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By: Cam Hall

The Dads Making A Difference Podcast with Cam Hall is strategically designed to inspire you to live a life of significance. A life focused on passion, purpose, and presence. A life where you can make a real DIFFERENCE in your family, in your business, and in the community around you. This podcast is inspired by you. The Dad that feels called to live with purpose. The Dad that works hard to give all he has to build his family, his faith, his finances, and his fitness. The Dad that his family is proud of. The Difference Makers. The key to...

Life Done Right: A Guide for Dads to Become Positive Influencers in their Children's Lives with Ralph Anania
Yesterday at 7:00 AM

As a dad, you have the opportunity to be a positive influence in the world, but it takes effort and intentionality to get it right. So how can you achieve this? Ralph Anania shares the wealth of his experience by revealing the proven strategies that he's utilized to create over 30 successful multi-million dollar businesses. Through his insightful guidance, Ralph highlights how a life done right begins with being a positive influence in the lives of your children.

"My purpose is to make a difference in somebody else's life and it needs to start with my children."...

The Unmasking of Dads: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Authenticity in Modern Fatherhood

As fathers navigate the complexities of parenthood, they often find themselves searching for their true identity, priorities, and values. This journey can be transformative, as dads uncover new insights about themselves, their families, and the world around them. Today’s guest, Curtis Hunnicutt says, through introspection and self-reflection, fathers can better understand their role as parents and cultivate meaningful connections with their children. Join us as we delve into the heart of modern fatherhood and uncover the secrets to unlocking a more authentic and fulfilling fatherhood experience.

"I will be willing at any moment to sacrifice who I...

From Setback to Comeback: How Dads Can Regain their Passion for Health and Fitness

It's common for health and fitness to take a backseat during difficult times in our life. Our guest, Jeff McMahon shares how he used a difficult time as an opportunity to make positive changes and regain control of his health and well-being. In this episode, we'll share inspiring stories of dads who found solace in fitness after setbacks such as divorce. If you're a dad who has experienced a setback, whether it's divorce or any other life challenge, we urge you to take inspiration from these stories and use your passion for health and fitness to help you overcome...

Take Control of Your Health and Your Life: A Comprehensive Guide to Empowerment and Wellness with Mark Macdonald

In every dad's world, everything can seem so fast-paced that it's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. But the truth is, we have more power than we think. By taking control of our health and our lives, we can create a happier, more fulfilling future. In this episode, Mark Macdonald explores practical tips and strategies for achieving optimal wellness, from eating well and exercising to developing the right mindset. If you want to improve your physical health or take charge of your overall well-being, this episode will empower you to make positive changes and live your best...

How to Be a Legendary Dad with Larry Hagner, Founder of The Dad Edge

Being a dad can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. Fathers are tasked with providing emotional support, guidance, and discipline while balancing their own personal and professional lives. So, what does it take to become a legendary dad? Larry Hagner, the founder of The Dad Edge, joins Cam in today’s episode with a few tips and insights to help you on your journey into living a legendary life. 

"Everything that you possibly want is on the other side of you stepping into it and saying I don't know the answers, but I'm willing to...

The 3 Layers of Effective Communication for Successful Leadership

Effective communication is the backbone of successful leadership. Leaders who communicate effectively are more likely to motivate and inspire their team members, foster collaboration, and create a positive work environment. If you're a leader looking to improve your effectiveness, discover how to enhance your communication and leadership skills by implementing a 3-layered filter when interacting with others. 

"The most effective communicators and leaders enter into a process with others so that they can help others take ownership over their own path.” - Cam Hall

In This Episode:

Cam talks about the 2 main reasons why peo...

4 Key Elements to Unlocking An Authentic Life with Jeff Lovell

Living a great life is something that we all aspire to, but it can often feel like a distant goal. Whether it's pursuing your passions, building strong relationships, or finding purpose and meaning, there are many strategies for living a great life. Jeff Lovell is here to give expert advice on how to cultivate the right mindset, habits, and tools that can transform your life. Start exploring the secrets to a great life today and unlock your full potential!

"To live courageously with purpose is to recognize what you already have and what's already been given to...

