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The People Fight Back with Reason, Logic & Science
Today at 1:54 PM

Even as the official narrative continues to be promulgated on the people, voices of reason continue. Brook Jackson, a Pfizer whistleblower who has produced hard evidence of a cover-up of scientific fraud. March Twisdale, takes the fight on hesitancy to the physicians who are reluctant to report vaccine injuries and deaths. Dr. Cathy Stein, has decided “enough is enough” and is now offering a course on Vaccine Math...

COVID Vaccine Injuries are Skyrocketing
Yesterday at 6:45 PM

Large pharmaceutical companies now believe they have the go-ahead to use the mRNA platform in shots for other conditions such as flu. Moderna is currently working on at least 15 different mRNA shots for various conditions. In his interview, Dr. Ryan N. Cole, MD, points out that “the dose makes the poison.” The greater quantity of a toxic substance, the greater the...

Hepatitis Outbreak, More Boosters, Vaccine Transparency and Q & A 24 on America Out Loud PULSE
Last Friday at 2:35 PM

Here in France, many people have been forced to get vaccinated to keep their jobs. And many regret it: they are anxiously looking for a way to neutralize these "vaccines." However, here no one is suggesting any antidote. Have you heard of a treatment? What is the current transmission rate average for this Omicron variant?

Life, Death, and Doctors
Last Wednesday at 1:43 PM

For the sake of the environment, six states are proposing, and three states already allow human composting. The religion of Mother Earth supersedes human decency. We are all going to die. But most human beings don’t want people to die before they are born or at the hands of government or corporate bureaucracies...

Mental Health – Rights to Treatment and Misplaced Data

In segment one, Dr. Jack discusses the lack of sound approaches to recovering mental wellness with Jennifer Kozek. In segment two, the discussion turns to patient/doctor rights with Nadera Venezolana, Director of the Ohio Chapter of Children's Health Defense. In our final segment - the anomalies in US military data on all-cause mortality due to an alleged "server migration"...

US Sacrificing American and all State Independence to WHO

Globalists, through the WHO, are attempting to seize control of national healthcare infrastructure and management by enabling the Director General of WHO to arbitrarily declare potential global health emergencies in any country without the country’s permission. This arbitrary declaration will then affect all states in the United States...

The Courage to Face COVID-19 and Q & A 23 on America Out Loud PULSE

In this episode of America Out Loud PULSE, Dr. McCullough and Malcolm welcome Best Selling Author John Leake to the program. John co-authored a fantastic new book with Dr. McCullough that captures COVID-19 as a real-life crime story that impacted Americans and left no part of the globe untouched. We'll also answer your questions on...

What is the Composition of ‘THE SCIENCE’ You Speak Of?

The CDC was founded on and should continue to demand hard science for advising the citizens, medical professionals, and politicians. In fact, it should be impossible for a hard science agency to ‘inject’ itself into a soft arena, unless its composition is more ‘malleable’ than it appears...

China’s Stranglehold on Pharmaceuticals

Until the mid-1990s U.S., Europe, and Japan manufactured 90 percent of the global supply of key ingredients for the world’s medications. Our weakness for bargains created a monster. China undercut the price of drugs and components; the artificially low price forces other companies out of the market; then, the company is free to...

Live Free from Fear of Medical Tyranny and Oppression

We all can live free from fear of medical tyranny and oppression. In this episode, the focus is on empowering the public to regain or train their ability to use reason, logic, and critical thinking to help create our future world...

Extreme Deadline: Biden About to Give Over U.S. Sovereignty to World Health Organization

This is about the whole broad arena of “health emergencies.” The rules are being amended to break all existing restraints on WHO’s capacity to unilaterally interfere on an undefined whim into the affairs of sovereign nations throughout the world. The United States government is the spearhead. It’s a Biden going-out-of-business sale...

Disinformation and COVID Q & A 22 on America Out Loud PULSE

Please explain the real difference between the Novavax vaccine versus the mRNA vaccine, the difference in safety, and the side effects for both types? God Bless you, Malcolm and Dr. McCullough! Love the Q&As. I wonder if I am still at high risk for severe COVID now that Delta is gone and Omicron doesn't involve the lungs as much?

