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The Dads Making A Difference Podcast with Cam Hall is strategically designed to inspire you to live a life of significance. A life focused on passion, purpose, and presence. A life where you can make a real DIFFERENCE in your family, in your business, and in the community around you. This podcast is inspired by you. The Dad that feels called to live with purpose. The Dad that works hard to give all he has to build his family, his faith, his finances, and his fitness. The Dad that his family is proud of. The Difference Makers. The key to...

Mastering the Art of Responding Appropriately: The 4th Pillar of the Fatherhood 360 Framework
Yesterday at 2:00 PM

In this latest episode of the "Dads Making a Difference" podcast, Cam brings into focus the 4th pillar of the Fatherhood360 Framework: Responding Appropriately. This episode extends beyond the realm of fatherhood, emphasizing the importance of appropriate responses in every aspect of a man's life – as a father, husband, leader, and community member.

Cam explores the intricate balance required in understanding and reacting to varied situations encountered in daily life. He emphasizes that a man must navigate and respond effectively within the cultural, societal, and religious contexts that influence not only his family but also his professional an...

Commitment to Lifelong Growth and Personal Evolution: The 3rd Pillar of the Fatherhood360 Framework

In the latest installment of the Dads Making a Difference podcast, we delve into the third core component of the F360 Framework: Commitment to Lifelong Growth. This essential principle lays the groundwork for growth in both personal and professional spheres, steering us from a fixed to a growth mindset.

As fathers, what does the concept of lifelong learning truly entail? And how can the sharing of daily experiences enhance our role in parenting? We explore these pivotal questions, shedding light on a key yet often neglected skill that profoundly influences family dynamics and interpersonal relationships.


Fostering Healthy and Strong Relationships: The 2nd Pillar of the Fatherhood 360 Framework

In this episode, we delve into the second pillar of the Fatherhood360 Framework: Fostering Healthy and Strong Relationships. Building on our previous discussion about the foundational importance of health, we now turn our focus to the vital role relationships play in a father's life.

Fatherhood isn't just a journey of individual growth; it's deeply intertwined with the connections we foster with our families, friends, and communities. In this episode, we explore how nurturing these bonds is not just beneficial but essential for a fulfilling fatherhood experience. We'll discuss how strong relationships contribute to personal well-being, the development...

Strong Foundations: The #1 Pillar of Health for Dads Committed to Making a Difference

In this new episode of the Dads Making a Difference podcast, we build upon the bedrock that upholds every great father figure—their health. If fatherhood is a building, then health is its foundation, a critical base that which everything else rests upon.

As we navigate the complexities and challenges of fatherhood, we often overlook the silent cornerstone that underpins our strength and resilience: our physical and mental well-being. The image of the steadfast dad, unshakable and ever-present, is a narrative deeply ingrained in society. Yet behind this façade of strength, many dads face a quiet iso...

The 6 Pillars That Help Dads to Truly Make a Difference

It’s the 80th Episode of the Dads Making a Difference podcast, and the lessons learned throughout the entire journey have shown us the reality of what being a dad really is about.

The truth is men struggle so much but don’t show it. You see Instagram and Facebook feeds giving the image that everything’s working out and everything’s great. But when you dig deeper into the lives of so many men, you’ll discover that, more often than not, it’s just a carefully-created facade that hides the real story.

These stories don’...

Embracing Authenticity: A Dad's Journey to Breaking Free and Leaving a Legacy With Curt Storring

What happens when life's hardships shape your defenses and build walls around your true self? In this episode, Curt Storring opens the door to his deeply personal journey of breaking free from the defense mechanisms that held him back. 

Curt unravels the profound transformation that led him to his authentic self, turning him into a better man and a devoted dad. His story serves as an enduring legacy to his children, and he's on a mission to help other fathers create their unique legacies.

Are you ready to embark on your own journey of authenticity a...

How Clear Communication Inspires Ownership and Paves the Way to Better Solutions

As dads, most of us know that communication matters at home, at work, in your business, and in the community. But what sets effective leaders apart from the pack is the ability to communicate clearly. As leaders of our homes and other circles, it’s critical to learn how to communicate effectively to avoid being an outlet of frustration to the people around us.