Essential Tools for Strengthening Your Marriage: A Guide to a Happier Relationship With Dan Purcell

We all have passions in life, whether it be a hobby or a career. But have you ever considered how that passion can positively impact your family life? Bringing the drive and focus you have in your work into your personal life can have a significant impact on the relationships with your loved ones. Dan Purcell, a sex and intimacy coach for married couples, shares how one conversation changed the course of his marriage and his life for good. Explore different ways to translate your passion for business into your family life. 

"A good tree won't produce g...

Why Leaders Should Be Good Followers

It takes a strong leader to build an army of faithful followers, but what makes a leader exceptionally great is his ability to lead at following. Steve Kinsley, a family man, and a community leader who found himself in countless situations when he had to make the decision to “follow”. Today, you’ll hear his story, and realize how your life can become exactly what you hope it to be, but only if you can learn to give up control, and follow. You’ll also learn how every place you go and every person you meet has a purpose, and thei...

Building a Positive Money Mindset

Financial education starts in the home. As our children’s first financial teachers, we should have the right knowledge, skills, and tools, to build the foundation of our child’s financial education. For decades, money has been a taboo topic in the home that families tend to veer away from. Rocky Lalvani, the host of the Richer Soul Podcast and Profit Answer Man, joins Cam to break down this taboo once and for all. He demonstrates why teaching our kids early about money and wealth-building is one of the greatest investments and legacies any parent can create. 

"The c...

The Making of a Stronger, More Powerful Man

Strong men aren’t born, they are formed out of the struggles and storms they overcome. Bill Harris joins Cam in today’s episode to share his unique story of struggle and how he came out on top of severe PTSD and crippling anxiety. Bill has earned the authority to speak about establishing a deeper connection, and to prove to all men out there that whatever your story, your past is not the dictator of your future. Learn from his story, relate to it, be inspired, and follow the lead. This 2023, it’s time to unleash a stronger, more powerf...

The 4 Key Pillars of Health With Kevin Davis

2023 is the year your personal health is taking the front seat. To jumpstart the journey to a healthier, happier, and stronger you, Cam is joined by Kevin Davis to talk about the 4 Pillars of Health. Kevin has taken a proactive approach to healthy aging and is actively involved in helping entrepreneurs, executives, and busy dads like you have a grasp of what it feels like to live a life of good health and sustain it. 

"If you're just in it to lose 20 pounds but not to live longer, healthier while God has you on earth, what's the p...

How to Shape Your Vision and Goals for 2023

Are you ready for 2023? Let’s set you up for the new year on a fresh landing. Cam presents a new framework for how to set goals that, at the end of the year, you won’t need to look back to and sigh because they failed to be SMART enough. The good news is, this framework won’t require you to make goals that are so rigid, allowing more room for flexibility and a higher chance of success.

"You need to know what you've been through so you know where you are and you have a clear...

Dads Making a Difference 2022 Year End Recap

Welcome to the Dads Making a Difference podcast year-end review with Cameron Hall where he recounts the most impacting events that unfolded from the year 2021 to 2022. He recalls how the Fight the Dad Bod evolved throughout the past year, where it’s currently at now, and how the Dads Making a Difference podcast came to be. He also shares life-changing decisions and realizations that all led to the birth of the greatest achievement of 2022. 

"If you are not pushing to the point where you are failing, you are not growing.” - Cam Hall


In Thi...

Fathers Are Created For a Purpose With Josh Khachadourian

Do you know what you’re living for? Join Cam and Josh Khachadourian as they talk about how men can become bigger than who they believe themselves to be just by knowing their purpose and how to live it. Josh is a husband, father, leader, coach, host of the Raising The Standard Podcast, and a well-known figure in the corporate world. In this episode, you will learn how to be a high-performing father and leader and how to live your life in a way that’s living out the greater purpose God uniquely designed for you.

"Wherever you...

