Florida Stories

40 Episodes

By: James Parker

All of the craziest, tragic, and most hilarious stories coming out of Florida. Hosted by James Parker and featured on 100+ radio stations every week.

Florida Stories episode 143
Last Sunday at 5:00 AM

A couple of gator attacks, a couple of food attacks, and advice on what happens when you wake up with a stranger in your bed holding a machete.

Florida Stories episode 142

If you see a drunk grandma passed out in a golf cart in the middle of an interstate, it might be time to take away her Fireball.Ā 

Florida Stories episode 141

Naked man gets his arm bitten off by a gator, and you're probably not shocked there's some sketchy folks doing crazy things at a pawn shop parking lot.

Florida Stories episode 140

A family has to abandon their log at Splash Mountain, a Florida lady gets eaten by an alligator, and a guy gets killed with an axe.

Florida Stories episode 139

A lesson on how to properly kill your neighbor's chicken, and one of those horrific-but-kinda-funny obituary of a Florida Man who does seem to be well liked.

Florida Stories episode 138

We got a bucket of urine, an argument about foreskin, and a high dollar art forgery.

Florida Stories episode 137

Do not flash cash on social media, and do not name your kid LaGenius.

Florida Stories episode 136

Some Florida lady marries her stepfather, murders him, and then searches a dating app over his dead body.

Florida Stories episode 135

The first fatal game of disc golf in Florida StoriesĀ® history, two public sex stories, and a fist fight between 80 somethings.

Florida Stories episode 134

Featuring the pantless guy, the speedo guy, and methed up trucker... and then it gets weird.

Florida Stories episode 133

Hear about a sheriff making jokes at a press conference, a pregnant lady knocking over cups, a drunk cop who looks like Miss Universe, and a dinosaur in your swimming pool.

Florida Stories episode 132

Experience a Florida miracle, a Florida tragedy, and how some fraud is ripping off the Boy Scouts.

Florida Stories episode 131

There IS such thing as TOO much fun at Disneyworld. Hear about a brutally honest cop, an immigrant OnlyFans success story, and a lost leg.

Florida Stories episode 130

We've got whites gone wild, violent lesbians, a pedo in the woodchipper, and you are guaranteed to be 3% dumber after listening to this episode.

Florida Stories episode 129

Check out the battle of Pythons vs Bobcats, a new leader for a pack of monkeys, three way sex, and the worst driving instructor ever.

Florida Stories episode 128

We have animal attacks from a tigers, alligators, and a hawk. Find out how to get gas for free!

Florida Stories episode 127

I find it hard to believe you can't sell a monkey to Chris Brown in Florida

Florida Stories Episode 126

We have a sexy elderly pickpocket, a neighbors' feud that ends with an errant deuce, and a new Florida StoriesĀ® record for consecutive tazes.

Florida Stories episode 125

There's drugs, sex, love, hate, and a machete attack at a Waffle House.

Florida Stories episode 124

Hear about a naked drunk lady, escaped alligator, stolen science fair project, and death by a drawbridge

Florida Stories episode 123

How drunk could the bus driver possibly be?

Florida Stories episode 122

A father-son fishing trip gets ruined by a carcass. Operation Swipe Left for Meth is a success.

Florida Stories episode 121

Learn innovative ways to get arrested. What is the deal with all the bear attacks?

Florida Stories episode 120

Florida man loses a bunch of money in crypto so he kidnaps and tortures the dude who gave him bad advice.

Florida Stories episode 119

What does a headless alligator carcass and a decapitated horse's head have in common? When your dad offers to buy you a TV, you should NOT beat him to death.

Florida Stories episode 118

There's a multimillionaire dog in Florida that bought Madonna's old house. The deadliest tree in the world is in Florida.

Florida Stories episode 117

A Florida miracle that's wrapped inside another Florida miracle. There's a bridge in Florida where cars keep bursting into flames.

Florida Stories episode 116

Florida man who lives in a trailer park with his mom chokes her out like Deebo in Friday.

Florida Stories episode 115

Florida man murdered over a cat. Florida man is killed while watching TV when a Tesla falls through the roof.

Florida Stories episode 114

Can a feral chicken REALLY be stolen? You know what it means when you have to put a game camera in your horse's stable.

Florida Stories episode 113

What does the fox say... when he's rabid?

Florida Stories episode 112

How many times can you drive through the same toll plaza while pleasuring yourself before you get arrested?

Florida Stories episode 111

A Florida teenager escapes a police standoff when they are distracted by a naked woman on a golf cart.

Florida Stories episode 110

It's illegal to kill an alligator with a lawnmower, a police chase wrecks 12 cars, and conjugal visit story.

Florida Stories episode 109

The good news is there a naked woman on your plane. The bad news is there's a naked woman on your plane. A murder is seen live on a Zoom meeting.

Florida Stories episode 108

A moped, a toilet camera, and a passed out woman in a wheelbarrow.

Florida Stories episode 107

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Is it possible for a gas station owner to NOT know what a swastika means?

Florida Stories episode 106

This may be the ugliest female mug shot in Florida history. What would you do if you found a naked woman in your pool?

Florida Stories episode 105

Why would a shirtless white guy want to wrestle an alligator at a miniature golf course? Me the king of coprolites (Coprolites are fossilized doo doo). The police are going undercover in an ice cream van to give away ice cream.

Florida Stories episode 104

Introducing the new piece of studio equipment to Florida Stories: the Pedo Woodchipper 3000! The naked lady who trashed the Outback Steakhouse a couple weeks ago (Episode 102) has a real peach of an ex husband.