The Pokémon Adventures Podcast

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By: Sergio and Chazaq

Join Sergio and Chazaq as they delve into the world of the Pokémon manga! Every week a chapter is discussed and reviewed. If you've read this manga or never heard of it but love Pokémon, this podcast is for you.

Chapter 32: A Little Kadabra'll Do It/VS Kadabra
Last Sunday at 10:00 AM

 After Koga gets defeated it's now finally time for Green vs Sabrina! Trickster vs  psychic! Both girls have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve but only the best trainer will prevail! Also what is the weird device that Red has found? We're discussing all this and much more on today's episode and also covering a little bit of censorship that occurred in this chapter. Find out what it's all about!

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Chapter 31: The Art of Articuno!/VS Articuno!

Red, Blue and Green continue their battle against the Team Rocket triads and despite Lt. Surge being defeated in the previous in the previous chapter, Koga is still proving to be an even tougher adversary.  Red is now in the clutches of a poisonous Grimer while Blue is on the floor after receiving a possible deadly blow from Golbat! Will our Pallet Town heroes be able to survive this fight? Or have they finally met their match?

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Chapter 30: Zap! Zap! Zapdos!/VS Zapdos!

The battle against Team Rocket continues! And in this chapter it's Green vs Sabrina, the master of Psychic Pokemon! Right off the bat Sabrina starts playing mind games with Green trying to scare and confuse her. But what Sabrina doesn't know is that Green has a few mind games of her own! Also what has happened to Red and Blue? Have Surge and Koga managed to defeat them? Find out on today's episode!

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Chapter 29: Go for Golbat!/VS Golbat!

Red, Blue and Green have officially infiltrated the Silph Company building where they each face off with a Team Rocket leader! Red gets captured by Lt. Surge and Blue by Koga! Both of these ex-Gym leaders are back looking for revenge on the two boys who had previously defeated them. Lt. Surge immediately launches an all out electric attack on Red while Koga starts slowly torturing Blue. How will our heroes overcome these life threatening villains? Find out on today's episode!

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Chapter 28: Peace of Mime/VS Mr. Mime

We have officially reached Volume 3! Red and Blue have both decided to go to Saffron City where Team Rocket is holding the citizens of Pallet Town hostages, including Professor Oak! But unfortunately Saffron City is being blocked by some kind of barrier; how will our heroes get inside? Find out on today's episode!

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Chapter 27: Kalling Kadabra!/ VS Kadabra!

It's the Volume 2 finale!
After his adventures in Cinnabar Island, Red has decided to go back to Pallet Town. But when he gets there he finds his hometown is completely deserted! And to make matters worse Professor Oak immediately starts attacking Red as soon as he sees him! What is goin on?  What has happened to Pallet Town? And what is going on at Saffron City? Why can't anyone go inside? Find all this out on today's episode!

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Chapter 26: Holy Moltres! VS Moltres!

First Team Rocket attacked Articuno and now they've launched an attack on Moltres! Except that this time they actually capture the legendary fire bird! So when Red arrives at Cinnabar Island, Team Rocket immediately order Moltres to attack Red! But Red isn't the only person on Team Rocket's black list. They're actually searching for a scientist that has left their ranks. Find out who this scientist is on today's episode!

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Chapter 25: You Know...Articuno!/ VS Articuno!

Red has arrived at the Seafoam Islands! As all veteran Pokémon trainers know it is the home of the legendary bird Pokémon Articuno! Red is on the hunt for this powerful Ice/Flying type Pokémon but he's about to quickly find out that he's not the only one trying to get his hands on Articuno. Team Rocket is also on the scene yet again! Find out what happens when Red faces off against Team Rocket again but with a legendary Pokémon flying around.

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Chapter 24: What a Dragonite!/ VS Dragonite!

Red is on the hunt for HM03: SURF! His itemfinder leads him to search underwater where a giant Dragonite lives! This Dragonite is not about to let Red pass through its territory so Red needs to come up with a plan to either pass through the dragon Pokémon or defeat it! Can Red do this alone? Or will he need help? Find out with us on today's episode.

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Chapter 23: Make Way for Magmar!/ VS Magmar!

For today's chapter and episode we meet Kanto's biggest crime boss, Giovanni! As we all know Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket and the gym leader of Viridian City. Red runs into Giovanni while making his way through Diglett's Cave and surprisingly Giovanni befriends the young trainer! They travel together until they reach Pewter City where they find Pewter City's Museum on fire! Who caused this fire? And what is Giovanni up to? Find out today on our latest episode!