Living the Champion Life and How to Raise Your Kids Into Champion Adults With Curt Tucker

Your past is never the final story of your life. Every day is a chance to reset and rewrite. Today’s guest is Curt Tucker, a serial entrepreneur, evangelist, author, and encourager. He’ll be sharing how he rose above the challenge of building a family and being the kind of father that he never got to experience as a child. If your family life is currently struggling to be where you envisioned it to be, tune in to this episode and learn how to develop the mindset that will propel you toward the path where you can keep winn...

The 5 Ingredients to Becoming a Better Father, Husband, and Leader with Donald Bialkowski

Donald Bialkowski, Founder of Aligned on Purpose and a top-notch emotional mentor and coach to men who are facing different challenges in life, joins  Cam in today’s episode. They will be talking about the key ingredients that make up a holistic man, a man who thrives in every level of his life: from being a spouse, a father, a leader to the community, to being an entrepreneur. Donald shares his experience of micro abandonments and how the long-term impact of this series of events left him broken and wounded. He also shared how he overcame those past traumas and...

Why Dads Who Want to Make a Difference Are Dads Who Are Committed to Growth

In this episode, Cam looks back to the past 6 months since the DMD podcast started and how it’s grown from the 1st to the 30th episode. He shares essential realizations that dawned on him as he reflects on the time that has been and how he envisions the DMD community in the years to come. He also calls on his fellow dads to join him on a challenge - the challenge to commit to growth, and why it’s worth it. 

"Dads Making a Difference is committed to helping you grow emotionally, physically, intellectually, professionally, financially, and s...

How to Lead Yourself First: Cultivating the Essential Skills All Fathers Must Have with Drew Soleyn

No man really knows how to be a great dad from day one. It’s not a talent that is inborn, it comes with training, education, and learning from our experiences. Likewise, becoming a strong leader in your home is a continuous process of learning and growth. Yet there are essential skills every father must develop in order to be able to lead himself first so that he can lead where it truly matters, in the home. Joining us today is Drew Soleyn, an incredible dad who is dedicated to helping dads like him learn the essential parenting skills al...

Raising Financially Free Children and Creating Generational Wealth with Lance Belline

Dads are known to be their families’ providers. We’ve tackled in the past episodes how dads can make a difference in their children’s lives by working on emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical growth. Today, we’re going to delve into the world of finances. Lance Belline, the founder of Lighthouse Financial, financial advisor, author, and father joins Cam to share how he mastered managing his finances from childhood and how he’s imparting to his kids and clients all the financial lessons he’s learned from his journey. If you want to be one of those dads who aim to b...

Instilling and Cultivating Faith in the Family and Raising Godly Children with Scott Hooper

Did you know that children can bring us closer to God? First, we must teach our kids how to live a life of faith through our examples at home. But, how do we know if our parenting ways are reflecting the faith that we want to instill in them? Today’s guest, Scott Hooper, is a children’s minister who developed what he calls the parenting matrix which is designed to help parents realize where they are when it comes to their parenting ways. It also aims to guide them throughout their parenting journey so they will know how to g...

Mastering the Roles of “Dad” and “Coach”: Building Discipline and Resiliency Through Sport w/ Zach Lush

As fathers, we are driven to master the multiple roles we fulfill in our kids’ lives. Whether we find ourselves as a mentor, protector, provider, role model, hero, coach, or cheerleader, we want to ensure we are teaching our kids what it takes to succeed in life. Today, we are joined by Zach Lush; father, stepfather, co-parent, entrepreneur, fitness expert, coach, and former-MLB player. In this episode Zach shares how his unique journey of underdog-athlete-turned-pro helped shape him into the father, visionary, and business owner, he is now. He also shares how his experiences taught him a great deal ab...

Learn the Secrets of Creating Your Own Happily-Ever-After with Monica Tanner

Who wants to have his/her own happily ever after? I know, I do. The great news is, happy-ever-after is NOT a story you just hear from the books or from the movies, it is a REALITY you can choose to create and live. Joining us today is Monica Tanner, a mother of 4 and a wife who is living the best love story of her life. She gets to share some of the most important highlights she's gathered from couples she interviewed in her podcast, Secrets of Happily Ever After. If you want to know if you’re bound fo...

