The VetMed Mind

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By: Veterinary Growth Partners

Hosted by Shawn McVey, MA, MSW and Rachel Teichberg, CVPM, CVBL, The VetMed Mind is a podcast project that collects, shares, and celebrates the inspiring stories from the veterinary medicine community. We hear from vet med students, veterinarians, managers, veterinary technicians, customer support and industry professionals about their individual experiences in the field. Stories include everything from the joy of the journey to the challenges of being in a fast-paced field. What does success look like in veterinary medicine? We are determined to find out, what's behind The VetMed Mind.

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Avery Hurst
Last Friday at 1:00 PM

In this episode of The VetMed Mind, Rachel Teichberg meets with Avery Hurst to discuss her journey in VetMed and how she ended up landing the role of National Account Manager at Vetsource.

Avery Hurst has enjoyed a 6-year career at Vetsource, a prescription management and home delivery solution. Vetsource facilitates connections between veterinarians and pet owners, enabling them to broaden their reach and establish quantifiable links within the pet healthcare universe. Avery is passionate about cultivating relationships, practicing attentive listening, engaging in collaborative problem-solving, and identifying opportunities to contribute value while strategically aligning with C-suite objectives...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Dr. Kelly Cairns

In this episode of the VetMed Mind, Dr. Kelly Cairns, Shawn McVey, & Rachel Teichberg discuss her journey in veterinary medicine that led her to a leadership role at Thrive Pet Healthcare.

Dr. Kelly Cairns, a veterinarian with extensive experience, earned her degree from CSU in 2004 and achieved Diplomate status after completing a small animal internal medicine residency at the Ohio State University in 2008. She now serves as Vice President of Medical Excellence and Education at Thrive Pet Healthcare, alongside roles in academia and veterinary associations. Renowned for her international lectures on veterinary wellness, leadership, and internal medicine...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Rebecca Rose, RVT

In this episode of the VetMed Mind, Rebecca Rose discusses her 37 year Journey in vetmed and the diverse road that led her to where she is today!

Rebecca Rose, RVT, with over 37 years in the veterinary field, has authored "Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians" and held various leadership roles. Her diverse experience spans managing clinics, collaborating with industry partners, and currently serving as Outreach Specialist Manager at Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice. Rose is passionate about professional development, facilitating workshops, and fostering growth and longevity in veterinary careers, continuously supporting teams to reach their full potential.


Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Kate Duncan

In this episode of The VetMed Mind Kate Duncan discusses her journey in vetmed. Alongside Shawn McVey and Rachel Teichberg, the three touch on a variety of topics including the challenges, building up a practice, and personal / professional values.

With a lifelong passion for animals, from pets to wildlife, and a diverse journey through various career paths, Kate Duncan immersed in culinary arts, radio broadcasting, and eventually veterinary medicine. Born in the desert and raised on a hobby farm, her love for domestic and wild animals grew alongside her experiences. With Kate's rescue pups and a penchant...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: David Liss, MBA, CVPM, RVT

In this episode of the VetMed Mind, David Liss and Rachel Teichberg discuss how to develop growing future leaders and holding them accountable. Drawing from his professional background, David also shares insights on navigating the path forward.

David Liss is a veterinary business leader with an MBA, CVPM, and RVT certifications. With a diverse background spanning the veterinary industry, David has spent the past decade serving as a veterinary education program director, hospital manager, and multi-site operations manager. He possesses skills in marketing, California-specific human resource management, revenue management, financial analysis, inventory optimization, and fostering team dynamics...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Caydence Cline, FFCP

In this episode of the VetMed Mind, Caydence Cline and Rachel Teichberg discuss the joys, challenges, and meaningful moments that come with sharing the veterinary journey within a familial context.

Caydence Cline, FFCP, embarked on her journey with the Arizona Animal Wellness Center in 2021. Even before stepping foot into AAWC, she harbored a passion for animals, inspired by her mother’s dedication to the center since 2014. Growing up amidst the bustling environment of the hospital, Caydence witnessed its evolution and success firsthand. She aims to jumpstart her college endeavors and explore various programs. Post-graduation, she has secured ad...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Jill Clark, DVM

In this episode of the VetMed Mind, Dr. Jill Clark and Shawn McVey discuss their adventures together and Jill's unbridled force of positive nature in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jill Clark is a veterinarian with broad experience in veterinary hospital operations and employee development that ranges from individual client interactions to driving broad corporate initiatives, innovative learning design, change management, multi-site management and strategic planning. Passion for professional education and team development through the creation of innovative, award winning learning ecosystems. An out of the box thinker who embraces and drives change and innovation. Her story is inspirational...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Adam Christman, DVM, MBA

In this episode of the VetMed Mind, two larger than life veterinary speakers and friends talk about life in the profession.

Dr. Adam Christman is the chief veterinary officer for dvm360® — an MJH Life Sciences® company — who oversees content strategy and development and is the brand voice and personality for dvm360®’s multimedia channels. As a charismatic leader, he brings wit, humor, and authenticity to animal health care as the host of a new web-based talk show, dvm360 Live!™, The Vet Blast Podcast, continuing education webinars, and live media broadcasts. Christman also has been in private practice and shelter...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Jasen Trautwein, DVM

Ke aloha mai and we are back for 2024!

In this episode of the VetMed Mind, we take a trip down memory lane with Shawn McVey and Dr. Jasen Trautwein.

Dr. Jasen Trautwein is one of the visionaries behind Veterinary Growth Partners. He has dedicated much of his career to building and creating veterinary industry business models that support practitioner growth in positive and fulfilling ways. Since graduating from Texas A&M University, Jason has owned multiple successful veterinary practices in addition to founding Pathway Vet Alliance and Thrive Affordable Vet Care. He currently serves as a...

Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Ian Mathey

In this Season Finale episode of the VetMed Mind, Shawn McVey and Ian Mathey discuss what it means to be successful in veterinary medicine and life.

Thanks to his military service and prize-winning Team Roping career, Ian Mathey learned early on that working hard and never giving up would be integral to his success. That mindset, coupled with his extensive background in sales and business management, has made Ian invaluable to VGP since he first started in 2015. Since then, Ian has focused on building lasting connections with vendors and practice owners—helping them not only define what su...