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By: Nikki Naab-Levy

A podcast on the intersection of Pilates, fitness, and culture. Hosted by Pilates teacher and fitness professional Nikki Naab-Levy.

Can Pilates replace strength training? Exploring the differences w/ Steph Gaudreau

In this episode, Nikki chats with sports nutritionist and strength coach Steph Gaudreau about the benefits and differences between strength training and Pilates and why you may not want to use them interchangably.

They discuss:

The issues with how fitness is marketed to women and how it influences our choices What is required to build strength, muscle, and bone density and if Pilates can meet these requirements in place of strength training The primary differences between programming and resistance options in Pilates and strength training and why these things matter. The importance of strength training for...

Shiny sells. Basics work. The conundrum with Jenn Pilotti

In this episode, Nikki chats with personal trainer and author Jenn Pilotti about the challenge in finding the balance between mastering the basics so you can see results and the desire to experience novelty in exercise. 

They discuss:

Why novelty is so attractive, but can backfire on us if we don't have foundational strength + mobility How to find a balance between our desire for "shiny objects" and the stuff that we need to see improvements in fitness + feel better The basics of fitness, why they're important, and why they are dependent on what you want for y...

Cardio for Hypermobility with Jenn Pilotti

In this episode, Nikki and Jenn discuss common challengs for cardio with hypermobility and strategies to navigate them. 

They cover:

Why cardio can feel so challenging when you're hypermobile The role of strength training in mitigating against pain and injury during cardio  Common myths about hypermobility, running, and impact based cardio Tips to reduce flare-ups and pain during cardio The difference between HIIT and low intensity cardio and how to figure out what amount of each may be right for you.

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On jaw PT and managing pain, dizziness, and hypermobility

In this episode Nikki shares her personal journey finding solutions for managing her chronic neck pain and hypermobility related symptoms, including dizzy spells, chronic tension headaches, and joint subluxations. 

She also details her recent experience with physical therapy for her jaw and how it has helped reduce many of her sypmtoms. 

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Myth Busting on Exercise with Hypermobility with Jenn Pilotti

In this episode, Nikki and Jenn deconstruct some of the most harmful myths surrounding exercise with hypermobility.

They discuss:

Why restorative movement is an incomplete solution to getting and staying out of pain How and why strength training affects the human body differently from yoga and Pilates The role of strength training in pain management and injury reduction Ways to identify your personal level of tolerance to exercise to reduce flare-ups

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Endurance Training for Women Over 40 | Tenille Hoogland

In this interview, Nikki chats with founder and Head Coach of Elements Sports Coaching Tenille Hoogland about what women need to know when starting or returning to endurance training and sports in their 40s and beyond.

They discuss:

How to define endurance activities Nutrition considerations and common pitfalls that stop women from feeling and performing their best - particularly as they are entering their 40s and 50s How to get started with endurance activities such as running or biking with less burnout and fewer injuries Why age shouldn't stop you from starting or pursuing endurance activites...

Nutrition without Morality | Adrienne Johnson

In this episode, Nikki and Adrienne discuss how participating or working in the yoga / wellness / fitness industry promotes unsustainable diets, body image issues, and disordered eating.

They discuss:

Their own experiences with extreme dieting and fad diets Why letting go of rules and not attaching morality to food can help you eat healthier with less stress The difference between having a framework in how you approach nutrition Weight loss with minimal tracking

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How not to f*ck up your body pole dancing | Dr. Emily Rausch

In this episode, Nikki chats with sports medicine chiropractor Dr. Emily Rausch about how to mitigate the risk of injury when practicing pole or aerial and what the rehabilitation process may look like after any injury.

They discuss:

Common causes of injury in pole and aerial The importance of rest and recovery during class and in between practice sessions Why strength training is a valuable cross training tool to prepare your body for pole and aerial work  The role of strength and mobility training in the rehabilitation process Different strategies to improve flexibility that tend to b...

