I Heart Magazines

3 Episodes

By: MagsBC

Meet the people behind the bylines of British Columbia’s magazines, while learning more about the magazine publishing industry. A podcast from the Magazine Association of BC, sharing the love of making and reading West Coast magazines.

All About Awards

Host Asna Shaikh talks to Leah Edwards about the inner workings of the National Media Awards Foundation. Carleigh Baker reads an excerpt from her NMA-winning story "Outraged on Your Behalf," published in subTerrain Magazine. Sylvia Skene reports on some of the magazines being lauded this awards season, and resources for content creators and publishers who want to take their work to award-winning heights.

Exporting Canadian Magazines

Host Sylvia Skene talks to magazine exporter Regina Erak about exporting opportunities for Canadian magazine publishers. Journalist Lisa Kadane reads an excerpt from her article in Dementia Connections, “Shining a Light on Frontotemporal Dementia,” an example of the magazine content in demand in international markets. Asna Shaikh recaps this year’s Creative Industries Week events and upcoming professional development opportunities at MagsBC.


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In Your Own Voice: Anti-Oppressive Editorial

andrea bennett talks to host Asna Shaikh about making content more inclusive through anti-oppressive copy-editing. Jesse Winter reads his article "Photographing Beyond 'Needle-in-Puddle'" about the dangers of dehumanizing imagery in news stories and discusses the current state of photojournalism. Sylvia Skene summarizes CPF’s Business Innovation funding program and magazine industry trends.


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