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Marketing Trends is your #1 podcast for all things marketing. Twice a week you’ll get to hear interviews with industry-leading marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, and thought leaders in the field. Tune in to hear the war stories and best practices from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500.

Building Better Brands, Teams, and Experiences
Yesterday at 8:00 AM

What is the best part of being a marketer? Seth Freeman, VP of Marketing and Communications at BlueLinx shares that he is driven by being able to tell a story through marketing. By relying on a strong team and using the resources around him, Seth explains how he built his role from the ground up. Tune in to the episode to hear more on how to rebrand and ensure employee receive quality experiences. 

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How Seth built his role at BlueLinx (16:45)What Seth brought to the ‘Whole New Blue” brand (21:13)About the future of th...

Staying Relevant as a Leader
Last Wednesday at 8:00 AM

In an uncertain and rapidly changing world, how can leaders stay relevant for the long term? What skills are needed to tackle the big issues we face around employee retention and DEI disparities? Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen, Chairman Executive Board, Aon Holdings, shares her expert perspective and her leadership journey.

Tune in to learn:

Cultivating the ability to adapt (07:26)Marguerite’s thoughts on employee retention (12:45)Aon Holding’s efforts regarding diversity, inclusion, and mental health (15:11)How to stay relevant as a leader (21:00)


Aon’s 2022 Executive Risk SurveyJack Welch Daniel GolemanDouglas Conant (Former CEO, Campbell’s Soup)G-20...

Mission Thanksgiving Roundtable: Is Black Friday Dead?

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, how are businesses handling the busiest commerce period of the year? On this special crossover episode, the hosts from podcasts, Up Next in Commerce, Marketing Trends and IT Visionaries join forces for the first time ever to discuss all things retail. Tune in to hear Stephanie, Jeremy, and Albert share their thoughts and expertise about the latest shopping technology, holiday cyber threats, and whether shifting consumer attitudes will make Black Friday a thing of the past.

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Has in-store Black Friday shopping...

Building Exposure Through Partnerships With Stephanie Dobbs Brown

What do Balenciaga, McLaren’s race team, and CNBC’s Mad Money have in common? They’ve all collaborated with ICE to expand their brands and build exposure for their companies. Tune in to learn from Stephanie Dobbs Brown, CMO at ICE, about how partnerships can benefit building brands to reach wider audiences through creating bold relationships and excellent employee experiences. 

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About balancing brand and market (9:39)How to look for high-performance leaders (19:22)What to learn from failures and successes (29:39)How to climb the marketing ladder (39:04)


ICE’s first commercialAndrea Brimmer M...

Meet Rising Customer Expectations with Salesforce

With budgets constraining and customer expectations at an all-time high, how can industry leaders rise to overcome today’s unique marketing challenges? Shannon Duffy, EVP of Cloud and Industry Marketing at Salesforce, joins us to discuss the latest findings from the company’s 8th annual State of Marketing Report, and shares how marketers can leverage Salesforce’s cutting-edge technology to gather insights and drive customer satisfaction.

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Shannon’s biggest takeaway from Salesforce’s State of Marketing Report (02:49)The importance of real-time customer engagement (9:18)About Shannon’s Forbes piece on changing customer attitudes (18:38)How Salesfor...

Finding Moments of Chill with Molson-Coors with Marcelo Pascoa

How do brands curate success with customers? Marcelo Pascoa, VP of Marketing at Molson-Coors, claims that being environmentally and emotionally conscious builds a brand that inspires loyalty with consumers. Listen to the episode to hear more about how Marcelo and Molson-Coors make social and environmental efforts to build on their 150 year legacy that connects with customers and creates brand success.  

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What Molson-Coors has to offer (2:07)How Marcelo saw different challenges while working around the globe (8:45)Dealing with cultural nuance in marketing (13:40)About Molson-Coors’ campaign with Tide (23:31)Responding to economic headwinds (35:30)


Doing More With Less Data With Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery

With data restrictions becoming more prevalent, how can advertisers reach customers without first party data? Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery, claims that successful advertising can be done without any form of ID. Listen to hear more about AI marketing strategies and reaching consumers through a comfortable privacy setting. 

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About Melinda’s journey from a career in physics to data science (04:21)How data is losing availability (09:53)Ways to reach customers through Dstillery’s ID-free approach (14:24)What trends are emerging in AI marketing (26:30)


(23:17) Mark Papermaster - https://www.linke...

Leading With Influence Instead of Title With Linda Lee, CMO of Campbell’s Soup Company

How can consumer insights help build a successful marketing strategy? Linda Lee, CMO of Campbell’s Soup Company, claims her own curiosity allowed her to lead with influences from the consumer’s perspective. Listen to hear more about using a consumer’s lens to analyze competitors’ strategies and understand the impact media consumption has on a brand.