Pandemic Phase Off or Political Phase On?

The flippancy at which a ‘national leader’ announces the end to a ‘national crisis’ they instigated demands reflection. This proclamation by ‘Saint Fauci’ of the end was accompanied by additional incompatible announcements by our medical-industrial complex: the CDC declaring seropositivity of close to 80% for COVID-19 in our youth to Moderna...

Obesity in Black and White

The American Medical Association has declared that obesity is a disease. Whatever the label, obesity raises the risk of premature death, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, breathing problems, certain cancers, depression, and osteoarthritis...

Have We Entered a New Age in Science, Medicine and Policy?

A new study on COVID-19 vaccines and women's reproductive cycle issues with Dr. Christiane Northrup and study principal investigator Tiffany Parroto. Dr. Stephanie Coxon discusses three bills designed to protect medical rights, human rights, and informed consent. Del Bigtree reviews the history of the new age of public involvement in public health policies, reviewing...

Virtual Summit: Optimal Health Beyond COVID

Sherri Belmar shares her experience of contracting COVID in August 2021 and going through a near-death experience before finding the help she needed to recover. She was inspired to devote herself to helping pass on to the public the information which brave doctors have been using to successfully treat COVID patients despite being...

Hepatitis After Vaccination and COVID Q & A 21 on America Out Loud PULSE

Can one take Paxlovid along with Ivermectin and/or hydroxychloroquine for early treatment, or should a person make a choice? My 17-year-old son is hell-bent on joining the armed forces. I am seeking a medical exemption. I need actual data to support my decision. Where can I find this data? I am a 75 yr. old woman in good health and tested positive today for covid...

Was it a Failed Response or a Forced Crisis?

This unelected bureaucrat, whose name prior to the crisis was unknown, now possessed an almost unlimited power to direct the citizens' every movement but even to dictate what be applied to their face and mouth while doing it and injected into one’s body to be able to buy and sell. Given this type of power, one would expect a minimum level of...

The Truth About Medicare for All on America Out Loud PULSE

People want change. Folks are saying the system is broken to some degree, but there isn’t a lot of consensus around how to fix it. Somehow, the proposals to improve access to medical care always seem to fall back on the so-called Medicare For All. Would this be another case of the cure being worse than the disease?

Autism Inaction at the NIH on America Out Loud PULSE

Dr. Jack discusses the former NIH Director's malfeasance and neglect of the issue of finding ways to improve health in kids and adults with autism with lawyer John Gilmore and author Louis Conte. He also discusses the absence of studies on most vaccines on the question of the link between vaccines and autism with supermom Tia Severino...

Dissenters from ‘Libs of TikTok’ to School Board Meetings

Kristi Leigh gives stunning information about the personal persecution of people who stand up for values and freedom. Her investigations of the deaths of people abused and killed in hospitals, and a Washington Post vendetta against the anonymous ‘Libs of TikTok’ for merely replaying public videos of teachers inappropriately discussing sex...

CDC on Masks, Doctors Study, Safety of Pilots and Q & A 20 on America Out Loud PULSE

Can development of arrhythmia be related to the vaccine? Is there anything to do to speed up or remove these spike proteins from the body? w do my wife & I detox, and get the graphene oxide out of our bodies? I’m dealing with long haulers issues that seem to be Vagus Nerve related. Have you seen this, and what can I do to heal it, Dr. McCullough?

Informed Consent Has Been Replaced, the Result is Medical Tyranny

In the medical sciences, where this consensus equates to actual interventions and treatments for individuals, this leads to the real harm of real people. Eventually, it threatens to undermine our profession's trust to care for the sick and empower the well.

The Pseudoscience of Eugenics

Societies have come full circle from leaving babies out in the cold to die in ancient Greece and Rome to rejecting the intentional killing of an infant, to forced sterilizations, and back to advocating for legalized infanticide in Maryland and California. How could a civilized society, including physicians, condone active measures to cull the human herd of...