But clear communication isn’t just about getting the message across in any form. It’s also about being intentional about the way we respond.

As emotional human beings, we do have t...

How to Achieve the Life You Never Thought Was Possible With Travis Chappell

Many people think that success only comes to those who are presented with unique opportunities early in life. They believe that you inherit the quality of life you witnessed growing up, which means that if you were born poor, you would probably stay poor, too. But Travis and his family proved that it’s always about choice. His dad chose to create opportunities for himself to break away from the poverty he was born into. 

Travis did the same and is now intentional about showing the same power to his kids — that they can always make the right...

Breaking Stereotypes: A Single Dad's Journey to Inspire With Adam ‘AC’ Sutton

AC has been a single father for 15 years and understands the daily struggles that single parents like him deal with. Though society has these stereotypes about dads raising their kids on their own, he became intentional in moving away from the status quo by being intentional in pouring his heart into fatherhood and being as present as he could to his kids.

Because of all the lessons he learned throughout his journey of being a single parent, he realized that many other single dads are out there looking for inspiration. He knew they were looking for people...

How to Achieve Growth Through Consistency With Adrian Del Monte

Consistency is one of the biggest things men struggle with, especially when they have big goals in mind. So many men start new habits, optimistic about the end goal, only to fall short of their own expectations and feel like they’re back to square one.

For Adrian Del Monte, there are only two things you need to remember when it comes to consistency and growth – your vision of where you want to be and intentionally checking on every step to see if it’s part of the plan to get you there.

The journey is oft...

How to Unlock Your Heroic Potential: Transforming Father Wounds into a Legacy of Love with Dave Novak

Are you dragging the weight of unresolved emotional scars from your father, hindering your journey to greatness? You're not alone. Many carry these hidden wounds, but it's never too late to heal and unlock your heroic potential.

Enter Dave Novak, a former pastor and a lifelong seeker of wisdom, who's on a revolutionary mission to mend hearts and families fractured by father wounds. After leaving the church he co-founded 15 years ago, Dave now collaborates with congregations nationwide, unlocking the dormant hero in men held captive by their past.

“...Our kids want us to be heroes. Th...

How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become The Keys To Unlocking Greatness With Ryan Miller

Society has often taught men to bury their feelings and to toughen up through adversity. While this leads to valuable lessons on grit and resilience, these buried feelings become unresolved issues; these unresolved issues turn into deep wounds that impact how we live life.

Ryan, a performance coach and business consultant, saw the same pattern in most of the men he worked with. The constant need to upgrade and upskill has driven them to steer away from who they truly are and become someone they’re not.

That’s why Ryan knew that he had to s...

Breaking the Cycle: Mindful Parenting, Purposeful Living, and Ministry in the Marketplace with Joshua Brown

Dive into an episode that's more than a story; it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Meet Joshua Brown—a man molded by adversity and trauma, and nurtured by a loving yet struggling single mother. Joshua's early years were full of turmoil, of poor choices, and absent role models, but a wake-up call ignited a transformation.

Now a father and successful entrepreneur, Joshua is a living compass for his family. He's shattered the cycle of hardship, becoming the role model he never had. Through heartfelt family worship and soul-enriching devotions, he's made mindful parenting no...

How to Create Your Own Identity to Live a Fulfilling Life With David Waldy

David’s life might seem generally okay. But it wasn’t until he was staring at himself in the mirror on the darkest days of his life, hearing God tell him, “David, I can’t fix this for you,” did he realize that he had to do something different to take control of his path.

David always seemed like the kind of guy who had everything figured out. He had an education scholarship, but he turned it down because he knew it wasn’t the right path for him. He eventually worked at becoming a pastor, but realized tha...

5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Kids

It’s the 70th episode of the Dads Making a Difference podcast and there has been an amazing amount of lessons and learnings. But still, there’s so much more to learn and an endless number of fruitful conversations to have. That’s because as long as there are dads out there who go through their day-to-day on survival mode, the mission never ends.

