Morning Talks

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By: Zilla Capital

Knowing the latest news has never been easier! A daily newsletter covering the top most important economic, political, M&As and investments news of Egypt.

The Central Bank of Egypt is meeting today to review interest rates
Last Thursday at 5:00 AM

The Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) is reviewing fair value studies of the state-owned Damietta and Port Said terminal operators ahead of stake sales in the two firms
Last Wednesday at 5:00 AM

The Egyptian government has approved the new export subsidies program for fiscal year (FY) 2023/2024 at an estimated cost ranging between EGP 28 billion and EGP 30 billion
Last Tuesday at 5:00 AM

Giza Systems is looking to invest between 5-10 million USD per transaction to acquire three or four companies
Last Monday at 5:00 AM

According to Bloomberg, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is expected to raise interest rates by 200-300 bps when it meets on Thursday, 30 March
Last Sunday at 5:00 AM

As Zilla Capital expected, the Federal Reserve raised the interest rates by 25 bps yesterday as it tries to balance the need to curb inflation without provoking further fears in the banking system

Starting our issue by the Federal Reserve two days meetings. The Federal Reserve started its two-day policy meeting yesterday to decide what to do with interest rates

Egypt postpones Telecom Egypt’s stake sale amid market volatility

Switzerland prepares emergency measures to deliver UBS takeover of Credit Suisse

Two state-owned real estate companies seek investments through capital increase