Fighting the Dad Bod with Cam Hall and Guest, Ed Draves

Being a difference-maker dad requires you to be in your best shape - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It means you are taking a holistic approach to self-care because your family needs a well-rounded figure to look up to. Ed Draves is in the house and pumped to share how gaining back control of his health has been the most significant decision he could have made as a father and as a human being. If you're feeling pressed with time thinking you don't have enough left to finish off your 2022 goals or if you feel like you need to...

Thankfulness Through Loss

Loss is not only hard, but it also requires a different level of mental and emotional strength. At times, we cling to the hope that time will somehow ease the pain until it fades away, only to find out years after, that it doesn’t. It only becomes bearable maybe because you got stronger, but the level of pain and sadness of missing what or who you lost is still the same. Why of all the days and months of the year did I pick Thanksgiving day to talk about loss and grief? It’s because on this very day...

Understanding the Male Ego and Why You Need Less of It When Raising Kids with Gareth Nock

Men are born with ego. But, according to Gareth Nock, a fitness expert and coach, podcast host, and Founder of The Nock Academy, dads can do the necessary work needed to strip off their egos so that they can become a positive force in their children’s lives. While that may sound a little close to impossible, Gareth is a breathing example of a man who can let go of his ego and still be masculine in the eyes of his kids and of the community. On top of that, he’s living his true passion and purpose while addi...

The Making of an Extraordinary Marriage with Tony DiLorenzo

Before you become a dad, you are a husband or a partner. You work together as a partner so you can make a difference in the lives of the little humans you are raising. Because your roles are critical in shaping the character of your children, you need to start by working on a solid foundation - your relationship as a couple. Tony DiLorenzo is joining us in today’s episode to talk about the 6 pillars of intimacy which are essential tools to help keep a marriage rock solid. Tony and his wife, Alisa, have been helping married couples cr...

Why Fatherhood Requires a Sense of Identity with Dr. Andy Garrett

How much do you know yourself? When does the raw, unapologetic, and authentic you, come to life? What does knowing oneself have anything to do with fatherhood? Dr. Andy Garrett, a Clinical Psychologist and the world’s leading authority on identity, joins us on our search for clarity to these questions. He believes that every individual has the capacity to transform their lives in a healthy way, by integrating psychology with identity. Learn the framework he’s taught so many leaders around the world that helped them become better individuals, business leaders, husbands, and fathers. 

“All the stuff y...

The Legacy Letter: The Most Powerful Words You’ll Ever Write with Blake Brewer

Do you have a catalyst moment that changed your life, forever? Blake Brewer had a very painful one and this pain gave birth to a beautiful mission. Writing letters. Yes, you got it right. His mission is to help 1 million dads craft the best legacy letters for their children that will last a lifetime. His company, Legacy Letter Challenge, has a solid process in place that has been effectively guiding fathers and leaders alike, to build a strong and impacting reputation not only at home but also in their communities. Learn how you can take part in this challenge...

How Uniqueness Shapes Authenticity with David Ask

As a dad, how are you making a difference in the lives of your children? How do you know if your ways are different from other dads? Why is there a need to make a difference? Joining us in this episode is David Ask, a dad on a mission. His mission is to be an inspiration for men, so they can become their best, unique selves. Men who have committed to living through their true north. David believes that uniqueness equates to authenticity and only through authenticity can someone make a difference in the lives of the people around...

The Power of Moments

Life is made up of countless moments - big and small, magical and ordinary, significant and seemingly insignificant, and they become the stories of our lives. I want to take another moment to connect with you by sharing bits and pieces of every life-defining experience I encountered. In this episode, I’m going to share about a rock adventure that may seem so insignificant at that time but has turned into something so poignant now that it finally makes sense. Through this experience, you will realize the power of investing our limited time on earth collecting these moments, and tu...

Why Men Need Community to Thrive with View from the Top Author, Aaron Walker

The view from the top is beautiful…if, you’re not watching it alone. I had the privilege to have Aaron Walker on the show, Founder of View From the Top and Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind, author, speaker, life and business coach, and a veteran entrepreneur. For years, he’s been inspiring men to live a life of significance and make a difference in their respective fields. He built a safe place for them to gather and support one another, to be authentic and vulnerable, and grow in accountability in all aspects of their lives. If you’re looking for a co...

