Church is Messy

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By: Rick Henderson and Svea Merry

Church is messy podcast recorded at Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester, MN

Church Is Messy: The Lost Words of Jesus Week 3

Pastor Caleb Smith joins Rick and Svea on today's episode. They dig into what is perhaps one of the most debated stories Jesus ever told, The Parable of the Dishonest Manager in Luke 16.

Show Notes

00:00 Intro Rick's story from the gym trying a new workout and being less than shrewd03:13 Many preachers skip this parable because it can throw people off, but Caleb was excited to study and preach this passage. 05:03 Discussion of reading the Bible through the original, intended audience's perspective07:40 There is some cutting room floor content that didn't make it i...

Church Is Messy: The Lost Words of Jesus Week 2

Today's Topic

Rick and Svea discuss one of Jesus' most famous stories, The Prodigal Son found in Luke 15:11-32.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro - Rick's late caffeine morning.01:39 Talking about the word, "Lost."04:21 Love requires we be sensitive about the language we use, especially around those who have not yet come to faith in Jesus. We shouldn't be motivated by proclaiming, we should be motivated by people hearing - and hearing our intent.08:48 The crowd who heard this story by Jesus and with whom they may...

Church Is Messy: The Lost Words of Jesus Week 1

Rick and Svea reverse roles today. He puts Svea in the "hot seat" as they discuss the genius of the stories in Luke 15:1-10. In these parables, Jesus simultaneously speaks to, and shows compassion toward, two groups of people who viewed themselves as being at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro01:14 Mother's Day is this weekend. Svea has a lot of "mom labels."04:29 Getting into the Lost Words of Jesus series - parables of lost things. Jesus really knew his audience. How did Svea get into studying the...

Church Is Messy: Run to Win

Rick and Svea talk about Rick's last weekend message about focusing in on our mission.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro00:50 What was the purpose of this past sermon? Why was it applicable to our church? 01:23 Discussion of changes in our church and in other churches - post-COVID, senior pastors, men and women in leadership, worship service options, etc. 05:15 The Bible and the Gospel require change and surrendering of preferences in many ways.08:29 All that we are and all that we have is based on Jesus, and we are grounded on the principle of...

Church Is Messy: Love Is The Agenda - Fostering

On this episode, Pastor Otis Hall joins Rick and Svea in the studio to continue the weekend’s discussion on James 1:27 and how that verse can propel us into action to care for our society’s most vulnerable.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro01:17 We looked at a passage in James that gave us insight into the fostering world.02:26 James 1:27 is about having a passion for compassion for all vulnerable people. Jesus did this numerous times throughout the gospels.05:14 The Jewish community at the time was focused on doing things for the vulnerable, but...

Church Is Messy: Welcome Home - Parenting

Today, Pastor Caleb Smith joins Svea in the studio as they close out our discussions on family by looking at parenting and parental influence.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro01:36 An exceptional message that spoke to people of many different categories of people who have parental influence whether or not children are a part of home life.03:23 The parental models we have in the bulk of Scripture are not examples of great parenting - usually just the opposite.06:13 The parental influence and example of Jesus - largely exhibited in his relationship with the...

Church Is Messy: Welcome Home - Single Life and Dating

Today's Topic

Rick and Svea talk about singleness, dating, and loneliness. They discuss Jesus and his singleness, guarding against being defined by another person, and not choosing a path that leads away from Jesus.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro.00:52 Nerding out on church history.04:58 Fighting against alienating singles - Svea's experience.06:02 Feeling the anti-gospel pull toward homogeneity and seeing the world as we are.08:24 Looking at Hagar: an outcast seen by God and our fundamental need to be seen.09:28 Being single isn't the problem; being alone is...

Church Is Messy: Welcome Home - Marriage

Today, Rick and Svea examine Ephesians 5 and what Paul says (and doesn’t say) about marriage, our presuppositions, and our culture. By applying this chapter to all relationships, what can the family of believers learn about the gospel way of life?

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro00:42 Welcome to new listeners02:40 Church should be a comfortable, restful, and safe place - a family06:55 What could single people take away from a message on marriage08:44 All of the Christian life is meant to put others first - mutual submission is a command to all be...

Church Is Messy: 1 Timothy 6

1 Timothy Message Series

1 Timothy Chapter 6

Rick and Svea swap chairs as Svea preached the message on 1 Timothy 6 this week and Rick asks her clarifying questions.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro and recap of the message.02:54 Discussion of what slavery was like in the NT times.08:57 Not every single verse in the Bible points to how the world is "supposed to be" but Scripture engages culture where it is and inform us on what it looks like to follow God in the reality of life's situations.10:17...

Church Is Messy: 1 Timothy 5:17-25

1 Timothy Message Series

1 Timothy Chapter 5:17-25

Today, we live up to “Church Is Messy” as we dive into the topic of accountability. How do we rightly hold people accountable? How do we respond when we’re being held accountable? How do we respond to anxiety-producing situations? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a little messiness.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

00:00 Intro01:13 Overview of “Church is Messy” name and concept.02:20 How do we hold others and leaders accountable within a local church?06:30 How is Autumn Ridge lead...