Simple Faith With Rusty George

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By: Rusty George

Rusty George is the Lead Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church in Grand Prairie. Under his dedicated leadership, Crossroads Christian Church aspires to flourish as a vibrant community committed to guiding individuals in their journey to discover and follow the path of Jesus. Beyond leading Crossroads Church, Rusty is a global speaker, leader and teacher focusing on making real life simple. Rusty has also written several books and can be heard weekly on his podcast, Leading Simple with Rusty George. Aside from being a loyal Chiefs, Royals, and Lakers fan, Rusty is first and foremost committed to his family. Rusty has...

Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Thirty
Today at 11:00 AM

Ever find yourself wondering if Jesus sees everything? Well, today we're exploring Revelation chapter 30 together. We're unpacking those letters John wrote to the churches. It's a real eye-opener, reminding us that Jesus is always with us, seeing it all, but not in a "gotcha" kind of way. Join me as we explore what it means to live knowing Jesus is watching, not to catch us slipping, but because He's deeply interested in us.

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Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty nine
Yesterday at 11:00 AM

Ever felt like your best years are behind you? Day 29 brings us to John, seemingly stuck in prison, until Jesus shows up with a new mission. Just like Clint Eastwood found his greatest success in his later years, John discovers there's more to come. What if God isn't finished with you yet? Today, let's embrace His purpose for us.

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Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty Eight
Last Saturday at 11:00 AM

Ever felt unsure about the book of Revelation? In today’s devotional, we will explore into its mysteries. Revelation starts with John's vivid encounter with Jesus on the prison island of Patmos. Despite the chaos and suffering around him, Jesus appears in glory, reminding John that he is never alone. Even when we can't see Him, Jesus is near, in our daily moments and struggles. So, consider this: What if Jesus is closer than you think, even in the mundane? Let's embrace His presence today.

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Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty Seven
Last Friday at 11:00 AM

In today's reflection on 3 John 1:4, John expresses his joy in seeing others follow Jesus. It's a sentiment shared by many parents, grandparents, and pastors. John's journey from a close-knit family to a diverse group of disciples taught him the value of unity in Christ. Despite differences, he recognizes the importance of relationships rooted in Jesus. So, consider: Are you using your personality as an excuse to avoid relationships? Instead of focusing on differences, let's embrace the value in learning from one another.

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Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty Six
Last Thursday at 11:00 AM

Ever thought about what guarantees God offers?  In today's chapter, we dive into the concept of guarantees. What assurances can we have from God? Hopefully better than failed products like Olestra or New Coke. As we ponder our requests to God, we may wonder if there's anything He always says yes to. In 2 John, John shares three things we can count on: grace, mercy, and peace—gifts from Jesus through our Heavenly Father because of the cross. Grace gives us what we don't deserve, mercy gives us relief from what we do deserve, and peace surpasses understanding. Take a mom...

Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty Five
Last Wednesday at 11:00 AM

I wonder how many of us have prayed and then thought, "I must not be doing it right." Or maybe you've prayed and didn't get what you wanted, wondering if there was sin or a lack of manners in your request. In my book "After Amen," I explore what comes after we hang up the phone with God. Is there something we can do to determine His response? While there are steps to take after prayer, the biggest lesson is that God always answers, though not always with a yes. Sometimes it's "yes," sometimes "yes, but more," sometimes "not...

Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty Four
Last Tuesday at 11:00 AM

Did you know that even seemingly crazy ideas can lead to great decisions? I heard a story about a company struggling to speed up packing glass items because workers kept reading newspapers. Someone joked about hiring blind people, which turned out to be a brilliant solution. Similarly, Jesus' teachings might seem unusual, like when He said, "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood is associated with me." The Spirit also guides us in seemingly unconventional ways, like forgiving and showing kindness. How do we know it's from the Spirit? It aligns with Jesus' teachings.

You c...

Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty Three

Get a fresh perspective on being chosen and how it applies to your everyday life in today’s devotional. I told a story in the book about a guy coming to the children's ministry, pointing at his kids, and saying, "Well, not you, not you, not you. I choose you." The joy in that kid's eyes was unforgettable. This is important for us as followers of Jesus. Some debate whether all are chosen or just a few. I believe Jesus' sacrifice invites us all. Jesus calls us to be God's children. Today, consider God as your Heavenly Father.


Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty Two

In today’s devotional, we're talking about the priceless gift of freedom and forgiveness Jesus gives us. Just like the goats in Leviticus—one slaughtered, one set free—Barabbas was guilty and freed, while guiltless Jesus was crucified. Because of Jesus, we receive atonement and freedom we couldn't afford. Think about this: Jesus gives us what we cannot buy. Is it freedom, guilt-free living, forgiveness from shame?

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Friend of God: Daily Devotional - Day Twenty One

Ever feel lost in your own life? We can all relate. In today’s devotional, we're talking all about finding our way when we feel lost. Today's reading tells a funny story about Mutlu, who gets so drunk he joins his own search party looking for himself. We've all been lost in one way or another. In 1 John, we read about how Jesus is a light in the darkness, guiding us out of our own sin and confusion. Jesus, help me see all things by your light. What do you need to bring the light of Jesus to today?