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Chapter 22: A Hollow Victreebel/ VS Victreebel!

Today we continue with Red's adventure through the Pokémon jungle called the Safari Zone! Red finds himself in the middle of a Bellsprout evolution ritual where the fully evolved Victreebel feed their young captured prey. Red is a captured prey! And we find him fighting the literal jaws of death! The only Pidgebot that survived the Nidoking attack from the previous chapter is doing all it can to save Red from this sticky situation. Can Red escape the Safari Zone? Find out today!

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Chapter 21: Long Live the Nidoking/ VS Nidoking!

Red has finally made it to the Safari Zone! The first thing Red does is sign up for the tour around the park to get a good look at all the Pokémon. Unfortunately Red forgets (or ignores) that he's actually not allowed to catch the wild Pokémon within the Safari Zone and ends up catching a Nidoqueen whom two very large Nidoking were fighting for! Red is now on the run from these two giant savage Pokémon. Don't miss out on Red's next adventure!!

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Chapter 20: Meanwhile...Vileplume!/ VS Vileplume!

Red has had enough! In the previous chapter he was tasked to find and capture an Eevee in order to battle Erika the gym leader but Red quickly finds out that the Eevee he was meant to find has been horribly experimented on. Red and Bill march straight to Erika's gym looking for answers and when they get there Erika immediately challenges Red to a battle. If he wins he'll get the answers he's looking for. Its Red vs Erika! Don't miss out!

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Chapter 19: Blame it on Eevee/VS Eevee

Red meets Erika, the Celadon City Gym Leader! Red immediately challenges her but Erika is skeptical about Red's skill. She sends Red on a quest to catch an Eevee! Red thinks he has to catch a common Eevee but quickly finds out that the Eevee that Erika has in mind is very different. This specific Eevee can switch between its evolutions at will and revert back to Eevee whenever it wants! Unfortunately the transformations seem to be very painful and Red wants to find out why! Find out today what Red does when he finds this Eevee and also...

Chapter 18: A Tale of Ninetales/VS Ninetales

Red and Blue have accidentally switched Pokémon! And when Red tries to be a save two young girls from wild Pokémon, Blue's team refuses to listen to him. As for Red's team, they are now getting the workout of their life! On today's episode we find out how different these two trainer's training methods are and how their Pokémon respond them. Don't miss out!

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Chapter 17: The Jynx Jinx/VS Jynx

Green has managed to trick Team Rocket once again and they continue to pursue her! Red is doing everything he can to help her out but also to make sure that Mew does not end up in the hands of the evil organization. Green’s Ditto  managed to divert Team Rocket only for a short amount of time and now they’ve caught up with Red and Green! How will they be able to escape!? Find out on today’s episode!

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Chapter 16: Tauros the Tyrant/VS Tauros

Green has stolen something very valuable from Team Rocket and now the villainous group is after her! Also on Green's tail is our hero Red trying to get his gym badges back which Green also stole. Whose side is Green on? And what did she steal from Team Rocket that's got them so angry? Find out on today's episode!

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Chapter 15: Wartortle Wars/VS Wartortle

It's the start of a brand new volume! The start of Volume 2 Chapter 15! We are back with our hero Red as he continues his journey through the Kanto region to be the very best trainer. In this chapter we find our hero Red training his Pokémon and a young girl spying on him. Who could this girl be? And also why is Bulbasaur glowing? Find out on today's episode of the Pokémon Adventures Podcast!

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Chapter 14: That Awful Arbok!/VS Arbok!

We are back with Lavender Town Part 2! Red has found a way to release Blue from his ghostly trance and also finds out that it's Koga once again behind these haunting operations. Join us once again as we follow Red and Blue through the Pokémon Tower and  finally review one of the most iconic and gory panels in Pokémon history.

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Chapter 13: A Sigh for Psyduck/VS Psyduck!

Our hero Red and his Pokémon have reached the small infamous town of Lavender. As Red seeks shelter from a storm he meets an old man named Mr. Fuji who tells Red about the ghosts of Pokémon Tower. But Red also finds out the his rival Blue has gone missing and now it's up to him to find him! Join us today for this creepy start of an epic 2-parter!

