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David, Luke and Shar embark on a journey of meeting with cool people in and around their community. Our guests get bodied by us asking them questions about their lives and they might get an opportunity to do the same.

Katie Minter - Get Bodied #33

Katie's wild adventures and spontaneous nature makes her life filled with countless of memories teaching people English all over the world. But as she plans for the next step in life, she digs her roots deep in the people around her and the gym community. Audience you won't wait to miss this episode, some may rate this as a 5 on the spice scale.


Seth Dunn - Get Bodied #32

Seth, a man of mystery to some but don't be fooled, he is a man of depth. During this episode, Seth pulls back the certain on his inner monologue. He addresses some hardships in his life, lessons that he learns and the importance of community. You guys are going to love this!


Torey Kuchan - Get Bodied #31

The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town... you know that old song lyric. And you already know, I have no clue who sings that.

On the Season 4 opener, we have Torey Kuchan on the podcast. One of the staples of the 5am class and a dear friend of many. She shares about her decision making about college, her relationship with Andrew and the personal growth she has had in her early 20s. She is loyal friend, one of the kindest people and genuinely loving.


KC Warden - Get Bodied #30

The season finale is here with everyone's favorite meathead giant, KC Warden. But don't let his goliath-like exterior foul you, KC is incredibly intelligent and a savant at the bowling alley. But as the story goes, even the goliath can be taken down by just a stone. In this episode, KC shares some of those stones in his life.

Rebecca Stanfill - Get Bodied #29

Rebecca is truly a perfect combination of sophistication, spontaneity, untamable joy and relentless love. There is so much to Rebecca that we didn't cover, like how she volunteers at a prison, that she may or may not be related to Sam Hunt or that she is technically is stronger than her husband Colin. Enjoy this episode and make sure you give Rebecca's Wine Blog a follow!

Matt Bally - Get Bodied #28

If you don't know Matt Bally... check this out.Matt is a live and learn kind of guy. Living in the fact that he captures what the world has to offer him. If that means traveling to National Parks or just trying something completely new. But Matt is also a learner. Matt desire to learn so be can be a better husband, father, worker and friend to all. Enjoy this episode as Matt speaks wisdom and shares some fun life lessons!

Diana Davidson - Get Bodied #27

Lively, vibrant with a hint of spice is how some people would describe a Cabernet or our dear friend, Diana Davidson. Her life is full of stories like meeting the Swedish princess in the bathroom, teaching aerobics to Native Americans, and losing the podium spot at the CrossFit games due to some pebbles. Diana, thank you for sharing your life and giving us some wisdom along the way!

Justin Murphy - Get Bodied #26

When you think of Justin, whats the first thing that pops into your mind? Echo Bike monster? VP of Strategic Development at Aspen Grove? The OG of the CrossFit Polaris? While that maybe true, Justin is a man who deeply cares for the people around him and strives to make the moments count. Justin in this episode shares his wisdom after 50 years of life, what mentorship looks like and what the true meaning of "Full Send" is. We love you brother!

Kat Redden - Get Bodied #25

Audience 2 major announcements here! First, the return of the GET LEARNT segment is back. Second, for all you single gentlemen out there, Kat is getting married in about 2 weeks, so she will be off the market. But if you are looking for a soul mate, please contact Kat's soon to be aunt-in-law. She will help you find someone as joyful, dedicated, and kind-hearted as Katherine Redden...aka Kitty Kat.

Alexander Majors - Get Bodied #24

What happens when you mix a kid from Texas (But really South Carolina), a meathead who loves rice krispies and Fabio... Well you get the man himself, Alex Majors! During this episode, Majors talks about his life before Crossfit, his decision to go all in for the sport, and his mindset. Next time you see Majors, make sure to show up early to class and give him a hug.