Virtual Selling

24 Episodes

By: Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel

With the pandemic that came upon us, the rise of video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom has led to more aspects of the sales conversation to occur virtually, and what began as a crisis reaction has evolved into the new normal, but how normal is the new normal ? We’re talking about how the strong shift from in-person to Virtual Selling has transformed the B2B sales experience. Virtual sales enablement, new organizations, KPIs, everything is evolving! In The Virtual Selling Podcast we address these issues in depth, twice a week, with the experts and leaders of these tr...

How to Hire the Right Sales Talent with Bryan Whittington | EP 24

On the 24th episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, our guest is Bryan Whittington, founder of EBS Growth and host of the Talent Sales & Scales Podcast. He tells us how he bridge the gab between low and high performers and his technique to make sure you hire the right sales.

Co-buying & Co-purchasing Experience | Ep. 23 part 2 Chuck Marcouiller

On the 23th episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, our guest is Chuck Marcouiller, VP of Revenue Enablement at FreightWaves. He talks about co-buying and co-purchasing experiences.

Build Buyer Consensus With Buyer Enablement | Ep. 22 part 1 Chuck Marcouiller

On the 22th episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, our guest is Chuck Marcouiller, VP of Revenue Enablement at FreightWaves. He explains why and how sellers should build buyer consensus before they pitch their products.

From Pastry to Sales | Ep. 21 Elise Schaefer

On the 21th episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, our guest is Elise Schaefer, Sales Manager at Rollworks. She tells us about her move from pastry to sales. Elise explains how she got her first job and progressed in her career.

Managing your Enablement Effectiveness | Ep. 20 Jonas Taylor

On the twentieth episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, our guest is Jonas Taylor, Manager of Enablement Effectiveness at Lattice. He explains his job to us and why it is essentials.

How Sales is Evolving with New Tools & Approaches | EP. 19 with Simon Puleo

On the nineteenth episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, our guest is Simon Puleo, Global Enablement Director at Aurora Solar. We discuss how sales are evolving, with new tools and new approaches.

Transition To Virtual Selling The Right Way | EP. 18 with Jake Dunlap

On the eighteenth episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, our guest is Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled Consulting. We talk about the transition to virtual selling and how companies can take this turn. He gives us his best tips and tools.

17. Adem Manderovic

On the seventeenth episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, we discuss closed-circuit selling. Our guest is Adem Manderovic, founder of Disrupt. He explains to us what it is and how it works.

EP. 16 Brent Keltner

Brent Keltner, Ph.D. is the founder and President of Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market- and revenue acceleration consultancy. They help clients reach their top revenue growth potential by shifting from product-driven selling to focusing on an authentic buyer and customer journey. they help growth stage to enterprise customers in a variety of sectors, including education, human capital, business operations, retail, and marketing communications.

Before starting Winalytics, Brent spent more than decade as a revenue leader in enterprise to early-stage companies, including Kaplan, Eduventures, Plus Delta Partners and CollegiateLink. He began his career as a Ph.D. social...

EP. 15 Chet Lovegren

Chet Lovegren

14. Rebekah Panepinto

On the fourteenth episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, Gabriel speaks with Rebekah Panepinto, Account Executive at Peak. She talks about her experience with Zoom and share her mindest on being a woman in tech.

13. Matt Austin

On the thirteenth episode of the Virtual Selling podcast, we talk about the importance of mindset in sales.

Our guest is Matt Austin, Head of Global Sales at Comfy, explains why it's important and shares his tricks for a top performer mindset.

Creating an Exciting & High Energy in Virtual Meeting | Ep. 12 with James Buckley

On the 12th episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, James Buckley, Chief Evangelist at JB Sales, talks about the importance of engagement and high energy in a virtual environment and how it drives better results, he also shares his best tools & tricks to build that positive energy!

Are Your Sales Reps Calling The Right People? | Ep. 11 with Ryan Reisert

On the eleventh episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, Gabriel's guest is Ryan Reisert, Founder of Phone Ready Leads. He tells us everything about the solution that ensures Sales Reps are calling the right people and closing more sales.

Balancing Motherhood & Working in Sales (Remotely!) | Ep. 10 with Stephany Clemons

On the tenth episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, Stephany Clemons, SDR leader, shares her experience working remotely as a mom. She gives us all her tips to organize her days.

The Evolution of the Sales Enablement | Ep. 9 with Saskia Jeneson

On the ninth episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, Saskia Jeneson, Director Global Sales Operations and BDR Manager at Powell Software, tells us about the history of sales enablement. She talks about sales enablement before the internet even existed and its evolutions up to now.

Attracting and Retaining Talents in a Virtual World | Virtual Selling #8 - Jim Kanichirayil

On the eighth episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, Gabriel talks to Dr.Jim Kanichirayil, Talent Strategy Transformation Evangelist at Circa and host of The Cascading Leadership Podcast. He tells us all about how companies can attract, retain and develop talents in a virtual world and the importance of a professional brand.

The Importance of Having a Consistently Winning Sales Process | Ep. 7 with Wael Gara

On the seventh episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, Wael Gara, Global Sales Operations Analyst at Ivalua, tells us all about how he helps Sales to improve their processes. He explains to us how their teams are organized and how he approaches his mission.

Virtual Selling Across Different Timezones | Ep. 6 with Edward Purmalis

On the sixth episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, Gabriel speaks to Edward Purmalis, Head of Community and Partnerships at Salescast, tells us all about virtual selling in different times zones. He explains the benefits and challenges of working with clients across the world and managing a remote team across multiple time zones.

Using Videos in Virtual Selling Scenarios | EP. 5 with Collin Mitchell

Collin Mitchell is the co-founder at SalesCast and a host of The Sales Transformation Podcast.

In this episode, Gabriel and Collin talk about how and when to use video in virtual selling scenarios, and why it's vital that you integrate it in your sales process.

Building Authentic Relationships, Virtually | Ep. 4 with Bill McCormik

Bill McCormick is a sales coach at Selling From The Heart.

In this episode, Gabriel and Bill talk about how to build trust while doing virtual sales. Bill gives tips on how to stay authentic using LinkedIn and other trust enablement tips.

Managing Remote Sales Teams | EP. 3 with Kevin Hopp

Kevin Hopp is CEO of Hopp Consulting Group and host of the Sales Career Podcast.

In this episode, Gabriel and Kevin talk about the tools and software that can help make remote work and virtual selling better. Kevin Hopp tells us all about managing remote sales teams. He explains his whole process, from how he train his teams to the advantages of remote work for sales teams.

How B2B Podcasting Benefits Businesses | Ep. 2 with Chris Decker

On the second episode of The Virtual Selling Podcast, Chris Decker, Co-Founder and CEO of Salescast tells us all about the power of capturing the stories of others through podcasts, and how it helps build connections and interact with potential buyers.

The Difference Between Traditional & Virtual Selling ? | Ep. 1 with Walker McKay

Our first guest on The Virtual Selling Podcast is Walker McKay, Principal and Founder of McKay Consulting Group and No BS Sales School. In this first episode, he explains the benefits of virtual selling and why it's more important than ever that sales teams develop virtual selling skills now.