The Fish Cast

40 Episodes

By: Charles Fishbein, Chris Demarest, Corey Long

Talent scout Charles Fishbein, 20-year college football coach Chris Demarest and veteran journalist Corey Long talk shop with some of the game’s top coaches and brightest minds and discuss the pressing issues facing college football and college football recruiting.

Intro and Recapping a wild Week 12

Fish and Corey have an open chat about the football week, how fans need to get past "ugly wins", and why Jim Harbaugh proved that sometimes going for the field goal is the right move.

Jason Staples is back!

Jason Staples from Inside Carolina and the Unconquered Podcast returns to the Fishcast to talk Florida State football, the draft future of Drake Maye and what needs to happen for Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M. It's a great listen.

USF may need to move past Jeff Scott (Taped Oct. 7)

Jeff Scott has not been able to get much going at USF and the program is in flux. Where should they look to next?

Auburn Coaching Search: Urban or Franklin? (Taped October 7)

Fish and Corey talk about the Auburn job. Bryan Harsin is almost sure to be a goner, but who's next. Corey tosses a couple of controversial names at Fish.

Fish and Corey make some picks on Week 7 games.

Fish and Corey take a look at Week 7 games and explain if Tennessee has an upset in the works against Alabama and how are the Florida Gators on pace to go 5-2. All that and much much more. 

FISHCAST EXTRA: Hot Seat Report (taped Oct. 6)

Fish and Corey give you an extra podcast and talk about the coaches on the hot seat. Will Auburn take a look at Urban Meyer? Could Houston bring back Tom Herman if that job opens? What might  happen in Colorado and why Paul Chryst needed to go. 

Hurricane Ian and other Florida thoughts (taped October 6th)

Fish and Corey talk hurricanes (not Miami) and what living in the state of Florida during a major natural disaster is like. They also get into a little football and wonder what Jeff Scott has to do to keep his job at USF and why won't FSU start freshman Julian Armella at right tackle (Thursday, October 6). 

Saying Goodbye to Scott Frost

Scott Frost is gone and we barely had a chance to know him. Once the hottest coaching prospect in the game, Frost leaves Nebraska with a broken reputation. Fish and Corey figure out where it all went wrong and what is the next step for Nebraska and the next step for Frost. They also talk about Quinn Ewers elite performance (for one quarter) and what other coaches might not make it out of September.


Looking Back on Week 1 (and Week 0)

Fish and Corey watched a lot of football over Labor Day weekend and have a lot of opinions. What game was the best? Which teams looked good? Which ones didn't? How could anyone sit through Iowa's game last week. 

Over/Unders and Transfers

How many games with Florida, Florida State or Miami win in 2022? Fish and Corey bring on Lee Sterling to talk about his predictions, his opinions and what could be in store for this college football season. Then Fish and Corey discuss the transfer situation, how former USF quarterback Timmy McClain ended up at UCF and did the Bulls make the right choice with Gerry Bohanon.

FSU offensive coordinator Alex Atkins

Alex Atkins, FSU's first-year offensive coordinator, talks about his Chicago roots, his ascension through the college football ranks, his process in recruiting and the two people he has to impress. It's a fun conversation with one of the coaching's bright young minds. 

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano stops by the Fishcast to talk about his journey in coaching, his plans for Rutgers football, recruiting at the school, hiring and developing players and young coaches. playing in the Big Ten and some of the mistakes he's made in the past. It's a show you won't want to miss!

Realignment (and it feels so good)

USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12 for greener pastures and more greenbacks. How will this reshape the Pac-12 and what will the Big XII and ACC do to survive. Will it matter anyway? Corey and Fish try to figure it all out. 

FIU Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

Florida International Head Coach Mike MacIntyre has handled rebuilds at San Jose State and Colorado. Now he's trying to make the same thing happen at Florida International. Fish and Corey talk with Coach MacIntyre about his journey to FIU and putting together a staff that can recruit in the hotbed for football talent. Coach MacIntyre is excited about the future of football at FIU. 

Summer Camps and TV Deals

Fish and Corey talk about summer camp season and recruiting before pivoting into the future of the Big XII and where college football is headed on TV. 

Larry Blustein Joins Us!

Larry Blustein is healthy again and ready to sound off on several recruiting stories including a deep dive into what's happening at Florida State and South Florida along with why it's necessary to recruit Broward and Dade county plus a few shout out to coaches that are making it happen on the trail. 

Spring Wrap Up: NFL Draft, Sauce vs. Sting & More

Fish and Corey discuss Derek Stingley Jr. vs. Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner and the overall success that Luke Fickell and Cincinnati had in the NFL Draft and how the Big XII can capitalize on that success. Fish airs his grievances as a long-suffering Cowboys fan.  The Big Ten is ready to cash out and MORE

The Fishcast Spring Game Edition (Fixed)

Spring is here! Fish and Corey have been watching a ton of spring games and have thoughts on Clemson, Ohio State, N.C. State, Florida State, North Carolina and many others. Brian Kelly admits that it's almost to win a championship at Notre Dame and Dabo Swinney hates EVERYTHING about college football in 2022. 

Oscar Slaps, NCAA Brackets, Caleb vs. Jaxson & More

What did Will Smith's five fingers say to Chris Rock's face? SMACK! Corey and Fish talk about that and the potential enemies in their lives. (0:00). Plus they talk about NCAA brackets (3:48). Brawls in football (9:00). Florida continues to "fix" high school football. (17:50), Breaking down the top transfer QBs in NCAA (25:50). 