Momentum in Health Freedom on America Out Loud PULSE

Dr. Jack and Dr. Meryl Nass discuss FDA's failure to follow their own guidance on issuing Emergency Use Authorization and approval for COVID-19 vaccines, given real-world data showing extremely low efficacy. Mary Holland, Esq. of Children's Health Defense reflects on events over the past five years in the US in vaccine battleground states...

Living a Good Life in Difficult Times on America Out Loud PULSE

Peter and Ginger Breggin explore how to live a good and satisfying life in difficult times. Pursuing happiness for itself does not work well. Nor does allowing oneself to become afraid and helpless, but it happens to everyone. Hoping for good luck doesn’t help either, although it’s nice to have it when it comes...

Vaccine Injury, Long COVID, Nasal Rinse and Q & A 19 on America Out Loud PULSE

My mother is currently having cardiac issues related to post Covid syndrome. Do you have information that you could refer us to regarding treatment for such issues? Can you direct me to the povidone-iodine nasal wash steps Dr. McCullough referenced? Are there any studies or anecdotal references looking to varicose veins and blood clots after vaccines?

Reject the Government’s Request to ‘Control Your Freedom’

At least at this point, unlike those in Shanghai, as a citizen of the USA, our leaders and legislators are constrained in their ability to implement such draconian lockdowns, but without the dissent of the people and the reclaiming of our rights in the interim from the injustices of the past two years our future ability to stand up to tyrannical measures is...

Transgenderism is Gaslighting the Public

Sadly, these procedures and the effects of these medications are likely irreversible and may needlessly ruin the lives of children in need of psychological help. Dr. Michelle Cretella explains the science and defines some of the disorders of sex development, and debunks the notion that a brain resides in the wrong body. We discuss the dangers of...

Medicine, Health Freedom and Education on America Out Loud PULSE

In his latest study, Dr. Paul Harch shows the highest efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a narrow range of oxygen levels. Activists Kevin Jenkins and Suzie Olson-Corgan on #PARENTSAREWATCHING, an initiative of a coalition of parents and medical freedom groups focused on science. Dr. Alvin Moss discusses the relationship between medical ethics, conflicts of interest, and...

They Want to Devolve Us While Evolving Themselves on America Out Loud PULSE

Keep in mind, that their plans may seem contradictory or bizarre, some of their plans may seem to fail—but you won’t know what’s going on in the world unless you realize that they are trying to plan and control everything possible about our lives...

New Variant XE, Removal of Monoclonal Antibodies and Q&A 18 on America Out Loud PULSE

Does the J&J adenoviral vaccine do what the mRNA vaccines do to the body? We hear that blood clots are one of the reported adverse events of the covid shot. We also hear that blood clots are a threat if we have the virus. Which is the greater risk of clots? I'd like to ask Dr. McCullough a question regarding 'shedding' of the spike protein from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated...

Your Patient’s Health Should Supplant ‘Public’ Health – America Out Loud PULSE

Your physician’s name and location may not have changed, but the doctor’s freedom to treat you as a unique individual and advocate for your best interests did change. In a society of leaders who continue to break their oaths to the citizens ⏤ having such a personal oath between a physician and patient compromised is a worrisome sign...

A Weapon to Fundamentally Transform America – America Out Loud PULSE

The collectivist political philosophy that has been simmering in America for years may be coming to fruition. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a major ally in paving the way for extreme social engineering. The United States political elite and the assorted rich and powerful have one overarching goal: to maintain and accumulate more...

America’s Healthcare Is Now on the WHO Auction Block – America Out Loud PULSE

President Biden delivered the message at a meeting of the Presidents and CEOs of America’s 200 largest corporations that the “New World Order” was coming and America and its companies must lead the way or be left behind. How is that possible? The European Union, Great Britain, Canada, India, Japan, and officials from the USA — are all in...

BA.2, Long COVID and Q&A 17 on America Out Loud PULSE

Could you please explain what reverse transcription is and the new findings of this occurrence in liver cells with the Pfizer vaccine? What if you’ve had two Pfizer shots and a booster, and then two months later, you get Covid? Will you have natural immunity or would the jab have canceled that immunity as well? The first episode of America Out Loud PULSE is now on podcast networks with Dr. Peter McCullough and Malcolm Out Loud...