The Secret to Building the Relationship of Your Dreams with Quentin Hafner

Relationships are crucial, especially the ones that you build with your family. But, if you feel disconnected from yourself or if you have childhood traumas and unresolved baggage from the past, how do you ensure that you’re building solid and healthy relationships? Join me and Quentin Hafner as we unravel more of this topic in today’s episode of Dads Making a Difference. Quentin is a therapist, counselor, and coach whose work revolves around helping people achieve their goals by working on their relationships with themselves and with others. If you’re looking for ways to improve your relati...

Heeding the Call of Fatherhood Through Discernment with Tim Ferrara

Being a dad requires a strong sense of leadership and responsibility. This call for a lot of introspection and discernment because no one can lead or be responsible for someone or something without self-awareness. I am honored to have Tim Ferrara on the show, host of the Eyes on Jesus podcast, an author, pastor, and discerning dad. He’s here to encourage dads like you and me to grow in discernment and to live our lives honoring God’s will. If you want to learn how you can make better decisions for your family and be a discerning dad and...

Why It Pays to Own Your Attention with Wes Woodhouse

How much is your time worth? Contrary to what you’ve been made to believe, time is NOT the most valuable asset, attention is. Wes Woodhouse joins today’s episode to talk about the difference between “spending your time” and “paying attention” and why the latter is worth the investment. Wes is a fighter pilot of the US airforce and the founder of Vector Atlas, a mastermind group that offers Attention Performance Coaching to teach leaders how to own their attention. If you want to learn how to get paid with your attention instead of your time and how these two ar...

The Art of Gratitude: Creating a Margin for Your Life

What are you grateful for today? In this solo episode with Cam, he gets more personal and invites us into a recent experience when life called him to take a pause, step back, and be an onlooker at the painting of his life. Little did he know that backward step would propel him forward to a stronger comeback. Do you do that too, sometimes? When the circumstances seem unfavorable and nothing goes the way you planned, you think, “This is not for me, maybe I should try something else?” If this is you and you want to know how to s...

“Why Aren’t Men Thriving?” with Sam Feeney

Is the life that we are living now as good as it gets? Are we thriving, or just settling, and if we are thriving, are we doing it at the cost of others? This episode invites dads on an inward journey to see how much our ways, thoughts, values, and beliefs are reflected in the ways we raise our kids. Sam Feeney is a guy who loves to thrive, and he has valid reasons why dads should never settle for the average. As fathers, we set the path to where we lead our children. The best way to teach...

Playing and Winning the Parenting Game with Christine Bright CPC, CFC

Dads, it’s time to level up our parenting game! In this episode with Christine Bright, we learn from the perspective of a woman, a mother, and a parenting and family coach about how we can make a difference in the lives of our children and our family‌. Christine is an acclaimed Therapeutic Foster Parent, author, and internationally Certified Parenting and Family Coach, whose clients include parents of children with violent and suicidal tendencies. She shares how words can make or break a child and leave an irreparable dent in their character formation. She highlights the need for change in t...

Reveal Your Best Self: Aligning With Your Purpose With Tony Castillo

Your best life is not a dream, it is a reality. The amount of time you need to translate that into reality is in equal proportion to how badly you wanted to make it happen. As a dad and a husband, you owe it to your family to be the best version of yourself because they deserve nothing less than your best. Joining us today is Tony Castillo, a man richly blessed with experiences that taught him valuable lessons, which he hopes to impart to our listeners today. One of the most important lessons is aligning yourself with your...

How to Be a Masculine Dad For Your Sons with Paul Edwards

What does it take to be a man? In a world where men are expected to be stronger and less emotional, are they entitled to a haven where they feel safe and accepted, not only as a man but as human beings with flaws and imperfections? Paul Edwards shares his stand on masculinity in raising sons and being a model they can emulate as they grow up. The Founder of The Reluctant Thought Leader made an experiment on how to handle similar situations using a different approach, and the result has changed his view of fatherhood and leadership for...