The Underneath

5 Episodes

By: Andrew Cunning

The Underneath is a documentary podcast exploring evangelicalism in contemporary Northern Ireland hosted by theologian, Andrew Cunning. A mix of high-profile interviews with politicians, theologians, psychotherapists and those impacted, The Underneath is a passionate examination of what so many people in this place swim, or have swum, in.

Chapter Four: Babel

In the final episode of The Underneath, theologian Andrew Cunning takes a close look at truth, story and the more nuanced places around the abortion debate in NI. Taking the Tower of Babel as the central motif, the episode hears from a diverse range of people with experience of Northern Irish evangelicalism and thinks through the complexity of change.

Voices Featured: Marie Howe, Rev David McLaughlin, Linzi Anderson, Rev David Campton, Sarah Williamson, Ian Paisley MP, Neil Dawson, Dr Stuart Mathieson, Peter Lynas, Kellie Turtle, Tre Shepherd, Jan Carson.

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Marie Howe poem...

Chapter Three: The Flood

In the third chapter of The Underneath, theologian Andrew Cunning explores the classic NI evangelical theology and language of saved and unsaved, hell and heaven. Drawing from sermons, interviews, poetry and analysis, the episode looks at the emotional impact of teaching on hell, and ultimately turns to a clear example of an In / Out binary in a religious setting: the resolutions reached by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in 2018.

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Voices Featured: Gareth Hanna, Rev Dr Ian Paisley, Ian Paisley Jnr, Kellie Turtle, Rev Alan Smylie, Rev David Campton, Gwen...

Chapter Two: The Fall

In this edition of The Underneath,  we turn our attention to a debate that raged across NI last year, and one that will continue for some time to come: the move to ban conversion therapy in all its forms.

Listening to evangelical perspectives from ministers, politicians and religious leaders alongside psychotherapists and personal testimony ,  Andrew considers the felt tension between minority rights and the freedom to practice religion. This Chapter delves into the sexuality and the church and leaves some unanswered questions for Chapter Three: The Flood. 

Let's dig in to the underneath and see wha...

Chapter One: Creation

In this first episode of The Underneath, Andrew Cunning begins a journey through evangelicalism in Northern Ireland. We start with the questions, 'what actually is an evangelical?' and 'what is it like to be one?'

Guided by experts, academics, psychotherapists and people with lived experience, the episode weaves its way through definitions, personal stories and analysis of a widely shared set of experiences in NI.

Voices Featured: Linzi Anderson, Mandy Cook, Ian Paisley Jnr, Peter Lynas, Dr Stuart Mathieson, Kim Walsh, Prof. Crawford Gribben, Dr Gladys Ganiel, Sarah Williamson.

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The Underneath: Trailer

Welcome to The Underneath, a documentary podcast that takes a deep dive into Northern Ireland's evangelical cultures. Over the next couple of months we will be exploring religion, politics, theology and culture with some amazing guests. 

You are very welcome. 

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