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By: Michael Baranowski

The Politics Guys is an independent, bipartisan, ideologically diverse American politics and policy podcast hosted by experts: political scientists, law professors, practicing attorneys, and former government officials. Our mission is to give listeners a much-needed break from conservative and liberal echo chambers through civil, rational, and evidence-based discussion of American politics and policy from multiple perspectives. In addition to our weekly news discussion, we feature regular interviews with leading figures from across the ideological spectrum. Past guests include Representatives Jim Jordan, Thomas Massie, and Rob Wittman; Jeffrey Sachs; Tyler Cowen; Bryan Caplan; Dan Carlin; Larry Sabato; and Lawrence Lessig. 

AZ Abortion Law, Student Loan Debt, Trump on Trial
Last Saturday at 4:43 PM

Mike and Jay open with a look at the ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court upholding a near-total ban on abortions passed in 1864. They consider the legal reasoning behind the decision, what’s likely to happen next, and how they see it playing out politically, particularly in light of Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he believed abortion rights should be left up to the states.

Next, they discuss the latest Biden administration efforts to forgive student loan debt. Mike and Jay disagree as to whether the moves are legally and constitutionally permissible, but they do agree that...

Introducing The Jordan Harbinger Show
Last Saturday at 3:43 PM

Mike talks about the The Jordan Harbinger Show. Hope you enjoy it too.

The Uses and Abuses of the Modern University
Last Wednesday at 8:00 AM

Mike talks with historical anthropologist Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor of UC Berkeley from 2013-2017, about his book City of Intellect: The Uses and Abuses of the University.

Topics Include:

- the public’s decline of faith in higher education

- if higher ed is focused on the right kind of diversity

- free speech as privileging dominant views

- what elite institutions are doing with their massive endowments

- rising education costs and administrative bloat at universities

- if public universities should take positions on political is...

The Fifth Amendment
Last Tuesday at 11:00 AM

Trey & Ken discuss the five major elements of the 5th Amendment:

Grand Juries Double Jeopardy Self-Incrimination Due Process Takings

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Israel and Iran, Biden’s Foreign Policy, Florid’s Supreme Court on Abortion Ban, Trump Media & Technology

Trey & Ken start the episode with a deep dive into Israel’s airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Syria. This leads to a discussion of the differences between the northern conflict and the Gaza conflict. Next, the discussion moves to Biden’s newest demands of Israel and how Israel has responded. This also includes a discussion of shifting American attitudes on supporting Israel. After that, the duo look at the 6/15 week abortion ban in Florida. They discuss the Florida Supreme Court’s legal ruling, but also the political ramifications for both parties in terms of the November election. They close...

NBC and Ronna McDaniel, Truth Social IPO. RFK Jr. and 3rd Parties

Mike, Jay, and Justin open the preview of this supporters’ midweek episode with a discussion of NBC’s decision to hire, and then quickly fire, former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. Was it a bad business decision poorly implemented, an example of anti-Trump bias, or something more than that?

Next, they consider whether Truth Social’s IPO makes any sense. Probably not from a strictly business sense, but as Mike points out, owning a share of DJT is likely to be more than a dollars and cents calculation to the MAGA faithful.

They close with a look a...

Joe Lieberman, Abortion Pill Access, Eastman Disbarment

Mike, Jay, and Justin open with a look at the life and legacy of the recently deceased Joe Lieberman, agreeing that the Democrat turned independent is the sort of solutions-oriented moderate we don’t see much of in national politics anymore.

Next is a discussion of oral arguments before the Supreme Court concerning access to the abortion drug mifepristone. It seems like a stretch to argue that those challenging the FDA even have standing, but there is a case to be made that mailing any drug to end a pregnancy is a violation of the 1873 Comstock Act.


Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy

Trey talks with constitutional law professor Maxwell Stearns about his new book Parliamentary America which argues the U.S. needs to adapt the U.S. House to include proportional representation. 

Topics Trey and Max Cover Include

- how the median voter theory is inaccurate

- why American parties are tending in extreme directions

- proposals to double the size of the House of Representatives

- proposals to transform the selection of president and vice president

- proposals to change how to remove a president

- t...

Texas and Immigration, Presidential Fundraising, Alternative to the Bar Exam

Mike and Jay open the preview of this midweek supporters’ episode with a discussion of Texas’ SB 4, which allows state judges to deport migrants. Mike argues that it’s plainly unconstitutional and Jay largely agrees, though he makes the case that legislation should be given a presumption of constitutionality. They also discuss how this has moved through the federal court system and the slowdown at the Fifth Circuit.

Following that they take a look at the latest presidential fundraising numbers (one area where Biden is beating Trump), consider Washington State’s new alternative to the bar exam, and addr...

Shutdown Avoided, Apple Lawsuit, OH Senate Primary and Trumpism

Mike and Jay open with a discussion of bipartisan agreement on a budget that averted a partial government shutdown. Jay thinks it’s good politics, emphasizing once again that Republicans don’t win government shutdowns, and pointing out that Speaker Johnson has a tiny majority to work with. Mike notes that Republicans got a number of things they should like, though he expects that we’ll be in a similar place in just over six months, when the deadline for passing next year’s budget comes up.

Next, they discuss the lawsuit against Apple filed by the Departme...