The Mannschrecks

32 Episodes

By: JJ and Sara

Commentary on Christian life and culture from a Pastor's wife and her sidekick (the pastor). The Mannschrecks are just your basic midwestern clergy couple who apparently like to spend their free time commenting on random news stories, laughing about twitter troubles, fawning over sponsors of the life, and - of course - the mom joke of the week. Subscribe today!

Episode 32 - The Internet Knows Everything
Yesterday at 8:00 AM

The Mannschrecks are BACK after a holiday break, and we're here for you! 

We've got a pile of crazy stories to talk about, some fantastic sponsors of life and then we get to introduce a brand new segment called "The Internet Knows Everything"

Did a woman give birth in a McDonald's bathroom? (yes, yes she did)
Did a cat sneak into a man's luggage and get caught in the airport xray? (yes, yes it did)
Did some Russian comedians call the president of Poland pretending to be the president of France? (yes, yes t...

Episode 31 - No Prep Holiday Pod!

It's the week of Thanksgiving! You're busy! We're busy! 

So we switched it up a bit this week and did a "no prep" pod, where Sara and JJ just riff on a topic, with no preparation.

This week we're talking HOLIDAYS! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Trees - you name it, we covered it. 

So take a break from all that turkey and fall asleep listening to the latest episode of The Mannschrecks!! 

Episode 30 - If Bible Characters Ran For Office

The Mannschrecks are back for more! 

We've got a fresh slate of crazy news stories that we are excited to share with you!
Did you know that November 10th is World Record Day?
What about the rare NASA photo of the sun actually smiling at us? (looks like the StayPuft Marshmallow man, if we're honest)
A little girl gets her head stuck in the toilet and a couple finds a giant diamond at what is possibly the world's coolest state park! 

Toss in a brand new game where we come up with sl...

Episode 29 - Please Don't Lick Any Toads While Running Away From Christmas Decorations

Welcome to our smooth jazz warm and cozy episode, where we snuggle up with a blanket, and tell you crazy stories while you fall asleep. 

Well - I mean, how can you fall asleep with more hilarious news stories and games to listen to?!?

We've got people licking TOADS, runaway Christmas decorations that are bigger than cars, a lottery winner who wears a mascot costume to hide his identity and a famous piece of art that has been displayed upside down for 75 years!! You just can't get any better than that! 

Then, after a...

Episode 28 - The Playlist Awakens

Are ya thirsty for more? Because WE ARE!!

We jump in with a look at a very disappointing laundry folding robot that the tech world assures us is the best we can do at the moment, then we keep it going with a truly bizarre story involving Chinese Government officials calling newlywed couples EVERY THREE MONTHS to see if they're pregnant yet. Good grief.

Then, after a pit stop for some fantastic "sponsors of our life" we dive into another round of PLAYLIST PUZZLES!!

For the unfamiliar - we basically share lyrics with...

Episode 27: Top Gun 3: Tom Cruise Hunts Vampires With Bees and Bigfoot!

It finally happened!
Every week JJ and Sara bring goofy news stories to tell to one another (and to all of you wonderful listeners) - and for the first time ever, they brought the exact same story to tell! 

It totally makes sense, because the story is hilarious, as are these other stories: 
-Woman uses bees to assault police in an effort to stop a wrongful eviction.
-Someone is posting hilarious (but fake) signs all over the woods warning people to be nice to Bigfoot, using the official Department logo.
-And an antique va...

Episode 26 - Fall-O-Ween Jesus

What on earth are we gonna do about all these Christians and their "alternative Halloween" options?

Is the definition of "anti-halloween" secretly just "all the other awesome stuff you can do in the fall"?

Join us in another round of Clever or Cringe as JJ brings Sara some hilarious Christian Halloween decorations and we discuss "alternative" Halloween celebrations. 

Of course, before we dive into that silliness - we've GOT to talk about a life size replica of Han Solo made of BREAD and NASA doing more NASA stuff by shooting asteroids out of t...

Episode 25 - The Newly Wed Game!

For a very special 25th episode Sara and JJ play a one time brand new game where we answer 25 questions about one another - Newly Wed Style.  (much hilarity ensues)

But first we've GOT to talk about some more crazy news stories! 
Including (but not limited to)
       - A Wedding Ring Recovered in the yard after a LITERAL hurricane comes through
       - A brand new podcast based on a beloved children's TV show (Arthur)
       - An escaped Rodeo bull that somehow DISAPPEARED and they can't find it
       - A Spanish tradition of building 40 foot h...