Wellness Land and Anti-Depressants, Part 3: The Problem with Science Influencers | Trisha Durham

In the final installment of this 3 part yoga series on wellness, mental health, and anti-depressants, Nikki chats with yoga teacher and movement educator Trisha Durham about the process that they went through to get a prescription for antidepressants and how social media influences our choices and perceptions of medication and mental health.

They discuss:

The different classes of antidepressants and how they figured out which one worked for them Their process of getting a prescription from their doctor The problem with science influencers or people who have large followings on social media who incorrectly represent research...

Wellness Land and Anti-Depressants, Part 2: Problematic Behavior in the Industry | Trisha Durham

In part 2 of this 3 part yoga series on wellness, mental health, and anti-depressants, Nikki chats with yoga teacher and movement educator Trisha Durham unpack the stigma that exists around getting support for mental health challenges in the yoga, fitness. and Pilates space. 

They discuss:

Why "big wellness" also equals big money and is no more altruistic that the pharmaceutical industry  The problem with the lack of regulations around supplements and health claims made by people in wellness spaces How you can't diet, exercise, or meditate away mental health challenges and why it's harmful to claim these th...

Wellness Land and Anti-Depressants, Part 1: Firsthand experiences with medication | Trisha Durham

In part 1 of this 3 part yoga series on wellness, mental health, and anti-depressants, Nikki chats with yoga teacher and movement educator Trisha Durham about their mental health histories and experiences with anti-depressants.

They discuss:

What caused them to try anti-depressants and how it made their lives better How yoga, fitness, and wellness culture initially influenced them not to see this form of help for mental health Their experience in the medical system when requesting anti-depressants and how they navigated dosage and side effects Where anti-depressants might fit when considering what tools will best help you support...

Everything we got wrong on alignment, hip thrusts, and running | Jenn Pilotti

In this episode, Nikki and Jenn talk about some of the biggest myths circling the internet in the fitness, yoga, and Pilates spaces and why Jenn hates hip thrusts. 

They discuss:

What the research says about hip thrusts and why it's not the penultimate exercise for building bigger glutes or performing better. The misconception that certain alignments will prevent or promote injury. Why overpronation may not be a problem for runners and what the current research suggests about the "best" way to run. The value of sensory input and why posture "correction" may not be an e...

Strength Training for Beginners & Progressive Overload | Meghan Ramos

In this episode, Nikki chats with strength coach and physical therapy assistant Meghan Ramos about how to get started with strength training, what to do if you have pain or are coming back from an injury, and what is required to achieve progressive overload.

They discuss:

Where to start and how to pick your weights if you are brand new to strength training Considerations for strength training if you have pain or are coming back from an injury The role of strength training in avoided re-injury and returning to activities better than before Why progressive overload...

Navigating Yoga with Hypermobility & Pain | Adrienne Johnson

In this episode, Nikki chats with yoga teacher Adrienne Johnson about considerations for practicing yoga when you have hypermobility or pain.

They discuss:

Adrienne's personal experiencing starting yoga not realizing that she was hypermobile and how she changed her practice to account for her hypermobility and be able to practice without pain. The importance of strength training to cross train for yoga - especially if you are hypermobile. Why the largest range of motion may not be the best option for you even if you're able to go there Active versus passive stretching. How props can...

Strength Training and Nutrition for Menopause | Amanda Thebe

Nikki chats with Amanda Thebe about how to approach strength and nutrition during peri-menopause and menopause.  They dig into: 

Fitness and nutrition myths The importance of strength training and how to get started The benefits of a moderate approach to strength and nutrition

...and more.

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Defining Functional Fitness | Meredith Mack & Jennifer Schwartz

Nikki chats with Meredith Mack and Jennifer Schwartz about what functional fitness actually means and how marketing has influenced our perception of ‚Äúfunctional.‚ÄĚ They also discuss how functional is relative to the individual and not a universal way of training and how it often involves exercises or applications that you wouldn‚Äôt necessarily assume you need.¬†

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Ep 137: Context Matters...

What does it mean to listen to your body? | Trisha Durham

In this episode, Nikki chats with yoga teacher and educator Trisha Durham about the idea of listening to your body and why without context, it often isn't very helpful.

