Recover Your Soul Bonus Content

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By: Rev. Rachel Harrison

Recover Your Soul- Bonus Content- A Spiritual Path to A Happier and Healthier Life with Rev. Rachel Harrison. This is a podcast offering inspiration, strength and hope through the tools of soul recovery, spirituality, positive psychology, 12 step and New Thought Metaphysics. I started after having profound positive changes in my life in my recovery from alcoholism and control addiction (codependence). I was guided to share these tools with others through this podcast as well as offering personal coaching. Personal recovery does not need an addiction to use the tools and principles to better our lives and transform- just...

Emily Killeen Living Happy, Sober and Free

I am excited to bring you this interview with Emily Killeen another amazing sober woman with a very inspiring story to share.

Emily Killeen is sobriety coach, spiritual yoga teacher and a transformational retreat facilitator. She believes that connection, community and accountability along with SOME sort of spirituality and health and wellness are essential for sobriety success!

After 15 years of bouncing in and out of recovery she’s finally committed FULLY to sobriety and is on a mission to help others discover their own path to recovery to experience the gifts of living an amazing so...