Episode 24 - Blind Skateboarder Plays Soccer In Space?!?

Those crazy Mannschrecks are at it again! 

First we need to discuss some hilarious world records - whether that's playing soccer at the highest altitude or longest 50/50 grind on a skateboard (while BLIND). 

Or you can enjoy our fall inspired Sponsors of Life - because FALL is amazing! 

And then we jump into an environmental stewardship conversation about Cultivated meat?!? Would you eat a burger if you knew it did NOT come from a dead animal, but was grown in a lab instead? There's some crazy stuff out there. 

And of COUR...

Episode 23 - Florida Man Forces GUEST HOST DAVID CARLSON To Play Games

For the very first time EVER on the Mannschrecks Podcast we have a visiting GUEST HOST. 

David Carlson, aka @thebibleinverse is an epic poet and all around hilarious twitter personality who has been a twitter mutual of JJ's for a long time.

We bring him on to talk about his project over at Essentially, he's walking through scripture, retelling it in epic poetic form. It's beautiful stuff and we highly recommend you check it out! 

Then we've got a story of an overturned semi in Florida full of be...

Episode 22 - Off Brand Medieval Snails Wearing Fanny Packs At The Garage Sale

Have you had a rough week? Have you had a fantastic week?
Either way, you could use a break!
Take a half hour and join us in the place where we go to avoid all the things that have a point! 

JJ and Sara tell ridiculous stories, play games and share what's sponsoring their life this week. 

(apologies for the weird audio hiccups at the beginning, but it's worth it because in this episode you'll find...)
-Do you know what the world record is for the LARGEST BLANKET FORT?? A Utah town is...

Episode 21 - Raise Your Hand If You've Ever Been Personally Victimized By Merriam-Webster

Hey-O!  It's time for some more goofy fun with your favorite clergy couple! 

We've got a pile of crazy news stories to laugh about, and then an awesome game! 

A coyote gets into a families bathroom? Yikes! 
A Chinese man floats away in a hot air balloon for days? The stuff of nightmares, right there. 
Is there going to be a new trend of taking people's ashes and launching them into outer space? JJ thinks maybe, after hearing what happens to Lieutenant Uhura.
and finally we go over a whole PILE of new w...

Episode 20 - Those Christian School Kids Stole The Mayor's Bike

EPISODE 20!?!?!?!?!?!

We dive right in with some hilarious news stories of various Mayors who are angry with the hoodlum yooths of their towns. 
In America a Mayor gets his bike stolen WHILE CAMPAIGNING that bike safety has been a problem. 
In Venice a Mayor calls two tourists "imbeciles" after they ride motorized surfboards through the famous Venice Channels. 

Then we jump into another round of "Christian Celebrity, Celebrity Christian" and get lost in a fascinating discussion about Christian schooling and the faith of Kanye West. 

(and don't forget some more wonderful spon...

Episode 19 - Ostriches Playing Air Guitar While Getting High On Whipped Cream

Wow this might be an episode for the history books! 
As the title hints, the stories just could not get crazier! 

Sara and JJ are back with more hilarious stories, more sponsors of life and more games!

A zoo employee dressed like an ostrich getting chased by co-workers who have nets during an "animal escape drill"? That sounds totally normal.
Did a man have to call the fire department to get his arm free from his couch? Of course he did.
Is New York going overboard with their new restrictions on the sa...

Episode 18 - My Off Brand Childhood

Hey crazy story we are BACK for MORE!

Your favorite goofy clergy couple is back with some bizarre news stories, epic-ly normal sponsors of life and a brand new game! 

This week we ask ourselves "what would you do if a SEAL came in through the kitty door?" and then "can legally beating the system for gambling at Blackjack be considered an honorable job for a man to use to provide for his family?" 

Then we introduce a brand new game we just made up - My Off Brand Childhood! A bit of a...

Episode 17 - Is There A Car Thief In Your Teddy Bear?

The Mannschrecks are back once again with more laughs, thoughtful discussion and self deprecating humor! 

