The Culture Books Club podcast

10 Episodes

By: Sheridan and John

A read-along exploration of Iain M. Banks Culture novels.

Use of Weapons, 18, An Outing, Nine

Zakalwe gets in a lot of fights, but his love of the old plasma rifle finally pays off!

Use of Weapons, 17, An Outing, VI

Zakalwe tries his hand at writing poetry in an idyllic rural setting, but it's not as nice as he'd hoped.

Use of Weapons, 16, An Outing, Eight

Zakalwe plays James Bond again, Diziet gets distracted, and our hero goes to an interesting party which he does not enjoy.

Use of Weapons, 15, An Outing, VII

As a flashback from the worst day of Zakalwe's life we get the origin story!

Use of Weapons, 14, An Outing, Seven

Agent Zakalwe makes a big splash while trying to play the part of James Bond.

Use of Weapons, 13, An Outing, VIII

Zakalwe gets stuck in a storm, takes a long hard look at himself, argues with an idiot, and sees some very strange things.

Use of Weapons, 12, An Outing, Six

Zakalwe spends a lot of time being rude to GSV minds, but does receive a lovely gift!

Use of Weapons, 11, An Outing, IX

Zakalwe falls in love, and dreams about the ghost of the real Zakalwe.

Use of Weapons, 10, The Good Soldier, Five

Zakalwe seems suspiciously happy to run away from his problems, but they have a nice time at the beach.

Use of Weapons, 9, The Good Soldier, X

We find out what happened to Zakalwe on Fohls. It was not nice.