Skeptics Guide to Spirituality

7 Episodes

By: Jaime & Casey

This podcast is a place for people wanting to know more about spirituality, where you can feed your curiosity & quieten the inner skeptic. Each episode we will dive into a spiritually centered topic & interview people living out their soul purpose. Our listeners will be able to submit questions to our guests & have them answer them so that you can open up your perspective & views of what may lead to living a happy and more fulfilling life. Instagram: @skepticsguidepodcast

EPISODE 7 - Jacey's Story
Last Thursday at 7:00 AM

Jaime shares her family's story & opens up about her pregnancy & her beautiful baby girl Jacey. 
Trigger warning - In this episode we will be talking about pregnancy, stillborn birth, death and termination for medical reasons. 

EPISODE 6 - We're back!

After being MIA for 6 months, we are finally back & excited to be back in your ears!

EPISODE 5 - Tayla Watson

In this episode we chat with the beautiful Tayla Watson. Tayla guides women to live pleasure filled lives through heart connection, ancient earth medicine (cacao) and feminine embodiment practices. 

Find Tayla on
Instagram @liberated heart__

EPISODE 4 - Fuss Free Spirituality for Every Day

Sharing our day to day practices and easy tips to add more spirituality to your life. 

EPISODE 3 - Casey's Story

Death, Divorce, Disease

The three D’s of a spiritual awakening. 

Not all spiritual awakenings happen as a result of a big life event, but for some they are the catalyst for drastic changes within their life. This was the case for me, and after feeling quite lost, I knew I wanted more from life  & needed to make some changes so that I was less stressed, less anxious & to lead a more fulfilling life. I realised the only person holding me back was me.

EPISODE 2 - Jaime's Story

In this episode, Jaime shares her personal spiritual journey. We discuss how she navigated through this huge experience that changed her life and led her to Holistic Living Kiama.

EPISODE 1 - Intro to the Skeptics Guide to Spirituality

In our first episode we will be talking about how the podcast will work, some of the different topics we will cover and what lead us to the spiritual space to begin with.
We know it can be hard to wrap your head around some of the things out there, trust us we were exactly the same, but thats what the Skeptics Guide is for... to be curious, to learn and to open your mind to the endless possibilities available to you.