thrilling conclusion to Baki vs Kengan. At least at the end of this mediocre film, someone has to win. Right?

We're back on hiatus after this until Baki is back, so follow The Anime Jukebox for more content from me, and I'll see you soon.

Baki Vs Kengan: Fighting out of my network with Mike!

Mike returns to the pod to discuss the strategic benefits of vomiting mid fight, and other intriguing moves introduced in the middle portion of Baki Vs Kengan.

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Baki vs. Kengan: Refusing to lose with my cousin Andrew!

Baki Talki is back for a special three part miniseries on a 62 minute cash grab where the cast of Baki will fight the cast of Kengan Asura, sort of.

This week we'll talk about the first third of the movie, including the amazing Hanayama.

The Anime Jukebox: A Sneak Peak

Next week Baki Talki will be back for a limited engagement to discuss the new movie, but for now why not try out the new podcast "The Anime Jukebox"?

The Anime Jukebox is a new monthly podcast I'm starting. It's like Baki Talki, but no Baki. If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to the actual podcast!

Baki Talki's April 1st Showcase: The New Millennium Canon

It's April fools day, which means we're back for a very special episode and some updates on the future of the podcast.

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The Baki Talki Finale w/ Contest Winner Christian (and everyone else)!

The party is just getting started as most every guest we've had on the show before comes together to discuss the final episode. Imagine yourself a nice warm cup of miso soup and listen in.

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S5E13: Using Nunchuks as Weapons with Marcus!

Marcus joins the podcast from across the Atlantic to discuss the penultimate episode! This week, Baki wrecks another car with his body, is thrown around more vigorously than a towel, and gets a ride on his dad's shoulders.

S5E12: Baki doesn't stand a ghost of a chance with Sumeeta!

Sumeeta is back for the antepenultimate (look it up) episode of Baki Talki to discuss handpockets for the 10th time. But afterwards, the ghost of Baki's Grandad defeats the US navy!

S5E11: Triceratops-Ken with Phil!

Phil comes back to the pod one last time to discuss Baki fighting his dad and ... The bills game is on. See you all next week!

S5E10: Float like a cockroach, sting like a triceratops with Ryan and Vishal!

This week, the final duo episode! And what a dynamic duo to end things on. We discuss the logistics of loosening your muscles into gas, and whether or not the author has ever been punched in the face. And we finally answer the world's greatest urban legend, will some guy will fight his dad outside a hotel?