Tune in to learn:

How to build trust with stakeholders (8:50)About the relationship between CMO and CFO (16:10)Why the consumer lens is vital for analyzing strategy (30:59)How to think on your feet with new marketing opportunities (34:24)


15:53 Jenn Kre...

Bringing Digestive Health to the Masses with David Lester, Co-founder, OLIPOP

Is it possible that the hottest health drink on the market isn’t a green juice or kombucha, but a delicious fizzy soda? Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two of the biggest and most enduring brands of all time, but there’s now a healthier alternative that’s fizzing up in the soda industry. David Lester is the Co-founder of the healthy beverage company OLIPOP, which makes tasty carbonated drinks and delicious sodas enriched with fiber and prebiotics to help with gut health. On this episode, David explains the science behind the product, and recounts the trying journey he and his co...

Respecting the Consumer with Rohini Sen, Head of Global Solutions, Quantcast

Despite the industry’s phase-out of third-party cookies, the debate continues over how to find the right balance between personalization and privacy in advertising. Rohini Sen, Head of Global Solutions at the advertising technology company Quantcast, suggests that respect for the consumer should always be at the center of the conversation. Tune in to hear how her team is helping clients cut through the complexity in their advertising experience and why she is a champion of consumer choice.

Tune in to learn:

About Quantcast and Rohini’s role there (2:25)When Rohini’s interest in data and analyt...

The Power of “Radical Brevity” With Chris West, CEO of Verbal Identity

How do you connect with potential customers before their attention is pulled away? Chris West, CEO of Verbal Identity, contends that “radical brevity” in branding is essential in modern marketing and failure to adapt will be detrimental to business. On this episode, Chris explains the importance of language, succinct writing and aligning your team behind a brand identity. 

Tune in to learn:

The importance of radical brevity (06:08)A good example of radical brevity (14:31)How businesses can prepare their employees for succinct writing (17:01)The importance of aligning your teams through your brand (25:37)Why should companies train their write...

The Automation Evangelist with Xuan Liao, CMO, Americas, Roboyo

One wouldn’t think that freeing up workers’ time spent on menial tasks so they could focus on more important things would be a hard sell for businesses. But when it comes to adopting automation in the workplace, some companies still need convincing. That’s where today’s guest comes in. Xuan Liao is the CMO for the Americas region at the automation services company Roboyo. Tune in to hear Xuan’s unique journey into marketing, and learn why this self-proclaimed evangelizer of automation is so fired up about getting companies to join the “robo-lution.”

Tune in to learn:


Braver Bank Marketing with Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing and PR Officer, Ally

Can one marketing team make an impact on a category as time-tested as banking? Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing and PR Officer at the digital financial services company Ally, says that all it takes is a bit of bravery. Tune in to hear Andrea discuss her bold approach to the company’s rebrand, her team’s innovative use of gamification to increase financial literacy, and her strong commitment to elevating diversity and equality through marketing.

Tune in to learn:

About the gamification strategies at Ally (3:37)The approach used to the rebrand at Ally (27:05)How marketing can be used...

Healthcare in the Digital Age with Andrew Greenwood, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, ZS

As new technologies change the healthcare landscape, how are marketing leaders in the field keeping up? Andrew Greenwood is the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications at the healthcare management consulting and technology firm ZS. On today’s episode, Andrew discusses the unique challenges that the healthcare industry presents and why it is poised for a digital transformation.

Tune in to learn:

How ZS is helping healthcare companies take the lead in today’s digital world (8:35)Challenges of overseeing both marketing and communications (17:40)Data and metrics to prioritize (30:02)

Marketing Trends is brought to you by Sale...

Finding Balance in Marketing With Lauren Weinberg, Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Square

How can marketers navigate “the blessing and the curse” of an overwhelming number of opportunities? Lauren Weinberg, Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Square, discusses her focus on strategic prioritization and burnout prevention. She shares her evolution as a leader over the past five years and provides insights into how the leadership team collaborates.  

Tune in to learn:

Balancing opportunity with burnout prevention (5:05)How to evolve as a leader (11:30)Balancing function and emotion in campaigns (24:40)


SoFi Stadium

Marketing Trends is brought to you by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For more great marketing insigh...

Bringing Build-A-Bear Alive in New Ways With Jenn Kretchmar, Chief Digital and Merchandising Officer of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Amidst headlines about the demise of malls, how can a brand that is steeped in the mall experience continue to thrive? Jenn Kretchmar, Chief Digital and Merchandising Officer of Build-A-Bear Workshop, discusses digital transformation at Build-A-Bear and its record-breaking results. She also dives into her holiday marketing predictions and her team’s strategy this year. 

