Women on a Mission with Sue Revell

10 Episodes

By: Sue Revell

If you are (or aspire to be!) a woman on a mission, this is the podcast for you – especially if you’re feeling stuck or held back by unhelpful thinking. There are so many things that can stop us from stepping into the unknown, fulfilling our calling or reaching our full potential, and they nearly all begin with one thing. Our thoughts! Those pesky, slippery but convincing thoughts that I hear all the time from clients, like but I’m just little old me and who am I to do that? Join me, Sue Revell, personal leadership coach and your host f...

#101: Mission Me! with Kym Vincenti

Fearing ridicule. Falling through the cracks for help. Letting the bullies win. When learning to be resourceful is your only path to surviving the unusual and unconventional life you’ve been born into, it can take a lifetime to slow down enough to breathe.

Kym Vincenti was a born extrovert, living in the introvert shell she had created for safety. She describes how slowing everything down and launching ‘Mission Me’, has been an awkward and difficult journey of self-discovery, learning the power of self-acceptance in order to be her own champion, from the inside-out.  

Kym describ...

#100: Looking back on: Bravery, Courage & Guts! with Viv Groskop

Is it possible to be effortlessly confident and, if so, how much work does it take? And what difference would it make in your world if you could trust yourself to feel at ease and confident when it matters most?

In last week’s interview (#099) I talked to Viv Groskop, award-winning writer, comedian, TV and radio presenter. Viv’s podcast, How To Own The Room, was a big inspiration in launching this show, and plays a big part in Viv’s mission to encourage women to find their voice and be heard.

In our Insights episod...

#099: Bravery, Courage & Guts! with Viv Groskop

Owning the room is something that Viv Groskop is more than familiar with. As well as perfecting the art personally, throughout her career, she has interviewed a slew of high profile women from around the world to uncover the secrets of brilliant speaking and explore the source of power and authority when people speak. 

But it’s not always the big moments that matter. Who do we need to BE to be effortlessly confident in the tiny moments too?

Viv Groskop is an award-winning writer, comedian, TV and radio presenter and she’s on a missi...

#098: Looking back on "Start With What You Have!" with Mi Elfverson

What do you do when you have a deep calling to make a difference, and you’re feeling all the feels, but actually creating change feels completely overwhelming and you don’t know where to start?

In last week’s interview (#097) I talked to Mi Elfverson, founder of The Vlog Academy and creator of the EyeStorm community. Mi has created some extraordinary opportunities throughout her career, and is on a mission to help other women to step into their power too.

Looking back on our conversation, this week I dig deeper into Mi’s advice to start...

#097: Start With What You Have! with Mi Elfverson

A mission takes confidence, bravery and maybe a little bit of crazy…such is the experience of this week’s guest. Her own little bit of crazy yielded not only the launch of her career in high-end film, TV and commercial production, but also a working visit to war-torn Bosnia with UN/IPTF peace-keeping forces.

Mi Elfverson is the founder of The Vlog Academy and creator of the EyeStorm community. She has worked with global agencies and renowned Hollywood block busters, including James Bond and Harry Potter films, and here she shares how her experience of creating extr...

#096: Meet our Women on a Mission for Season SEVEN!

Ready to meet our next set of guests?  Whether you've just found us, or you're a seasoned expert-listener, welcome to Season SEVEN of the Women on a Mission Show.

In this short solo episode, I introduce you to my latest guest list. I’ll tell you a little about who my guests will be, why I've invited them to join me and what you can expect from our conversations.

Welcome to:

Viv Groskop - Writer, comedian, TV & radio presenter and author & host of How To Own The Room Mi Elfverson - Founder of The Vlo...

#095: Being Free - The Season Six Heartbeats

Looking back on Season Six, and reflecting on the stories and experiences shared by each of my guests, the word that stands out this season is FREEDOM!  With so many experiences being described by my guests, we heard how freedom was a gift, a release, a discovery and a quest. Whatever freedom might mean for you, there really is something for everyone in this season. Here’s a quick reminder of our conversations:

Lou Featherstone on life as a positivity rebel: finding your own voice and discovering true inner confidence (Ep 81 & 82) Natalie Balmain on wanting to be Prime Min...

#094: Looking back on: Can We Care Too Much As Leaders? with Frances Beecher

What does it mean to be an all-in leader? And how can we be all-in, creating positive impact and influence, while also looking after ourselves, those we lead, and those we serve?

In last week’s interview (#093) I talked to Frances Beecher, CEO of Llamau, Wales’ leading young people and women’s homeless charity. Frances can’t NOT care and it’s a conversation about creating influence and impact, in a sector where leaders can often feel powerless.

Where are you feeling powerless to create change right now?

Looking back on our conversation, this week...

#093: Can We Care Too Much As Leaders? with Frances Beecher

Walking alongside those experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse, and sexual violence, my guest this week is one of the most humble leaders you will meet. Compelled to action at an early age, Frances’ mission to eradicate homelessness has encompassed a career as a volunteer, a therapist, an outreach worker (and even a prankster!), on her path to being the purposeful leader she is today.

Frances Beecher is the Chief Executive of Llamau, Wales leading homeless charity supporting vulnerable women and disenfranchised young people.  Do listen in as, determined to make an impact, Frances shares some deeply honest and pow...

#092: Looking back on "What's Keeping You Stuck?" with Janey Lee Grace

Which life are you living?  Is it the life you’ve grown used to and don’t know how to change, or is it the life that you have chosen to create?

In last week’s interview (#091) I talked to well-known author, speaker and former BBC radio presenter, Janey Lee Grace - founder of The Sober Club. Quitting the booze was the missing link for Janey, enabling her to find her purpose and live her best life.

What would be possible for you if you were no longer stuck and, instead, living the life you would c...