To continue the mission of helping dads make a difference, Cam lays down 5 simple ways to strengthen your relationship with your child. Because the truth is, no matter how involved and present you are in...

Mastering Personal Control: The Key to Becoming a Proactive Dad with Brendan Wall

Brendan Wall is one of those lucky ones who grew up with great family dynamics. His parents were great examples to him, and he had a close, loving relationship with all of them. So when he got married, he immediately laid out a 5-year plan on how he can give their family stability before they have kids.

But God had other plans for them when he found out his wife was pregnant. Because of the turn of events, he decided that he would speed things up and try his best to achieve his goals in just a...

How to Win in Business, Family, and All Other Aspects of Life With Casey Cavell

A lot of dads have issues with finding balance. Sometimes, we bury ourselves with work and business in an effort to provide for our families but struggle to be present in our kids’ lives. Some may find it hard to work in harmony with their wives to achieve a healthy home life, especially when there are societal and other external pressures.

Casey Cavell understood early on that it’s important to find balance. That’s why he chose mentors who are winning in both business and life. He learned that it’s important to have people who encourag...

How to Use Intentional Encouragement to Become Living Examples to Your Kids With Brian Sexton

As dads, we are in the best position to show our kids how they can make the most out of their lives. Whether we’re showing them the right way to do things or helping them avoid the mistakes we made when we were their age, we have the capacity to raise them as valuable members of society. One of the best ways to make this happen is through intentional encouragement.

But there are a lot of roadblocks that could make it hard to be encouraging parents. Some of us are too preoccupied and find it hard to...

Discover Your Capacity to Heal Yourself With Chase Thornock

From the moment we are born, our bodies have specific systems in place that help us respond to certain stimuli to survive. Our bodies are also extremely intelligent that it remembers those triggers and plays a role in the behaviors and reactions we display over time. 

But as we deal with trauma and the continuous flow of stress throughout our lives, our bodies may not always respond the right way. This could lead to not just to diseases but also to unhealthy patterns and bad decisions that ultimately impact our relationships and our quality of life.

How to Create More Time and Be More Present

It’s the middle of the summer, and dads everywhere are busier than ever. The kids are on their school break, which means that there are more activities on top of the usual responsibilities. From going to theme parks or going on family vacations to finding summer programs they can enjoy, there is a huge opportunity to spend some time together as a family that’s not always possible when the kids are in school.

But knowing how much dads have to do and how much we all have in our minds, it’s so hard to be pre...

Being A Creator and Supporter Instead of Victim or Savior With Bryan Reeves

So many men have given up their power to choose, thinking that this is the only path. They get stuck in the “I have to’s”, whether it’s about the expectations of society and their family or their expectations of themselves. When this happens, they end up letting life happen to them instead of taking control.

The problem is, most men are clueless about how they can take control. Most of the time, there is a lack of an elder or a mentor who gives proper guidance as men find their way through life. Even our own fath...

Life’s Hard, Succeed Anyway with Allan Blain

We all have a few traumas and disasters in our past that still impact the way we think and make decisions today, both consciously or unconsciously. For Allan, he went through a rollercoaster that took him from rock bottom to the top, and back again. This is when he learned that success is not measured by money or power, but by more important things in life.

Allan’s life is a great example of how living with a purpose will always trump riches. Allan experienced how it felt to have nothing. He has also known how it fe...

How Dreaming Helps Create a Thriving Life With Mitch Matthews

As adults, we all get caught up with goals and numbers that we often forget what it’s like to dream. We lose the passion and fire that helps us find fulfillment in life and become so immersed in just doing what it takes to meet expectations.

But this also means that our kids don’t get to see what it looks like for people to chase after their dreams. They don’t see how it looks like to be fulfilled. In most cases, they just see parents who go to work and do what is necessary to pro...

Discovering the Real Value in Your Life With Zach Reeser

As men, we each have a perception of what success looks like and what an ideal life should be about. We forge a path and do what’s necessary to reach the end goals that we have in mind.