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Chapter 12: Wake Up! You're a Snorlax!/VS Snorlax

On your mark, get set, GO! It's bike race time! The prize money is 10,000 Poke dollars and Red is on a mission to win this prize money with his newly attained bicycle. But this race may end up being a lot tougher than Red expected as he gets chased by wild Beedrill. Will Red win the race? And what new friend does he make? Find out on today's episode!

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Chapter 11: Buzz Off Electabuzz!/Vs Electabuzz!

Our hero Red is in trouble! Alongside with his Poliwhirl! The search for Vermillion City's Pokémon has led Red to be surrounded by a small army of Electric-type Pokémon under the control of the Gym Leader Lt. Surge. How will Red and Poliwhirl get out of this situation? And what is Lt. Surge up to? Find out on today's episode of the Pokémon Adventures Podcast!

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Chapter 10:DANGER: High Voltorb!/VS Voltorb

Red shows up at Vermillion City and becomes a member of the Pokémon Fan Club! That is until the other members find out that Red uses his beloved Pokémon to battle. But an opportunity arises for Red to show the club that Pokémon battles can be useful when he goes after a Poke-thief that's been stealing all of the locals' Pokémon. This mission leads him aboard the SS Anne! Join us and find out who Red meets aboard the ship.

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Chapter 9: But Fearow Itself!/VS Fearow

Red is continuing his journey to be the best trainer that he can be and catch as many Pokémon as he can! And in the process of catching Pokémon he encounters a weird looking Rattata. A Rattata with a human face! Join us today as we investigate this mutated purple rat and also find out the origin of the Pokémon Storage System.

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Chapter 8: Suddenly Starmie/VS Starmie!

In this chapter we visit the beautiful city of Cerulean, Misty's hometown. After their adventures in Mt. Moon, Red is feeling overly confident about his skills and will tell anybody who listens what a hotshot trainer he is. Misty on the other hand feel they have a lot more training to do. It's time for her to reveal to Red who she really is. Join us for another awesome episode of the Pokémon Adventures Podcast!

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Chapter 7: Raging Rhydon!/VS Rhydon!

Today we enter the dark scary cave that's full of Zubat know as Mount Moon! Red and Misty are hot on Team Rocket's trail after they experimented on Misty's Gyarados but they may not be ready for what they end up finding. Red faces off against one of Team Rocket's leaders and you're not going to believe who it is! Join Chaz and Sergio  as they explore the next amazing chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga!

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Chapter 6: Gyarados Splashes In!/VS Gyarados!

Gyarados the atrocious Pokémon is on the attack! Ready to devour anything that dares to attack or flee from it! But here comes our hero Red to the rescue! Who is this young girl being attacked by this rampaging Pokémon? Who is responsible for Gyarados' rage? Join us for today's episode to find out!

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Chapter 5: Onix is On!/VS Onix

It's time for Red's first gym battle! And its against none other than Brock! The Rock-type gym leader of Pewter City! Red should have the type advantage with his Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur but unfortunately they both have not properly rested. The only full power Pokémon Red has at his disposal is his freshly caught Pikachu that refuses to listen to him. Find out how Red's gym battle goes in this episode of the Pokémon Adventures Podcast!

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Chapter 4: Wanted:Pikachu!/VS Pikachu

This week we talk about a troublemaking Pikachu causing all types of trouble in Pewter City. This cute chubby electric mouse is stealing food left and right with nobody telling him what to do. That is until a certain young Pokémon trainer arrives into town! Don't miss out on Red's next adventure as he chases down everyone's favorite Electric-type Pokémon.

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Chapter 3: The Secret of Kangaskhan!/VS Kangaskhan

Red is now on a mission to complete the Pokedex and he finds himself in the Viridian Forest. he once again stumbles with his rival Blue who is also trying to complete his pokedex when they run into a very tough looking Pokémon! Join Sergio and Chaz in this adventure through the Viridian forest!

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Chapter 2: Bulbasaur, Come Home!/VS Bulbasaur

In this episode we find out what's inside Professor Oak's lab! Join us to see what happens to Red when he goes sneaking around where he shouldn't be. What does Red find in the professor's lab? What new Pokémon does Red befriend? Join Sergio and Chaz to find out.

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Chapter 1: A Glimpse of the Glow/VS Mew

The beginning of an era! Join Chaz and Sergio as they follow the story of Red through the Kanto region. This is a breakdown of Chapter 1 of the Pokémon Adventures Manga! If you love a good Pokémon story you're not going to want to miss out!

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