Real Life Mentoring

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By: Chris & Christina Elledge

Chris and Christina Elledge are passionate about mentoring. They are excited to talk about the things they have learned by sharing their own stories as they have mentored people from various countries for many years. They will share their firsthand experience on mentoring and the life lessons they have learned from their own journeys. In the Real Life Mentoring podcast, we believe you will gain some practical tools to help you on your own journey and inspire you to give what you've learned away to others!

How Do You Mentor (Part Two)
Last Friday at 10:00 AM

What would you like to talk about if you had a trusted mentor? How long do you meet with a mentee? What tools do you use with a mentee? These are common questions when talking about a mentor/mentee relationship.

In part two of How Do You Mentor, Chris and Christina answer these and other frequently asked questions when it comes to the mentor/mentee relationship.

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How Do You Mentor? (Part One)

What does it take to be a mentor? It might be easier to talk about what it doesn't take to be a mentor. It doesn't take a lot of time, professional experience or training. What it does take is a desire to invest in another person.

Today's discussion is additional content that can be found in the Fahrenheit: Real Life Mentoring Workshop, Session Four. In today's subject about how to mentor, Chris and Christina talk about what it takes to begin the mentoring adventure with another person.

Again, this is great supplemental content to the...

Who Can Be a Mentor?

What is a mentor? What does it take to be a mentor?

Today Chris and Christina will take an in-depth look into what it really takes to be a good mentor. It doesn't take professional training. It doesn't take a special skill set. It does take intentionality and a desire to see authentic connection with another person. YOU can be a mentor if you have your own challenges. YOU can be a mentor if you have experienced hard things. YOU can be a mentor. It just takes real people getting involved in the lives of other real...

Why Mentoring? Part Two

Why mentoring? Chris and Christina continue the ongoing conversation centered around the reasons mentoring is a good idea!

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This content is part of a workshop training: A...

Why Mentoring? Part One

Why mentoring? What is the motivation for jumping into a mentoring relationship? Chris and Christina examine this question in this two part series.

Fact: relationships can be exciting, enjoyable and bring fulfillment.

Also a fact: relationships can bring sadness, frustration and hurt.

This is how relationships work. But, investing in a mentoring relationship is worth it!

After over 30 years of working with people, Chris and Christina find that most people want to connect. They want to have an authentic relationship where they feel seen and heard. That is possible in a...

What is Mentoring?

What is mentoring?

Chris and Christina get back to the basics today by talking about some of the most fundamental elements of mentoring. They explore a few concepts and give practical illustrations to help you get a visual of what mentoring is all about.

As they teach mentoring workshops, most of the content is addressed but not to the depth that they will talk about each component of mentoring in today's episode. You get the benefit of a up close and personal "workshop" that takes you deeper into the wonderful world of mentoring.


Interview: Carl Gulley

In today’s episode, Chris and Christina take an in depth and personal look into the life of Carl Gulley. Carl is a husband, father, pastor and speaker who is learning to embrace living with a non anxious presence. Alongside you, the listener, find out how Carl emerged from his family of origin with an alcoholic father and a saint of a mother into what he currently calls a season of restoration.

You will see the powerful impact of mentoring in his life and how one mentor changed the trajectory of his family by choosing to pour he...

Benefits of Mentoring

Just why is mentoring important? How does a mentor help a mentee? Today Chris and Christina will explore the answers to those questions. They will take a deep dive into the numerous benefits of mentoring. They will share from their own experiences how mentoring has helped shape them.

Join a Mentoring Workshop!

Find out how you can gain some tools for mentoring through a Fahrenheit: Real Life Mentoring workshop! Chris and Christina give an overview of what a mentoring workshop looks like and how you can get involved. Don't live in the Oklahoma City, Ok area? Not a problem. You can host an online workshop for your organization. Find out more by contacting Chris ( or Christina (, register for an upcoming workshop at

Questions Are "OK"!

When you ask real questions, the answers can change your life. Let's normalize questions! Questions need to become part of our "normal". In today's episode, Chris and Christina discuss how questions can be used to help strengthen a mentor/mentee relationship. Why don't we ask them, how do we ask them and why should we ask them? Find out today!