But what if we’re putting too much value on the things that are actually taking us farther from the end goal without us realizing it? Often, we get sidetracked by the things we believe will get us to that dream life without realizing that we’re not being present in the lives we have right now. We put a...

How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed as a Dad With Seth Studley

Society expects so much from fathers, that it’s not uncommon for us to feel overwhelmed at times. We find ourselves juggling the demands of work with maintaining a good marriage, being a good dad, while also attending to our day to day responsibilities. When we get to a point of overwhelm, we can easily fall into a habit of creating negative self-talk. Today, we are going to give you actionable steps you can take to avoid the overwhelm.

This is so important, because us dads are setting the mold by how our kids will build their ow...

The FUN Habit: How to Bring More Fun and Joy Into Your Home With Dr. Mike Rucker

As men, we can often feel burdened by the responsibilities of home and work. So much so, that our ability to have fun is affected. This then impacts the way we connect with our kids, especially when it comes to play. We may even begin to view play and fun as an event, as a product, instead of as the valuable pursuit of joy and wonder.  

But just because dads have serious stuff to take care of doesn’t mean they don’t get to have fun anymore. With the right approach, dads can become leaders who bring...

10 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned from One Year of Dads Making A Difference

It’s been a year since Cam started the Dads Making a Difference podcast, with over 50 episodes of insightful conversations with people who shared amazing stories and lessons. These conversations have, without a doubt, paved the way for growth for so many dads out there.

Cam’s inspiring story about how he came up with this topic for the anniversary episode may be seen as divine providence. But it made Cam appreciate the power of connection and conversation, two things that have become central in this podcast’s growth.

In this episode, Cam shares 10 powerful takeaw...

How to Raise Emotionally-Mature Boys With Raising Cain Author, Dr. Michael Thompson

They say boys will be boys. And when you’re a dad who’s struggling to connect with their sons, it makes you wonder whether you’re handling things the right way. But the truth is, there are so many stereotypes about boys that dads also had to deal with growing up. So when it’s time to deal with their own sons, they either do the same things they witnessed growing up or just completely feel lost about what to do next.

The good news is, dads can make a difference in their sons’ lives when they learn...

How to Handle Conflicts in Marriage With Tony DiLorenzo

Marriage means putting two people with different backgrounds and completely different personalities together. Though there are going to be amazing moments when you think things will go smoothly forever, reality will eventually set in and the differences will start to become conflicts that, when left unresolved, could ruin the relationship for good.

But marriage will always require work. As with anything else in life, it’s something that you need to be intentional about. It’s all about understanding that you will always be two different people who chose to come together to build a family and know...

Transforming Your Life to Make an Impact With Kyle Carnohan

Most of the time, dads struggle to stay real and authentic. They say they want this ideal life and identity but their actions show something different. They want the dream but are not willing to go for it. Even worse, they might not even be honest enough with themselves about what they’re willing to do, what their core motivations are, and what fears lie beneath the surface.

Because of this, they take the frustration home. They create a persona that looks good on the outside but is completely different behind closed doors.

In this ep...

How to Be More Intentional in Showing Up

Showing up is one of the biggest challenges that dads struggle with. There are so many things that could impact a dad’s ability to show up – whether it’s a subconscious limiting belief, expectations set by society, or the lack of clear direction that stops one from intentionally taking action.

Over time, the inability to show up not only impacts a dad’s confidence in his own abilities and worth as a father, it could also impact the relationship not just with your child, but with other people around you.

In this episode, Cam talks ab...

Positive Parenting Strategies: Transforming Misbehavior with Response-Based Techniques

In this episode, we are joined by Brandon Jones, the founder of Be Dadly and host of The Be Dadly Podcast. Brandon is a certified parent educator in positive discipline and has dedicated the last decade to learning and implementing effective parenting techniques.

Brandon struggled with correcting his son's misbehavior and feeling frustrated with inherited parenting techniques. Through his own journey, he discovered the power of positive parenting and response-based techniques. Today, he helps fathers overcome anger and impatience while teaching them how to achieve better behavior from their children without resorting to yelling, spanking, or bribery.<...