They discuss:

How this has become an overused statement in many yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes and alternative cues that may be less confusing for students Why there is no one size fits all approach to yoga or fitness The value of personal agency and how you can invite more of it into your classes or movement practice Why you don't have to suffer for something to be effective <...

On self trust and knowing where to look for help | Isabelle Barter

In this episode, Nikki chats with strength and brain based fitness coach Isabelle Barter about why it's important to find the right medical or fitness professionals to help you and why you shouldn't always believe the stories that someone else tells you about your body.

They discuss:

Why you should find physical therapists and wellness practitioners who understand your experience and the context of the activities that you want to return to if you have pain How medical and wellness providers can't predict the future, so if what they are saying doesn't sit well with you...

The Truth About Training Like an Athlete | Anna Hartman

In this episode, Nikki chats with athletic trainer Anna Hartman about what it actually looks like to train like a professional athlete and why this idea doesn't typically align with what you need if this is not you profession.

They discuss:

What a professional athlete's day and workouts look like and what Anna helps them prioritize when they see her. How professional athletes often have to make trade offs where they potentially sacrifice their long term health for shorter term performance. The discrepancy between the marketing messaging of "training like an athlete" and the reality of what it...

Self-Kindness and Escaping the "Should" Mindset | Erica Webb

In this episode Nikki chats with Pilates, yoga, and somatics teacher Erica Webb about what it means to foster self-kindness and how to escape the "should" mindset.

They discuss:

What it means to be kind or honest with yourself and why this practice is often difficult and uncomfortable Why it's so hard to take action towards the things that you want and strategies for moving beyond this roadblock How to reframe your "shoulds" into self talk that is more productive and less based in guilt in shame Toxic positivity and why the yoga every damn day...

Navigating Chronic Illness & Pelvic Health Myths | Larissa Parson

In this episode of the Results Not Typical Podcast, Nikki chats with joy coach and movement teacher Larissa Parson about navigating chronic illness as a movement teacher, misconceptions around pelvic health issues, and bias around women’s healthcare when seeking medical providers.

They discuss:

How to find joy and enjoyment in movement even when you have pain, illness, or injury The importance of choice and autonomy in all aspects of exercise, health, and self-care Bias and racism in medicine and maternal healthcare Myths and misconceptions around pelvic health issues, such as diastasis and prolapse Larissa’s expe...

Boundaries for Less Business Burnout | Cora Geroux

In this episode of the Results Not Typical Podcast, Nikki chats with business coach and yoga teacher Cora Geroux about how to create structure and boundaries in your business to minimize burnout.

They discuss:

How Cora has built in time off into her workflow and schedule The importance of having dedicated time off when you are not working on your business The "Joe Rogan" effect and how it relates to marketing How social media is about your clients and now about you

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How Reformer Pilates Compliments Strength | Kaleen Canevari

In this episode, Nikki chats with Pilates teacher, mechanical engineer, and founder of Flexia Kaleen Canevari about the unique benefits of the Pilates reformer and how it can be modernized and brought to more people with tech. 

They discuss:

Pilates versus strength training and how the two complement each other Why the Pilates springs are a unique form of resistance training and how they can be helpful for decreasing pain and improving flexibility and control How the Flexia smart reformer's sensor will help people track their progress in strength and flexibility, while also quantifying quality of m...

Slowing the Eff Down & Self Acceptance | Caitlin Doherty

In this episode of the Results Not Typical Podcast, Nikki chats with yoga teacher Caitlin Doherty about the importance of slowing down and how it relates to self car, self acceptance, and yoga.

They discuss:

How capitalism, hustle culture, and perfectionism encourages us to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of productivity The power of learning to slow down and be more intentional with your workouts, movement practice, and life Why the most "productive" life isn't always your best life How to find self worth outside of what you produce and what you look like Ways to...

The Intersections of Diet Culture & Purity Culture | Sarah Lacour & Zach Anderson

In this episode, Nikki chats with Zach Anderson and Sarah Lacour about the commonalities between diet culture and purity culture.