Our newsdesk is overrun with stories! From old men who have found out that they were accidentally declared dead, to a car thief who tried to hide inside an oversized teddy bear - we've got something for everyone. We also have to learn a new word from Sara - SPLOOTING, and you will literally never guess that that means. 

JJ brings in another segment of "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" and we still feel fine! (Di...

Episode 16 - Is That My Baby Or A Bit Of Chorizo?

The Mannschrecks are BACK with more crazy antics! 

This week in at the newsdeck we dive into some bizarre stories about a big sister stolen at birth, reunited 17 years later, and a prankster physicist who substituted some spanish sausage for a picture of a star! 

Then we dive into a fascinating conversation with a brand new segment called Mannschreck Environmental Stewardship Strategies (because we need to talk about this M.E.S.S.) and we cover some creative ways to reduce food waste in our homes. There's no need to light our hair on fire or...

Episode 15 - Florida Sheriff's New Motto: Don't Noodle With Bigfoot

Your favorite hilarious clergy couple is back for more here in Episode 15

Today we have two news stories that are quite possibly the MOST bizarre and insane stories we have ever heard of ever. We've got Bigfoot, we've got murder and intrigue, we've got police officers going viral on TikTok with their "Wheel of Fugitives" and we learn a new word "noodling" which is not what you think it is. It's absolutely worth taking a break and tuning in.  

Then we introduce a brand new segment called Motto Mystery Mayhem! We examine slogans of Christian pr...

Episode 14 - How I Sued Your Father

The Mannschrecks are back for more! 

Put up your feet and take a break from all those things that have a point.

This week we have grandma's suing for grandbabies, and people using heartfelt stories of selfless good deeds to SCAM people out of $400,000! It's a crazy world out there.

Then we introduce a BRAND NEW GAME. Well, the game's not new - but it's new for US! It's Five Second Summary: Bible Edition. We each have 5 seconds to describe a bible story WITHOUT names or mentioning the book of the bible, and t...

Episode 13 - Contemporary Christian Songs about Goats and Goonies

Welcome back for another episode of the Mannschrecks!

This week JJ has a story to tell about a famous sunken Spanish treasure ship that may or may not have inspired a certain favorite 80's movie, and Sara brings us a story from a New York City park that found a unique way to provide lawn care using unusual animals!

After all that craziness, we spend entirely too much time laughing during another segment of "Playlist Puzzles" - where Sara and JJ both bring lyrics and try to trick the other one with the question is...

Episode 12 - Florida Man Wears A Christian T Shirt In The Car Pool Lane

Welcome back for another fun filled episode of the Mannschrecks! 

Your favorite clergy couple is back with more goofy stories (including Sara's debut news story presentation) including but not limited to: 

-the FLORIDA MAN CHALLENGE - where we hear about the ridiculous antics of the crazy men from Florida - this time involving theft, a job application and... R2D2?
-a pregnant lady tries to wiggle out of her ticket for driving in the car pool lane with a crazy (and potentially controversial) rationale
-we discuss Christian clothing in the latest installment of "CL...

Episode 11 - Christian Celebrity, Celebrity Christian

Despite some weird audio struggles - we are back! 

This is one of those episodes where, even after we shut off the microphones, we sat around and talked for another hour solid. Just really fascinating stuff about Christians and Fame and how we engage those tricky areas. 

But also - would you trust an election to "rock, paper, scissors"? and what if I told you a strange animal is RAINING FROM THE SKIES in San Francisco? 

All this, plus our usual antics  (Sponsors of Life and Mom Jokes) here in another episode of THE...

Episode 10 - National Don't Propose On Godtube Day

The Mannschrecks are BACK with our TENTH episode!! 

We celebrate with our tiny group of listeners who we love so much, and reflect on the first couple months of podcasting. 

Then we try to find some strange news that is NOT food, animal or world record related - and it is HARD! But National HVAC day and a sentient google AI are there to rescue (and maybe terrify) us!

Of course you'll find our classic Sponsor of Your Life Moment and the Mom Joke of the week - and don't miss our discussion of...

Episode 9 - It's the end of the world, so double your pledge!!

Welcome back for another episode of the Mannschrecks! 

In this episode, in addition to our goofy stories and usual antics - we also dive deep into the topic of modern prophets and how we should engage with their "predictions" 

and THEN we jump into a fascinating discussion about prosperity gospel and dishonest televangelists in our new movie review segment called "Mannschrecks At The Movies" where we discuss a recent film
(in this case: "The Eyes of Tammy Faye, starring Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield)

also, would you drink a whiskey that was di...