Battling Your Inner Critic with Paul Edwards

Society expects so much from men. There’s always that pressure to earn more, be more, say more, and do more, that eventually, those expectations become a critical voice in your head that questions everything you accomplish. It becomes that nagging thought that makes you second-guess yourself and rethink whether your wins really are wins.

Over time, that inner critic can push you to question your own worth. You start to forget the little wins because you want bigger ones. This is also the fastest path to a miserable life where you will never be enough.


How a Life of Trauma Can Become a Life of Forgiveness & Love with Rob Decker

As dads, our own childhood and life experiences have a huge impact on the way we raise our own kids. But what happens if you did not have the right role models and your entire life is filled with trauma after trauma? In this episode, Rob shares how his amazing transformation story that took him from his troubled childhood and addictions into a life dedicated to loving the people around him helped him become the kind of father he never had.

"Once you forgive, there's an opportunity to love. Forgiveness is love." - Rob Decker


Little Eyes Upon You: Lessons from 49 Episodes of Dads Making a Difference

As Dads, it’s easy to get so caught up with personal frustrations about how your kids' experiences should go that you unknowingly drown them out when they voice out their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. On this podcast’s 50th episode, let’s rediscover what the real mission is behind Dads Making a Difference and look back at some powerful lessons that challenge you to become better dads, better men, and better humans that kids will want to be like when they grow up.

"I can be stern, serious, joyful, happy, caring, loving, empathetic -- all of it...

Life Done Right: A Guide for Dads to Become Positive Influencers in their Children's Lives with Ralph Anania

As a dad, you have the opportunity to be a positive influence in the world, but it takes effort and intentionality to get it right. So how can you achieve this? Ralph Anania shares the wealth of his experience by revealing the proven strategies that he's utilized to create over 30 successful multi-million dollar businesses. Through his insightful guidance, Ralph highlights how a life done right begins with being a positive influence in the lives of your children.

"My purpose is to make a difference in somebody else's life and it needs to start with my children."...

The Unmasking of Dads: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Authenticity in Modern Fatherhood

As fathers navigate the complexities of parenthood, they often find themselves searching for their true identity, priorities, and values. This journey can be transformative, as dads uncover new insights about themselves, their families, and the world around them. Today’s guest, Curtis Hunnicutt says, through introspection and self-reflection, fathers can better understand their role as parents and cultivate meaningful connections with their children. Join us as we delve into the heart of modern fatherhood and uncover the secrets to unlocking a more authentic and fulfilling fatherhood experience.

"I will be willing at any moment to sacrifice who I...

From Setback to Comeback: How Dads Can Regain their Passion for Health and Fitness

It's common for health and fitness to take a backseat during difficult times in our life. Our guest, Jeff McMahon shares how he used a difficult time as an opportunity to make positive changes and regain control of his health and well-being. In this episode, we'll share inspiring stories of dads who found solace in fitness after setbacks such as divorce. If you're a dad who has experienced a setback, whether it's divorce or any other life challenge, we urge you to take inspiration from these stories and use your passion for health and fitness to help you overcome...

Take Control of Your Health and Your Life: A Comprehensive Guide to Empowerment and Wellness with Mark Macdonald

In every dad's world, everything can seem so fast-paced that it's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. But the truth is, we have more power than we think. By taking control of our health and our lives, we can create a happier, more fulfilling future. In this episode, Mark Macdonald explores practical tips and strategies for achieving optimal wellness, from eating well and exercising to developing the right mindset. If you want to improve your physical health or take charge of your overall well-being, this episode will empower you to make positive changes and live your best...

How to Be a Legendary Dad with Larry Hagner, Founder of The Dad Edge

Being a dad can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. Fathers are tasked with providing emotional support, guidance, and discipline while balancing their own personal and professional lives. So, what does it take to become a legendary dad? Larry Hagner, the founder of The Dad Edge, joins Cam in today’s episode with a few tips and insights to help you on your journey into living a legendary life. 

"Everything that you possibly want is on the other side of you stepping into it and saying I don't know the answers, but I'm willing to...