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By: Marriage Recovery Center

Join best-selling author and relationship expert Dr. David Hawkins as he unveils the truth about the complicated and challenging aspects of love and war in relationships. He addresses issues that so many couples are struggling with but are not able to get effective help for, things like narcissism, emotional, spiritual and financial abuse, secondary abuse and the church, trauma, sex addiction, divorce, separation and more. Tune in now to gain insight and practical advice on how to bring health and healing to your relationship.

Episode 38: Overcoming Loneliness with Jack Eason

In this episode of Mad.In.Love, Dr. David Hawkins explores the pervasive issue of loneliness in the modern world, a concern that has become increasingly prominent in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Joining him is Jack Eason, a seasoned speaker and advocate for the power of genuine human connections, who also serves as the Executive Director of Crossover CUPS Mission, making significant strides in bettering the lives of families and children across various countries.

Jack shares his extensive experience and observations on loneliness, addressing the common misconceptions about who it affects and highlighting its relevance...

Episode 37: Defend Young Minds

In this episode of Mad.In.Love, Dr. David Hawkins invites Kristen Jenson, the founder of Defend Young Minds and the acclaimed author behind a movement to protect children in the digital age. Kristen's commitment to safeguarding young minds from the dangers of internet pornography is both inspiring and essential in today's tech-savvy world.

Kristen opens up about the compelling reasons that drove her to address such a challenging topic through her literature, aimed at empowering children with knowledge and resilience. She underscores the importance of parents initiating conversations about internet safety early on, providing practical advice...

Episode 36: I Used To Be with Chuck and Ashley Elliott

In this episode of Mad.In.Love, we are honored to host Chuck and Ashley Elliott, a couple whose life work has touched many hearts through their engaging content and impactful collaborations with platforms like YouVersion and RightNow Media. As a pastor and a licensed counselor, respectively, their journey is one of faith, resilience, and profound insights into relational success and navigating grief.

Today, Chuck and Ashley open up about the inspiration behind their poignant book, 'I Used to Be___,' sharing personal stories of vulnerability, including their own experience with miscarriage, and the challenging path towards...

Episode 35: Dr. Hawkins' Reacts! Unraveling Family Boundaries

Join us in another episode of Mad.In.Love with your host Dr. David Hawkins, alongside Jonathan Glover, Jill Stenerson, and producer Katie Buckley, as they delve into real-life stories sourced from Reddit. This episode focuses on the intricate dynamics of family boundaries, a topic that resonates with many. Dr. Hawkins, Jill Stenerson, and Jonathan Glover engage in a thoughtful discussion, offering insights into the importance of maintaining personal boundaries within family relationships. They provide practical advice and healthy strategies for responding to situations where these boundaries are overlooked or violated by family members. Tune in for an enlightening...

Episode 34: Unlocking Confidence and Charisma with Kimmy Seltzer

In this episode of Mad.In.Love, hosted by Dr. David Hawkins, we're thrilled to introduce Kimmy Seltzer, a renowned Confidence Therapist, Authentic Dating Strategist, and Image Expert. Kimmy's groundbreaking "confidence makeover" process has revolutionized the way individuals approach dating and relationships, helping countless people around the globe find true love and connection.

Join us as Kimmy delves into her unique methodology, sharing the development of "The Charisma Quotient" and offering actionable tips to enhance self-confidence and allure in dating and beyond. She explores the profound impact of personal style and wardrobe on one's self-image and appeal...

Episode 33: Restoring Hope with Dr. Robert Burbee

In this episode, we were honored to have Dr. Bob Burbee, a seasoned licensed psychologist with over 37 years of experience. Specializing in working with individuals, couples, families, and groups, Dr. Burbee brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the dynamics of relationships.

As a key therapist at the Focus on the Family Marriage Institute (FMI), he leads both Group and Private Marriage Intensives, in addition to training other therapists in Focus Marital Therapy. His involvement in Intensive programs dates back to 2000, making him a pioneer in this area. Dr. Burbee has also been an educator, teaching...

Episode 32: Adult Children Who Break Your Heart

In this episode of Mad.In.Love, hosted by Dr. David Hawkins from the Marriage Recovery Center, we welcome back Dr. David Clarke, a Christian psychologist with over 35 years of experience. Dr. Clarke joins us to discuss his latest book, 'Adult Children Who Break Your Heart,' a follow-up to his renowned work, 'Enough is Enough!'

Throughout the episode, Dr. Clarke delves into the intricate dynamics of dealing with adult prodigals. He begins by defining what constitutes a prodigal in today's context and explores the reasons behind the increasing number of adult prodigals. Addressing the challenges...

Episode 31: Dr. Hawkins' Reacts! Families are Hard

Welcome to the latest episode of 'Dr. Hawkins Reacts!' hosted by Dr. David Hawkins, alongside Jonathan Glover and our producer, Katie Buckley.

In this episode, Dr. Hawkins and Jonathan delve into compelling stories from Reddit that explore the intricate layers of family dynamics, the nuances of communication, and the challenges of judgment within relationships. They also discuss practical DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) tools, offering insightful ways to reframe conversations and enhance understanding in complex familial situations.

Join us for an engaging journey through real-life scenarios, where Dr. Hawkins and Jonathan provide expert analysis and...

Episode 30: Spiritual Bypassing

Join us in Episode 9 of 'Mad.In.Love' with your host Dr. David Hawkins from the Marriage Recovery Center and Emotional Abuse Institute. In this episode, we welcome Sharmen Kimbrough, one of our distinguished clinicians, as we delve into the intricate and often misunderstood concept of 'Spiritual Bypassing.'

Sharmen brings her expertise and enthusiasm to the table, unpacking what spiritual bypassing truly means. Through a series of examples and anecdotal stories, we explore how this phenomenon can unintentionally hinder the counseling process and obstruct therapeutic change.

The discussion also navigates the differences between spiritual...

Episode 29: Dr. Hawkins' Reacts! Are Video Games Addictive?

Dr. David Hawkins and Jonathan Glover are back with Katie Buckley for another Dr. Hawkins' Reacts! episode! 

Dr. Hawkins and Jonathan discuss how video game addiction (and other behavioral process addictions) can lead towards emotional neglect in relationships. Listen to Dr. Hawkins and Jonathan suggest helpful tips in how to engage in clear, vulnerable, and helpful communication. 

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