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By: James Kennedy

The official podcast of musician and author, James Kennedy. Exploring music, politics, society, books and whatever else happens along the way. Featuring awesome guests every week. Subscribe and join the conversation! Check out James's other pages at : Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

#67 - Darick Robertson - The Boys & Transmetropolitan
Last Wednesday at 7:34 PM

Darick Robertson is an artist and comic book illustrator who has penned many iconic characters including Wolverine, Spiderman and Deadpool amongst many others as well as being the co-creator and original illustrator of the Amazon hit, 'The Boys' and the legendary 'Transmetropolitan'. In this extremely fun chat, Darick shares inside stories on the making of 'Transmetropolitan', working with Warren Ellis, his various inspirations, his thoughts on the industry today, offers valuable advice for artists and even gives a debut live music performance! Darick can be found at :

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#66 - Kym Staton - Julian Assange is free - what happened?

Kym Staton is a musician and documentary film maker from Australia who's latest movie 'The Trust Fall' charts the story of Julian Assange and the campaign against him in blistering detail. Here, we discuss Julian's recent release from Belmarsh Prison, stories from the making of the documentary, why this case is so important and how he got Roger Waters to narrate the voice-over for the film. Find your local screening of the movie at :

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#65 - Zack Polanski - The Green Party for a better future

Zack Polanski is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. We chat about the Green Party's policies for the NHS, the cost of living crisis, energy, housing, immigration, tax, Universal Basic Income, the climate and much more. We also discuss the problems within the Labour Party, Israel and Gaza, the state of the country after 14 years of Tory rule and why we desperately need change at the next election. The Green Party can be found at :

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#64 - Mikey Doling - Snot, Channel Zero and Woyote

Mikey Doling is a guitarist, songwriter and producer known for playing in the bands Snot, Channel Zero, Soulfly and Woyote as well producing countless bands throughout his career. We chat about Mikey's thoughts on the music industry, the difference between the US and European rock music scenes, he shares inside stories about Channel Zero and Snot and we talk about his latest release and upcoming shows with his new band Woyote. Mikey can be followed at :

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#63 - Mother Mother - Grief Chapter, art & Tik Tok

Ryan Guldemond is the singer, guitarist and producer in the Canadian indie rock band, 'Mother Mother'. We chat about the band's latest album 'Grief Chapter', writers block, songwriting, staying true to your art, going viral on Tik Tok, AI, the music industry and their current world tour. Mother Mother can be followed at :

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#62 - Sarah Wilkinson - Palestine Action

Sarah Wilkinson is an British activist who began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator, before branching into journalism and editing. She has been a supporter of Palestine for 50 years, and a vocal pro-active campaigner since the First Intifada - here she speaks with me as an activist with Palestine Action, a direct action group campaigning for a free Palestine. We talk about Palestine Action's success in closing down several Elbit arms factories, why and how direct action works, the Netzarim Corridor, the Israel lobby, protest, a harrowing update on the current situation in Gaza and how you...

#61 - Matthew Alford - The CIA and Hollywood

Dr Matthew Alford is a lecturer in politics at Bath University, an author, documentary film maker and a leading authority on the governments relationship with Hollywood. In this episode we chat about how Chomsky's Propaganda Model applies to movie making in maintaining America's image both at home and around the world using real examples from movies such as Top Gun, American Sniper, Hulk, Independence Day, Meet The Parents and Iron Man. Matthew explains how the department of defense, the CIA and the police all have roles in shaping the scripts and the production of movies so that they conform...

#60 - Dr Dean Burnett - the brain, emotions, evolution & mental health

Dr Dean Burnett is a neuro-scientist, a lecturer, a best selling author and a podcaster from South Wales. On this episode he chats with me about how the brain works, the role of emotions, neuroplasticity, social media, AI, evolution, the brains flaws, trauma, the interesting effect that music has on the brain, psychedelics and much more. A fascinating and fun conversation. Dean can be found at :

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#59 - Mario Radetzky & Blackout Problems bring the Riot

Mario Radetzky is the singer in the German band, 'Blackout Problems'. On this episode, we chat about their brand new album 'Riot', mixing the personal and political through their lyrics, self producing, touring the UK after Brexit, their insane tour with Enter Shikari and Fever 333...and service stations! Blackout Problems can be found at :

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#58 - Srecko Horvat - Empire, Europe, AI, the future & punk rock

Srećko Horvat is a Croatian philosopher, author and political activist. Here we chat about the clashing empires of the USA, Russia and China, AI, Europe, Günther Anders, Yanis Varoufakis, Julian Assange, Jeremy Corbyn, immigration, the left, the climate crisis, Kafka, what he's doing with the ISSA school on the island of Vis...and his surprising background in punk rock and our mutual love of Rage Against The Machine. It's a deep, broad and thought provoking conversation. Srećko can be found at :

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