All Things Faith Walk

10 Episodes

By: Rosemarie Downer

The All Things Faith Walk podcast discusses the teachings of the Bible in practical terms to guide the listeners on how to apply the Word of God in their daily walk. The podcast also features a monthly guest and discussions of key concepts from books that are authored by the host, Dr. Rosemarie Downer.

Episode 73: Kingdom Trailblazers

Trailblazers are pioneers who shape the course of history in remarkable ways. In this video, we talk about the importance of knowing who and Whose we are and in having the confidence in the God in us to walk in our purpose. Each of us has a unique path to carve out in the world around us and that is what makes one a Kingdom Trailblazer. As Kingdom Trailblazers, we will forge new paths in our God-given fields, leaving lasting legacies that continue to inspire those who are connected to us. Join us as we delve into this fascinating...

Episode 72: Compliance vs. Conformity vs. Obedience

Though seemingly similar, there is a difference between compliance, conformity, and obedience.
Compliance is when a person adapts their behavior to direct requests, often from a peer or authority, without necessarily agreeing internally.
Conformity is adjusting one's behaviors, attitudes, or beliefs to align with those of a group, driven by the desire for social acceptance or to fit in.
Obedience is following explicit instructions or commands from someone in a position of authority, usually involving a clear power dynamic.
Compliance is fear based, conformity is needs based, and obedience...

Episode 70: Sinner or Righteous?

Many believers wrongfully address themselves as sinner. They wrongfully say, "I am a sinner saved by grace." Well, that cannot be possible because it's a person is either a sinner or a follower of Jesus Christ. The righteous is simply the person who endeavors in all they do to live according to the Word of God. The sinner, on the other hand, is the person whose life is lived outside of the confines of the Word of God, meaning they do not follow Jesus. A follower of Jesus is the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus...

Episode 68: Religion or Relationship?

Are you religious or are you relational? Are you wedded to what we call church or are you wedded to God? To whom or what are you devoted, the institution we call church or to God? When you leave church each week, how much of what you do and learn in church do you take with you wherever you go throughout the week?

Episode 67: Wake Up Church

There are some hot topics, or pillars as some call them, that have been grossly compromised over the years. these shifts have changed the values many cherish today, how live our lives, and even how we relate to, view, and serve God. But with or without societal shifts, the end is coming and when the end does appear, the opportunity to make things right with God will end. The end is coming; that's a certainty. We must all in for God, not cold and definitely, not lukewarm. This discussion is a good reminder of God's desire for all to...

Episode 65: Who Am I?

This is an introspective teaching aimed at exploring our identity in Christ. Through this teaching you will be reminded of the what, who, where, and how about you in Christ. All of this is found in the Word of God. Many of us make the mistake of listening to what the enemy says about us, but the truth about us is in Christ. This teaching fosters a deeper understanding of us and promotes personal growth and authenticity.

Episode 69: From Fairytales to Bible Studies

Who would have thought one could glean a Biblical lesson from fairytales? Well, Kim Larson does. She creatively and skillfully takes several fairytales in her book titled Unraveling Fairy Tales: Learning to Live Happily Ever After and discusses them from a spiritual perspective. Check it out. You will definitely find something in this discussion and in the book that encourages and inspire you.

Episode 66: Called to Intercede

Intercession is selfless prayer. It is when a person prays for someone else. Christ sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. I believe we are all called to intercede. That means, we should all be praying for others. However, some people have an anointing on them to pray for others. This is the mantle for intercession. This recording is a reminder to all of us to pray for others, but especially to those who know they have the anointing to labor before the Lord on behalf of others. You must get back to your...

Episode 64: Freedom from Fear, Self-doubt, Low Self-esteem

Steven Dossou, my guest, speaks from his heart, his walk with God and his personal experiences into the lives of his readers and listeners about the triumphs they can have over fear, self-doubt, and low self-esteem by having faith in God. He shows how life’s experiences, especially the ones we would rather not face, can build us up. The choice is ours. We can become better or bitter after going through these unwanted but inevitable experiences. I’ve done quite a few interviews, and you may not have listened to them all, but you should definitely not skip over...

Episode 64. How to Write A Book and Get It Published

A whole lot of people want to call themself a published author these days. And technology has made it extremely easy for people to slap anything together, put a cover and their pretty picture on it, and put it on Amazon, just to call themself an author. But many of these books are subpar. This episode is done to remind us that whatever we do should first be done with the right motive and if you're a believer, it should be done as unto the Lord. Here you will get some concrete and practical tips on how you can...