They discuss:

How both cultures conflate diet, exercise, and weight with morality The emphasis on weight loss and policing of women's bodies in both cultures How purity culture shows up in the language of fitness culture How this narrative contributes to body dysmorphia, disordered eating, and eating disorders Zach's experience as a gay man who grew up in the Mormon church and now works in the nutrition and fitness space Sarah's experience growing up in the...

Why Women Should Strength Train | Steph Gaudreau & Robin Legat

In this episode, Nikki chats with strength and nutrition coach Steph Gaudreau and fitness coach for women over 40 Robin Legat about why strength training is such a powerful tool to help women in all stages of life.

They discuss:

The benefits of pursuing strength training as we age if we want to maintain muscle mass, bone mass, and improve our quality of life. Why the small pink dumbbells have limitations in what they can do for you The importance of eating enough protein if you strength train and why this advice is often given Strength training...

Body Image, Plastic Surgery, and Realistic Expectations | Isabelle Barter

In this episode, Nikki chats with strength coach Isabelle Barter about how social media and celebrity plastic surgery creates unrealistic expectations for what our bodies are supposed to look like.

They also discuss:

The supernormal stimulus and how why it results in our attraction to exaggerated features such as large breast with a small waist The difference between pursuing aesthetics and health and why they don't always overlap How our society doesn't have a realistic perspective of what health looks like

Moving Beyond the Chronic Pain Identity | Beck Beverage & Kevin Moore

In this episode of the Results Not Typical Podcast, Nikki chats with Kevin Moore and Beck Beverage from the Reembody Method about moving beyond the chronic pain identity.

They discuss:

The intersection of biomechanics and pain science and why the two are not mutually exclusive The purpose of pain, why it happens, and how we can address it physically and psychologically How practitioners can hold space for themselves and their clients who have pain and why "anti healing" may be a better approach to helping people move beyond pain The role of trauma in the experience...

Body Autonomy, Self Trust, & Weight Loss | Isabelle Barter & Jordana Edelstein

In this episode of Results Not Typical Nikki chats with nutrition coach Jordana Edelstein and strength coach Isabelle Barter about body autonomy, self trust, and weight loss.

They discuss:

Diet culture versus education around nutrition, energy balance, and habit change The problematic aspects of weight loss within our culture, but why people should still have autonomy around their goals and what they choose to do with their bodies Their own experiences with weight loss and what they learned from them Why self trust is an essential element to repairing your relationship with yourself and food Why...

Brian Linton | Being a new teacher and male in a female dominated industry

In this episode, Nikki chats with Pilates teacher Brian Linton about his experience attending his Pilates teacher training remotely during a pandemic and what it's like to be a male in a female dominated industry.

They discuss:

His experience pursuing his Pilates teaching training during a pandemic What originally drew him to Pilates when it's typically marketed to women and why he decided to become a teacher His insights as a new instructor

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Abby Langer | Calling BS on diet trends and hormones

In this episode, Nikki chats with registered dietician and author of Good Food, Bad Diet about how much diet can actually affect your hormones and the lack of scientific evidence around many popular alternative medicine hormone tests.

They discuss:

Why the idea of "balanced" hormones doesn't actually make sense The lack of evidence behind the Dutch test and why you should save your money How to spot red flags when someone is selling you a diet that is supposed to address or solve a hormone related issue Why the marketing behind "hormone helping" diets is typically...

Jennifer Schwartz | The Scientific Purpose of Muscle, Fat, and Exercise

In this episode, Nikki chats with Muscle Activation Techniques‚ĄĘ Rx specialist and strength coach Jennifer Simone Schwartz about the scientific purpose behind why we have muscle and fat, as well as the physiological effects of exercise on our system.¬†

They discuss:

The metabolic properties of muscle and fat What the research says about the effects of strength training on hormone regulation and body composition  The "Goldilocks Principle" and why it's important that we get the right "dosage" of exercise to stimulate these hormones without creating excessive inflammation Why taking an individual approach to exercise that goes beyo...