Episode 8 - A Picture Worth A Thousand Hamburger Bites!

Welcome back for another episode of the Mannschrecks!! 

Your favorite clergy couple is back at it with some hilarious antics.
Vats of Chocolate, 600 pound hamburgers and lots of angst about spending too much money for wedding pictures with Mickey Mouse - this episode has it all! 

Then, don't miss the return of one of our new favorite games: Playlist Puzzles - where Sara and JJ try to stump one another with lyrics that could EITHER be an 80's love ballad OR from painful 90's CCM.

And (of course) - who could forget th...

Episode 7 - Leopards and Chickens and Drones, Oh My!

Welcome back for another episode of the Mannschrecks! 

In this episode your favorite clergy couple talks about escaped Leopards, the best feel good reunion story ever and we even introduce a new game! 

We'll talk about whether these church signs are clever or cringe, and probably even have to pause for another Midwest Moment! 

And don't forget the Sponsor of Our Life AND the Mom Joke of the Week!

Don't forget to leave us a review, and follow us on all the socials (twitter, facebook, and instagram) for discussion and feedback. 

Episode 6 - Feeling Fine For The End Of The World

Welcome back for another episode of the Mannschrecks! 

In this episode we explore the scary world of hamster gene splicing as well as discuss the battle for dominance declaring the number one Josh (in a Josh Fight!). JJ encourages Sara to declare a similar battle to decide who might be the best Sara in a "Sara Smackdown"
(but I don't think she'll go for it).

Then we introduce a new segment called PK showdown - where Liam comes in and tells us a bible story from memory, and then we discuss the End of t...

Episode 5 - Michael W. Smith Joins Aerosmith

Welcome back for another episode of The Mannschrecks!!

In todays episode we discuss Burger King's horrible Pregnancy Whopper announcement, and snuggly dogs with boundary issues. 

Then stay tuned for "Walk That Talk" and a brand new segment  where we play a game called "Playlist Puzzles" (where we read lyrics and try to guess whether they are 80's love ballads or bad 90's CCM songs) 

And (of course) - don't miss the Sponsor of your Life and the Mom joke of the week! 

Episode 4 - Happy Meal Ring Bling

We are back for another fantastic episode of The Mannschrecks podcast! 

Come join us as we reflect on our newly launched podcast and pump up a few other Christian podcasts that we each appreciate. 
Then join us for a discussion on marriage proposals and fast food and whether they should ever mix, and what will Gordon Ramsey do when a middle school lunch lady asks for help? 

AND we are very excited to bring in a brand new segment about those painful Midwest Cultural moments.

(and don't forget the Sponsor of our lif...

Episode 3 - this episode will cost you 2 Shrute Bucks

A little bit we cannot believe people are listening to this podcast! 
You're favorite clergy couple is back with more goofy fun.

Tune in for:
-the weirdest and grossest senior prank ever
-Real life Stanley Nickels (from the tv show "The Office")
-explore the boundaries of cancel culture in church scandal and music
-a new segment called "Toddler Troubles" where we humiliate ourselves by admitting to recent parenting fails.

Of course we'll also have to check in with twitter and see what those yahoo's are up to, and don't forget...

Episode 2 - Are They All Yours?

Welcome back for more goofy commentary from The Mannschrecks! 
We're back with more commentary on Christian Life and Culture from a Pastor's wife and her sidekick (the pastor). 

This week we discuss the nutritional benefits of strawberry poptarts after we get done judging a man for bringing a video game to the birth of his baby. 
Then we discuss the methods of using social media before Sara shares the woes of being a large family in a culture that thinks only weirdos have large families. 
And of course - don't miss the "Sponsor of our...

Nobody's Driving This Pilot!

Welcome to our ridiculous podcast! 
We are the Mannschrecks - a pastor's wife and her sidekick (the pastor) who spend some time laughing and sharing their commentary with all of you! 

In this episode: 
We hear about a man who sued his company for throwing him a birthday party, and also a story about a con man who built the world's smallest skyscraper. 
We go over those cringey dressed up Easter pictures everyone takes (and JJ reveals the twitter poll results on whether it's cringe or clever). 
We unveil the sponsors of our life...