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Nothing about the Trump Shooting Makes Sense – Epi-3523
Yesterday at 9:06 PM

I am going to come at this today from two angles. They will be that perhaps there was malice from someone inside the government, the second that it could really have simply been incompetence. Both are ugly, we may never … Continue reading →

Ron Hood on Every Day Carry – Friday Flashbacks – Epi-37
Last Friday at 5:25 PM

In this episode from 2011 I was joined by Ron Hood to discuss EDC, lock picking, bug out bags, less than lethal self defense, lock picking and a ton more. Today’s episode of Friday Flashbacks was originally Episode-639- Ron Hood … Continue reading →

Expert Council Q&A – Epi-3522
Last Thursday at 8:37 PM

Today on The Survival Podcast the expert council answers your questions on SMART meters, weight training, esophageal spasms, broad acre compost application, truck tool boxes, trees, mass psychosis and more. Make sure if you submit content for an expert council … Continue reading →

Greening the Texas Desert with Shaun Overton – Epi-3521
Last Wednesday at 7:15 PM

Most of us at some time have looked at “junk land” in western Texas selling for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars an acre. For less than the cost of a new car you can own 100-300 acres … Continue reading →

A Duck Farmer & A Science Geek Talk Soil – Epi-3520

Today Matt Powers (citizen scientist) and Jack Spirko (Redneck Hippy Duck Farmer) discuss what they have both learned about soil, composting, gardening and regenerative agriculture over the past decade. Tune in for a lot of fun and a fire hose … Continue reading →

Stories the Media Ignored this Week – Epi-3519

Today we cover the stuff the MSM buried “below the fold”.  A reporter was fired for telling the truth about pre-scripted Biden interviews.  A new peer reviewed study says the mRNA vaccines shorten life expectancy. Boeing gets off with a … Continue reading →

Ken Berry on the Proper Human Diet – Epi-3518

Today Ken Berry joins me to discuss the proper human diet, the absolute poison in the standard American diet and his plan to replace the American Diabetes Association with an organization that actually addresses the root cause of our current … Continue reading →

Tuesday Coffee Chat with John & Nicole – Epi-3517

Today I join John Willis of SOE Tactical and Nicole Sauce of Living Free in Tennessee for our monthly First Tuesday Coffee Chat. As usual we will cover a wide scope of topics on current events, entrepreneurship, skill sets, homesteading … Continue reading →

Biden Crashes and SCOTUS Lashes – Epi-3516

Major shifts are afoot in the country. The portion of the public still able to think just got a major wake up call, Biden is not mentally fit and they have been lied to blatantly for years. They are also … Continue reading →

Kelly Coyne & Erik Knutzen from RootSimple – Friday Flashbacks – Epi-36

In this episode from 2011 I was joined by Kelly Coyne & Erik Knutzen from RootSimple.  We discussed a huge variety of homesteading and gardening topics along with their books, blog and other work. Today’s episode of Friday Flashbacks was … Continue reading →