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By: Keystone Click

Three BROADS (Lori Highby, Kris Harrington, and Erin Courtenay) bringing you stories and strategies exploring manufacturing topics that challenge the status quo while laying the foundations for future success. Together with special guests they’ll celebrate what’s working and unpack what is not so YOU can learn, grow, and succeed. The hosts are a BROADcast for Manufacturers are: Kris Harrington | President and COO of GenAlpha Technologies | linkedin.com/in/kristinaharrington Kris Harrington is the President and COO for GenAlpha Technologies. During her time with OEMs in the mining industry, Kris and the other founders of GenAlpha saw a need to f...

55: The Guide to Modern Manufacturing Marketing- with Jaclyn Kolodziej

Meet Jaclyn Kolodziej

Jaclyn Kolodziej, Client Growth Services Specialist at the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), has worked on over 220 marketing projects over the past two years.

With a diverse background in various manufacturing sectors, Jaclyn has amassed a wealth of experience driving progress and innovation through marketing. Her unwavering goal has always been to propel momentum by executing marketing projects and crafting strategic growth plans for manufacturers.

Jaclyn blends her passion for achieving tangible results with her expertise in marketing playing a pivotal role in assisting manufacturers across Illinois to enhance their...

54: The Story of American Labor- with Rachel Slade

Meet Rachel Slade

Rachel is an author and journalist (trained as an architect) with more than 15 years of publishing experience. Her first book, "Into the Raging Sea," about the 2015 sinking of the American cargo ship El Faro, was a NYT Notable Book and winner of the Maine Literary Award. Her second book, "Making It in America," about the American manufacturing revival, came out in January 2024.

She has a passion for uncovering and developing compelling tales about politics, work, design, and urban planning that engage and inspire audiences across different mediums and genres. She has produced...

53: Shop Floor Storytelling- with Barbara Pennell Jaynes

Meet Barbara Pennell Jaynes

In 2013, Barbara founded Positively-Funded. She has engaged with manufacturers, facilitating their strategic growth planning: beta testing, opening new markets, product launches, and creating key industry partnerships. 


00:00 Travel Stories and Favorite Destinations

03:28 Introducing Barbara Pennell Jaynes

04:56 Business Development vs. Traditional Marketing

06:04 The Importance of Real-World Feedback

08:44 Beta Testing and Storytelling in Manufacturing

12:08 The Value of Manufacturing Facility Tours

14:14 LinkedIn Strategies and Weird Facts

21:23 Conclusion and Contact Information

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52: Empowering Connections with Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Southern Wisconsin

This special episode, partially recorded live at the Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Southern Wisconsin Chapter event 'From Mic to Merlot' on May 15, 2024, at Wollersheim Winery, delves into the experiences and impact of WiM. The hosts share their excitement about the event and interview Andrea Virsnieks, President of WiM Southern Wisconsin, who provides insights into the organization’s mission, history, and her personal journey in reviving the chapter. The episode also features interviews with several WiM members discussing the importance of networking, the unique challenges and opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry, and the sense of community within WiM. Li...

51: Mastering ROI-Driven Marketing- with Chris Peer

Meet Chris Peer

Chris brings more than 20 years of experience in B2B digital marketing strategy, lead generation, and marketing consultancy for manufacturing firms. An author and entrepreneur, Chris is the founder and CEO of G8P and SyncShow.

Having witnessed the pain and frustration caused by ineffective marketing, Chris and his team developed the Great 8 Pillars to transform the marketing department from a corporate expense into a profit center. He has helped hundreds of companies scale through world-class marketing best practices.

Chris’ perspective on marketing operations transcends tactical methodologies and focuses on pe...

Reflecting on 50 Episodes: Our Journey So Far

In this special 50th episode, Erin, Lori and Kris reflect on their podcast journey, celebrating the diverse and enlightening conversations they've had with various guests from the manufacturing industry. They reminisce about starting the podcast, how it's evolved, and the personal growth and gratification they've experienced along the way. Highlighting their favorite episodes, they discuss poignant moments with guests like Nicole Donnelly and Nicki Vo, share valuable insights on manufacturing, digital transformation, women in STEM, and the importance of veterans in the workforce. The episode emphasizes the value of authenticity, diverse opinions, and the unique perspectives each host brings...

49: The Art of Curiosity in Manufacturing- with Jeff Beyle

Meet Jeff Beyle

Jeff started out writing software and then went to law school because he played softball with a bunch of lawyers and thought their work was interesting.

Then he got lucky and joined Coca-Cola and had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong. He spent 7 years there, focusing mainly on China and Korea. Jeff moved to Seattle to join Getty Images. Eventually, he had the opportunity to set up Getty Images’ business in Latin America. After he and his then-biz-partner sold that company to Getty Images, his current business partner convinced him to co...

48: Veteran Employment in Manufacturing- with Retired LtCol Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz

Meet Retired LtCol Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz

Retired LtCol Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz is an award-winning businesswoman with first-hand experience hiring Veterans who coaches employers how to boost productivity and reduce turnover by hiring and retaining Veterans. She helps companies become “Veteran-Ready” through the creation of a Veteran Talent Strategy. Her “Veteran Talent Academy” equips employers to find, hire and leverage Veterans’ skillsets. She is the Founder & CEO of Vanguard Veteran, LLC, author of “Beyond ‘Thank You For your Service,’ The Veteran Champion Handbook” for Civilians and has Masters degrees in Nursing and Political Science. She grew up as a Navy ‘brat,’ ser...

47: Navigating Leadership Challenges in Manufacturing- with Holly Whitcomb

Meet Holly Whitcomb

Holly Whitcomb’s passion for helping people be their best drives her every day. Holly is the CEO and Founder of Novel Leadership, focused on the development of individuals and teams through coaching, workshop facilitation and consulting. Holly is well versed in working with front-line level leaders in manufacturing organizations as well as senior leaders in highly matrixed organizations.

Prior to founding Novel Leadership, Holly led 3M Company’s North America Learning & Development team where she worked directly with senior leaders to increase their leadership team effectiveness and leadership development needs across 3M’s...

46: Focusing on Common Goals in Organizations- with Jim Bohn

Meet Jim Bohn

Jim Bohn PhD, is a researcher-practitioner focused on improving organizations one person at a time. He is a change management expert with decades of experience across multiple business markets and has spoken throughout the United States on topics of leadership, organizational performance and people development. He is currently coaching doctoral students at Concordia University. Dr. Bohn's focus is helping businesses throughout SE Wisconsin to overcome challenges and improve productivity. His primary research interest is Organizational Engagement, a complimentary approach to Employee Engagement. Dr. Bohn has multiple publications on Amazon.

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