Florida Stories

10 Episodes

By: James Parker

All of the craziest, tragic, and most hilarious stories coming out of Florida. Hosted by James Parker and featured on 100+ radio stations every week.

Florida Stories episode 184

Two grown men get into a fight over roaming chickens. Grandma was some alligator's dinner.

Florida Stories episode 183

We got druggies, shoplifters, flashers, and cousin love.

Florida Stories episode 182

If you're going to be sqeezing off rounds in a road rage incident, you really shouldn't do it in a work truck with a two way dash cam.

Florida Stories episode 181

The human hamster wheel guy is back, Florida squatters are next level, and a child sex sting yields horrible results.

Florida Stories episode 180

You'll hear about a fanboat crash, a black market for horse meat, a classic Porche heist, and a theft ring run by a pastor.

Florida Stories episode 179

A police attack, a monkey attack, a nephew attack, and a dog gets baptized.

Florida Stories episode 178

You'll hear the story of 6 people from Florida who had a worse week than you just did.

Florida Stories episode 177

A Florida Man shoots himself on accident and then lies to the cops about it.

Florida Stories episode 176

A Florida Man was bitten by a shark while ON LAND.

Florida Stories episode 175

Wouldn't that be funny if Florida had a meth lab waiting for you at the welcome center when you crossed into the state line? It's illegal to drive your car into the ocean.