FPL Optimized

10 Episodes

By: Bas Belfi, Sertalp B. Cay

Everyone in Fantasy Premier League heard about the data and analytics revolution and realized that the landscape is changing rapidly, but not everyone has time to keep up with the news. We are here to bring you the latest and best about data, analytics, Moneyball approaches to FPL, how it works, advantages, pitfalls, and more. Bas, the eye-test manager, and Sertalp, the analytics manager, compare their notes and talk about FPL from two different angles. https://twitter.com/sertalpbilal https://twitter.com/belfibb

Episode 94. How to win FPL? Q/A with Jonas

Bas and Sertalp host Jonas Sand Låbakk, winner of the 2023/2024 FPL season, for a Q/A episode.
They cover Jonas' FPL history, play style, how he leveraged analytics, how he approached to risk aspect, and what he is planning for the next season.

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Episode 93. GW38: Final GW of the Season

Bas and Sertalp is back for the last regular episode of the season.

Episode 92. DGW37: Bench Boost

Bas and Sertalp are using their Bench Boost chip this gameweek and cover ideal Bench Boost team, as well as their own plans.

Episode 91. GW36: Final Three Gameweeks

Bas and Sertalp take a look at the remaining 3 gameweeks and cover the usual content:
- Projected Point Averages
- Optimal WC36 team
- Optimal WC36+BB37 team
- Captaincy options

Episode 90. Optimal WC35 Teams

Bas and Sertalp are both on Wildcard 35 and Bench Boost 37 chip plan, so in this episode they cover everything related to WC35:
Fixture Ticker
GW Odds
Optimal WC35 teams from different models
Optimal WC35 teams based on risk preference
Robust optimal WC35 teams using injury simulations
WC35 scenarios
Captaincy choices between GW35 and GW38

Episode 89. FH34 Considerations

Bas is back and is ready to pull the trigger for Free Hit in GW34. In this episode, they cover:
- GW Updates
- Projected Point Averages for GW34-38
- Optimal Wildcard 34 team with and without Bench Boost 37
- Transfer Plans for the Optimal Wildcard 34 teams
- Optimal Free Hit 34 teams
- Captaincy Options

Episode 88. Risk in FPL

In this special episode, Sertalp hosts 3 analytics oriented managers: James (@ff_trout), Jonny/JC (@FPL_Spaceman), and Sigurd (@FPLPresident). In this panel discussion, they talk about measuring risk and variance in FPL, how it is applied, its side effects, and ways to incorporate it into decision making.

Episode 87. Preparing for GW32

Bas and Sertalp have a look at GW32-37 horizon, and share optimal WC32 teams.

Episode 86. GW30: WC30 Options

Bas and Sertalp talk about upcoming horizon and optimal chip GWs for people with FH or BB chips.

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Episode 85. Jack Squared

Sertalp hosts two analytics-driven managers (both named Jack!) while Bas gets a rest.
The first guest is Vamps, who is a predictive modeler for 17 different fantasy games.
The second guest is Jack Bones, who is an overachiever in many of the said games using Vamps' models.
They talk about how they approach the game, their analytics journey, how much bias they include, and the future of analytics play.

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