The Fishful Thinker Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Chad LaChance

Thirty minutes of angling education, back story and details to motivate and educate you about catching fish!

Snag-free fishing...
Last Friday at 5:30 PM

If you fish much, eventually you'll get snagged. Host Chad LaChance shares his ideas for both preventing snags and freeing them when it happens. If this podcast is helpful, please subscribe wherever you listen from!

Beat 'Em from the Back of the Boat...

Being a co-angler in a tournament boat, or even fishing in your friends' boats, typically means you stuck in the back of the boat. That does not automatically mean you're at a disadvantage, it just means you need to adapt. Host Chad LaChance shares his thoughts on beating folks out of their own boats!

Learn From My Angling Mistakes...

We all make mistakes as's what we learn from them that helps us grow. Host Chad LaChance has made more than he cares to admit, and discusses the common ones here in an effort to help you avoid them. Please subscribe to the podcast...Fishful Thinker is a labor of love. 

Boat Tips to Save You Trouble

Host Chad LaChance and guest Dan Swanson (former walleye pro and guide) discuss a whole slew of things they've learned from owning more than 30 fishing boats between them, towing all over the country. From unexpected maintenance to legal safety items you are likely not aware of. Please share and subscribe if you learned anything!  

Lessons Learned With Forward Facing Sonar

Forward Facing Sonar may be controversial but it is here to stay. What has this revolutionary new technology taught us as anglers? Host Chad LaChance and retired fishing guide Dan Swanson have used FFS since its inception and share their lessons. Please subscribe while you're here! 

Getting fishing Intel from a Pro...

Fishful Thinker host Chad LaChance has been guiding anglers for 20 years and airing on TV for 16 years. Over that time he's received a lot of questions. This episode addresses emailing questions so that you can get the best answers. Please subscribe while you're here!

Only One Lure: Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are the most popular sportfish in the U.S. and most bassers carry tons of lures. But what if you only get one one lure to fish with...what do you choose? Host Chad LaChance loves bass fishing and discusses his choice here. We hope you'll subscribe!

Fish practices for successful release.

Many anglers practice catch and release angling for at least some of their fishing, but are they successful in survival? Host Chad LaChance shares his thoughts and those of a fish physiologist in this informative and important episode. Hope you'll subscribe and share it! 

Only One Lure...Smallmouth Bass

As part of the "Only One Lure" for a given species series, host and smallmouth guide Chad LaChance shares his choice if he only got to pick one lure for a day of targeting bronzebacks. Please subscribe while you're here...FTTV is a labor of love!

Only One Lure...Walleye

Host Chad LaChance addresses one of the most common question he gets..."if you only get one lure, which one do you choose?"...only his information is species-specific. Please subscribe while you're here!