Isabelle Barter | Kettlebells vs Barbells vs Dumbbells

In this episode, Nikki chats with strength coach Isabelle Barter about the different types of strength training equipment and what each thing is best for.

They discuss:

The difference between strength training with barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells Which type of training you should start with if you are a beginner Which type of equipment is best for strength vs building muscle / hypertrophy, vs building power The best equipment to buy if you want to strength train at home

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Jordana Edelstein | Repairing your relationship with food and exercise

In this episode, Nikki chats with health coach and movement teacher Jordana Edelstein about what you can do to repair your relationship with food and exercise.

They discuss:

The difference between working hard and suffering Why developing self trust and being okay with not having all of the answers is an intrinsic part of the process How rules and restriction create more harm and don't typically lead to better health Jordana's challenges with body image and what she's done to redefine her own relationship to movement and nutrition

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Lilith Fury | Lipedema, fat bias, and weight stigma in healthcare

In this interview, Nikki chats with horror actress, plus size model, and activist Lilith Fury about her experience with lipedema and fat bias and weight stigma when seeking medical help.

They discuss:

How fat bias and weight stigma delayed her diagnosis and resulted in poor and even life threatening medical care What lipedema is and how this somewhat common condition is so poorly understood by the general public and medical community due to fat bias What it is like to live with lipedema and the mistreatment that larger bodied and fat people face on the internet...

Monica Bright | Navigating pain and injury in yoga

In this episode, Nikki chats with yoga teacher Monica Bright about navigating pain or injury in your yoga practice.   They discuss:   - Myths about the relationship between pain and injury - Why even though yoga is thought of as therapeutic, not all yoga poses or styles are appropriate when you have pain or injury - How to have grace for yourself if you have pain or an injury and are unable to do as much as you would like - Monica's recent experience with frozen shoulder and what she's learned from it about navigating these types of long term injuries - Wh...

Linsey Levy | Taking an individualized approach to nutrition

In this interview, Nikki chats with health coach Linsey Levy about why we need to take a more individualized approach to our health and nutrition.

They discuss:

The problem with following celebrity diets or looking at celebrities as authorities in nutrition and fitness Why the all or nothing approach or dramatic changes to one's are unsustainable and what works better Strategies to figure out what works for you in regards to nutrition How to move past your fear of eating certain foods or food groups.

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Allison Skewes | Bread Benders, Quinoa Whiskey, and Weight Loss Drugs

In this bonus episode of Results Not Typical, Nikki and Pilates teacher Allison Skewes unpack why Gwyneth Paltrow's latest commentary about her quarantine diet was so problematic and the social implications of a New York Times article about a new weight loss drug. 

They discuss:

Why we shouldn't normalize socially acceptable and celebrated examples of disordered eating Why you shouldn't fear carbs and why it's important to consider diet on an individual and nuanced level and not look to celebrities or pop culture for advice The classism and racist underpinnings in demonizing foods - particularly if t...

Jenni Pilotti | What the research says about cardio

In this episode, Nikki chats with personal trainer Jenn Pilotti about what the current research says about cardio and how to best integrate it into your life. 

They discuss:

How cardio can reduce or increase anxiety depending on the individual and the type of cardio performed The correlation between cardio and better cognition How to achieve the benefits of higher intensity cardio if you are unable to or dislike running or jumping Cardio myths, including that it will reduce / limit your muscle mass or inhibit your strength if you enjoy strength training How much cardio you n...

Travis Pollen & Jenni Rawlings | On strength training for yoga

In this interview, Nikki chats with strength coach Travis Pollen, PhD and yoga teacher Jenni Rawlings about how to incorporate strength training into a yoga practice.

They discuss:

How strength training can make advanced yoga poses feel easier and may reduce the experience of pain and injury How much load or weight you need to lift to experience the full benefits of strength training How to get started strength training and balance it with a pre-existing movement practice, such as yoga Common strength training myths in the yoga space

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