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By: Alison Kendrick and Matthew Bivins

Alison Kendrick and Matthew Bivins are nerds with ADHD talking about D&D (and anything else that crosses their minds in any given moment).

ADHd20 s03e01: Help Us, Brittany Smith. You're Our Only Hope!

We are BACK, adventurers! 🎉 Season Three, Electric Boogaleigh!

We, your trusted guides Matt and Alison, speak with esteemed guest Brittany Smith, an ADHD coach and cognitive neuroscientist.

Brittany shares her strategies for ensuring that your 'Sims Bar' stays green as you balance work, life, and creative pursuits. Also, that these daily quests include an occasional Perception Check.

Here's to another season exploring the complexities of the mind through gameplay!

Find Brittany: and @ADDLiberator on tiktok!

ADHd20 s02e19: Rockin' Around the ADHD

It’s the final episode of ADHd20 Season 2, folks! Join Alison and Matt as they wrap up this season with a "clip episode" packed with retrospection and much giggling, natch. We streamed this one live to our Patrons, who came prepared with some great questions, letting us ramble on everything from how ADHD affects the holidays to the impact of being neurodivergent on character creation. We also share our dreams and themes for ADHd20 in '24, so grab your CozyPants®, your favorite noise-cancelling headphones, and help us celebrate a nearly impossible feat for two peeps with ADHD: TWO FULL YEA...

ADHd20 s02e18: Over-Explaining—The Gift of Gab

So that we don't over-explain a video about over-explaining, here's a gen-text summary, soon to be part of Matt's patented "Un-ADHD-ify" app! 

"In this ADHD20 episode, Alison and Matt discuss the propensity to overexplain things common amongst many individuals, including themselves. They delve into their shared observations about social media interactions and the role of over-explaining within it. They also discuss how over-explaining affects their daily lives, personal relationships, and even their Dungeons & Dragons characters. The conversation navigates through themes like neurodivergence, masking, and impulse control, linking these aspects of their daily realities to their gaming personas a...

ADHd20 s02e17: This is a Catastrophe

"It's not that bad!". "You're overreacting." "Calm the f&%k down!"

With ADHD, you've probably heard people say this to you your entire life. When your every reaction is dripping with emotion, others don't understand  that in your brain, stubbing your toe and losing your pet cat can produce the same amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

In this video, we explore how catastrophizing and ADHD intersect, and how they can impact our experiences in tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs).


The beautiful article that inspired us talking about this:

ADHd20 s02e16: Procrastinate Like You Mean It!

We know that everyone, ADHD or no, procrastinates on the things that you don't want to do. But those with "squirrel brains" can even procrastinate on things that we REALLY LOVE, like prepping for D&D. Why? We have some terribly-cited answers for you! And even some ways to Get Medieval on Procrastination's Ass when you need to!

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We DID send this video...

ADHd20 s02e15: Resisting A Rest

Things we learned while recording this episode: The characteristics we embody while awake are also present in our sleep. Inattentive awake? Inattentive asleep. Hello, insomnia!

We also took some time to call out the ridiculousness of long (and short!) rest mechanics in D&D. Don't worry, you guys—we fixed them.

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ADHd20 s02e14: Actual Play with Dungeon Master Seth McKay

The most often-asked questions we've gotten since starting this podcast: "But what is D&D?! And how do you even play?!"

If our D&D-inspired tangents have left you feeling a little perplexed, then this is for you! Our talented pal Seth McKay stepped behind the DM Screen to lead our party of four boisterous adventurers through a fiery, funny, and very very dangerous encounter. This very special episode also features Evan Bivins and Official Lorekeeper Anna Fitzgerald.

If playing with us sounds more fun than simply watching us play, our Patreon includes monthly one-shots!<...

ADHd20 s02e13: The Declaration of Codependence, with Evan Bivins

Join us for a LONG overdue chat with our favorite designer, beatmaker and wannabe lycanthrope, Evan Bivins! We attempt an unqualified armchair diagnosis—at Evan's request, of course—and use the words "Venn Diagram" a whole bunch.

We recorded and edited this podcast using an incredible tool called Descript. It allows us to record audio and video, sure, but then edit that audio/video using the text transcription it produces. We’re big into making podcasts accessible, so this is a no-brainer for us. We’re not sponsored by them, but the link you just clicked is an affil...

ADHd20 s02e12: Mask Me Anything

Matt and Alison, fresh out of a session of their favorite new TTRPG, Masks: A New Generation, find all the delicious correlations between having ADHD and being a teenage superhero! And the connection might not be what you think!

Plus! Coming to terms with the masks we've longed donned so neurotypicals can't figure us out, and a little chatter about what's changing for up-and-coming generations. Spoiler alert: The kids are alright. 

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ADHd20 s02e11: Murder, He Rolled

Five minutes before they started recording this episode, Alison tossed the outline out of the window. Instead of the original topic they had chosen, she informed Matt they should have a very open and honest conversation about the goings-on in their most recent D&D session.

In an inadvertent "Part 2" of episode 10 (Free To Be You and Me), AK puts Matt's money where his mouth is…can he make the table more inclusive to everyone? Did these two friends settle the score amicably? Tune in to find out!

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