Marshall Head Coach Charles Huff

Marshall head coach Charles Huff stops by the Fishcast to talk about his first year with the Thundering Herd, all the things he's learned from his past stops and coaching mentors like Nick Saban, P.J. Fleck, James Franklin and Chan Gailey. Huff also gives his thoughts on recruiting, the transfer portal and offers some advice to young coaches out there. Trust me, you'll want to listen to this one!

Open Dialogue (Part 2) -- Talking about combines

The NFL Combine was held last week, so Fish and Corey are naturally blown away by Jordan Davis' workout. They touch on this and on some of the players in this year's event that they covered in high school.

Open Dialogue (Part 1) -- Talking about prospect camps

Fish was a recent observer of the Miami Under Armour Camp and talks about what he saw and his history of running camps. We also have an update on what Coach Demo has been up to. 

Fishcast Extra: More on Recruiting

This is part of a joint effort with FNF Coaches Magazine and FNF Coaches Talk Podcast Network. Charles Fishbein and Corey Long talk about the nuts and bolts of recruiting. Where should underclassmen go to get the more exposure and have the best opportunity to be recruited? How can coaches help their outgoing seniors that still haven't found a school? Remember there's still time and plenty of opportunities out there. 

The Fishcast Post-Signing Day Real Talk

Signing Day has come and gone. Between the transfer portal, NIL deals and nasty accusations, what is college football doing to itself?  Corey and Fish talk about how high school prospects are losing out in this battle and when the tide will turn again. Can this thing be fixed and if so, how? 

We're Back! The first Fishcast of 2022!

Fish and Corey talk about Georgia winning its first college football championship in 41 years. Is Stetson Bennett the worst QB to win a title since 2000? How much longer is Georgia's championship window. CFP playoff expansion, coaching changes and MORE!

It's a Fishcast Christmas: ESD, Deion, Urban, Dasher, Prancer and Rudolph

It was an eventful Early Signing Day with a shocking announcement. What does it mean and what will be the fallout? Demo talks about his past experiences in Signing Day. Oh yeah Urban Meyer got fired too. 

Week 14 Part 2: Georgia's QB Play and the CFP Top 4

Fish knew that Georgia's reliance on playing quarterback Stetson Bennett IV was eventually going to catch up with them. Corey says Georgia is lucky it happened now instead of the playoffs. Demo leads a real-time conversation on the final CFP rankings as they are announced. 

Week 14 Cold Open -- Miami, LSU and Coaching Carousel Craziness

The Fish Cast thinks Brian Kelly will win big at LSU, but they are also wondering what's going on at Miami and why Manny Diaz is being treated so poorly. Demo breaks down the nasty back door business of college football coaching negotiations. 

Week 13 Part 4: Michigan, Miami WRs and Closing Thoughts

Michigan and Jim Harbaugh get a sweet victory over Ohio State and Miami wide receivers set records as the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close.

Week 13 Part 3: Riley Shocks Us With USC Move

During the podcast recording Lincoln Riley makes a career move. Fish and Corey break it down and try to fill in other blanks on the coaching carousel.

Week 13 Part 2: How to Fix Florida State Football

For the second straight year FSU won't go bowling, but is the future of Mike Norvell's program bright? It will depend on a host of things happening this offseason.

Week 13 Cold Open: Florida finds its man, but is he the right man?

Fish says Billy Napier is moving up from Single-A to the Major Leagues, does he have what it takes to turn the Florida Gators back into championship contenders.

Nov. 21 Emergency Pod: Fish and Demo Discuss UF Firing Dan Mullen

Life comes at you fast and for Dan Mullen he went from the penthouse to no house in 12 months. Fish and Demo discuss what led to his firing and what's next for the Florida Gators

Talking LSU, 7v7 and old recruiting stories with Jimmy Smith

The Fish Cast welcomes Jimmy Smith and talks about the LSU coaching vacancy, his success in the 7v7 circuit and over a decade of recruiting stories.

Can Anyone Beat Georgia?

Fish, Corey and Demo discuss the most recent CFP rankings. Is Oregon still in a good spot? Who will emerge from the Big Ten? What about Oklahoma State? And can anyone beat Georgia

Cold Open: Who will win the battle of Florida?

Fish, Corey and Demo discuss the situation at the Florida schools. Can Mike Norvell springboard a big win into bigger things. Will Manny Diaz and Dan Mullen survive past this season?

Can the selection committee take a two loss team?

Fish, Corey and Demo discuss the college football playoff rankings and wonder if the math adds up for a two-loss team to make this year's final four.

Is FSU or Miami better suited for future success?

Fish, Corey and Demo discuss FSU and Miami's future situations. Miami has the top freshmen, FSU has the better recruiting class. Which side do you choose?

Week 11 Cold Open: Mullen and Frost survive, but should they?

Fish, Corey and Demo discuss the job status of Dan Mullen and Scott Frost. Should Frost have been given a fifth year? And will it matter?

The Committee Will Show No Love to Cincinnati, Oregon

Don't expect Cincinnati or Oregon to get favorable rankings from the Playoff selection committee despite big wins. Can Wake Forest go undefeated and get in the top four?