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Mom-ing isn’t easy. Most days can feel like never ending curveballs that leave you feeling drained, overwhelmed, and wondering “How the heck does everyone else seem to do it all?”. Hustlin’ Momma is about overcoming these feeling over overwhelm, finding yourself again, and creating joy along the way. Each week we’ll be chatting through tips + tricks to help you find the joy and simplicity you you crave, so you can live a life you love.

In a Season of Overwhelm? This Can Help!
Last Thursday at 4:00 PM

Maybe we are in the same "so overwhelmed I could have a breakdown" season. If so, this episode is for you! I set a goal this month to really hone in on my stress management, and I wanted to share the things I'm finding to be helpful with you, in hopes that they will help you too

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You Are More Than a Number

This week's episode is all about ditching the self criticism, meeting yourself where you are at, and just LOVING on yourself hard. My intention with this episode is to inspire you to see your true worth, because you are so worthy of everything your heart desires, you just have to see it

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What to Do When Life Isn't Going as Planned

We've all been there. We are SO EXCITED for something to happen and it just...doesn't. For me, this past weekend, that was hosting my son's first birthday party. In this week's episode, I take you through the steps I took to shift my mood from grumpy to grateful and how I found JOY along the way. My intention with this episode is to help you bring joy to, what could be, a crappy situation. Listen to this episode when you need a mood boost, or want to add some happiness tools to your toolbelt! 

If you l...

[FIT TIP] 7 Tips for Staying Healthy-ish While Traveling

Heading on a trip? Whether you are traveling for business of pleasure, this week's episode is full of tips to help you stay on track while also enjoying your time away! My intention with this episode is not to make you feel guilty for enjoying treats while you are away, it's to give you actionable tools you can use to still enjoy your trip (treats and all) without feeling like crap about it. Mindful, balanced, and fun! That's our motto

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[75Hard Update] My Thoughts on Finishing 75Hard


75Hard is officially in the books and I'm sharing all the real and raw thoughts / feelings I'm having in this week's episode! My intent with this episode is to have it be like we are girlfriends chatting over some iced coffee and just laying out where we are on the table without judgement. 

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[75Hard Update] What's Next?

This week's episode I'll be diving into my plans after I complete 75Hard. My intent with this week's episode is to inspire you to never stop making yourself a priority and helping you see it's possible to shift effort without giving up. Need some help finding the motivation to keep going? I'm just a DM away and am ALWAYS happy to be your hype girl

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[75Hard Update] Breaking Past Excuses, Stopping the Negative Self Talk, and Learning to Listen to Yourself

 67 days into 75Hard and we are getting DEEP into the lessons I've learned so far and the various perspective shifts I've experienced. My goal with this week's episode is to share some of the knowledge I've learned over this challenge so far to help inspire you to break past your excuses, talk a little more kindly to yourself, and learn to trust yourself again. You are capable of hard things, and I'm rooting for you girlfriend!

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How to Stay Consistent When Your Life Feels Inconsistent

Girl, I get it. Sometimes life just feels freaking HARD. It can feel like you are dodging a million curveballs that make it impossible to show up for your goals. This episode is all about finding consistency in those moments that feel inconsistent AF. I know it might not feel like it, but you got this momma @em.brook.ditullio

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Tips for When You Feel Like Giving Up

Girl, I know some days feel HARD and you might feel like giving up on your goals. If you are in that season right now, this episode is for you @em.brook.ditullio

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Letting Go of the Fear of Judgements

We've all been there...Afraid to go to the birthday party because we feel like we have to eat the cake or drink the drinks, when we really don't want to, purely out of fear of judgements. Today's episode gives you actionable tips to help you overcome the fears that are holding you back from your goals! This episode is meant to help you realize that you are not alone, your feelings are valid, and it IS POSSIBLE to get past them. 

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5 Tips for When You Are Feeling OVERWHELMED

We've all been there - feeling like we cannot take on one more thing or we are going to EXPLODE. If you're in that season right now, here are 5 tactical tips, that you can implement right NOW,  to help you get through it @em.brook.ditullio

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Why Sharing Your Goals is Important + Week 4 75Hard Update

This week's episode gets real with a little bit of tough love, but I promise I mean it all out of love! My goal in today's episode is to inspire you to take action towards your goals and kick your excuses to the curb. I know it's scary, but you are so worth it momma! 

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Meal Prep Ideas + Tips From Week 3 of 75Hard

This week we are covering SO MANY tips from various situations I encountered during week 3 of  75Hard. From sharing meal prep ideas to navigating social situations and dealing with PMS, we are covering IT ALL. I think you are really going to relate to these experiances and be able to use these solutions in your own health journey (whether that be via 75Hard or  something else). I cannot wait to hear what you think of this episode!

Tips for Eating Out in a Way That Feels GOOD + Week 2 of 75Hard Recap

This episode covers how week 7 of 75Hard went and also gives tips for eating out in a way that feels GOOD and aligned with your goals. So that you can leave feeling your best, physically and mentally. 

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Lessons Learned from Week 1 of 75Hard

Welcome to the Hustlin' Momma Podcast! I'm SO EXCITED (and also terrified) to go along this journey with you. I'm new to the podcasting game, but I really wanted to share some tips and tricks with you that I'm learning as I progress through my 75Hard journey. I hope they help you as much as they help me! 

This podcast will be filled with tips you can implement into your health journey WHEREVER you may be on that path. And, I promise, it won't just be all 75Hard all the time. We will dig into other juicy t...