Tune in to learn:

The focus on digital transformation (2:46)Build-A-Bear’s bifurcated business model (11:16)Why to have an agnostic view regarding points of customer engagement (18:16)Insights into holiday marketing (37:28)


Build-A-Bear After DarkAndrea Brimmer, Head of Marketing, Ally FinancialCount your...

Solving Real Problems for Real Users With Rebecca Johnston-Gilbert, Head of Marketing Ops, Postman

What methodologies should a marketing leader implement during a time of rapid growth? Rebecca Johnston-Gilbert, the Head of Marketing Ops at Postman, has seen the API platform’s usership skyrocket from 6 million to more than 20 million people during her three-and-a-half years there. Tune in to hear why, despite the company’s tremendous success, she has stuck with tried-and-true marketing fundamentals in her approach.

Tune in to learn:

Welcome to Marketing Trends (00:00)What Postman is and what Rebecca does there (02:00)Where the Marketing Spark started for Rebecca (03:30)Rebecca's approach to product growth at Postman (04:27)Did Rebecca study prod...

Modernizing Healthcare Marketing with Andrew Chang, VP of Marketing, Summit Health & CityMD

The healthcare industry is notoriously slow to adopt new marketing trends. But can one organization’s innovative approach usher the field into the modern age? Andrew Chang is the VP of Marketing at the multispecialty medical group Summit Health and urgent care provider CityMD, which merged in 2019 to form a combined company that covers a wide range of healthcare needs. Tune in to hear Andrew explain how the organization’s unique business model and data-collection strategy are helping unlock the true potential of healthcare marketing.

Tune in to learn:

How Summit Health is revolutionizing healthcare marketing (9:10) Earni...

Staying ‘Curious’ With Milena Oliveira, SVP & CMO, Transportation & Electronics Business Group, 3M

What can a CMO at a multinational conglomerate still have to learn about marketing? Milena Oliveira, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Transportation and Electronics Business Group at 3M, suggests that a marketer’s growth does not stop once they earn that CMO title. Tune in to hear Milena describe 3M’s global marketing approach and why maintaining a curious mindset has been vital to her success.

Tune in to learn:

About 3M and Milena’s role there (2:20) About 3M’s emphasis on R&D and how that affects its marketing (7:25)About the globa...

The NFT Frontier With Tyrone Miller, Former Head of Media, Sfermion

It can be difficult enough for a marketer to raise awareness about a brand, but what about a whole new territory? Tyrone Miller is the former Head of Media at the investment firm Sfermion, which focuses on NFTs — a promising world still being explored. On this episode, Tyrone talks about the potential of the novel NFT market and how his gaming industry experience strengthened the storytelling skills he uses to connect with clients.

Tune in to learn:

Welcome to Marketing Trends (00:00)About Sfermion and Tyron's role (02:21)Tyrone's perspective on how tech has evolved (05:48)What Tyrone thinks ma...

Let’s Talk About CMO Burnout With Kelly Hopping, Chief Marketing Officer, HYCU

What is the best path forward for a CMO suffering from burnout? On this episode, accomplished marketing leader Kelly Hopping reveals why she chose to take a six-month sabbatical before accepting her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at the backup-as-a-service company HYCU. Tune in to hear what she accomplished during her time away from work and why she believes other CMOs could benefit from taking a well-timed break.

Tune in to learn:

About Kelly’s marketing journey (4:00)About CMO burnout and Kelly’s thoughts on the benefits of taking a sabbatical (26:30)About Kelly’s time at Har...

Choosing a Brand to Champion With Alice Milligan, Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan Stanley

How should a marketing leader choose which brand to devote their time and talent toward? Alice Milligan has worked for some well-known operations like AT&T, American Express, and Citi before her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at the financial services company Morgan Stanley. On this episode, Alice discusses the values that have guided her extraordinary marketing journey and the fascinating approach she took during her first 90 days as Morgan Stanley’s CMO.

Tune in to learn:

What drew Alice to work at Morgan Stanley (3:20) Alice’s philosophy on choosing where to work (16:10) How Alice thinks...

Know the Culture, Grow the Brand With Suresh Raj, Global Chief Growth Officer at Virtue Worldwide

What is the secret to growing a brand? Suresh Raj, the Global Chief Growth Officer at Vice Media Group’s creative agency Virtue Worldwide, suggests that keeping a thumb on the pulse of the culture is essential for a company’s growth. Tune in to hear how his incredible “boy band” background has prepared him for his current role and for some advice on how to pitch ideas to clients.

Tune in to learn:

About Suresh’s experience in the music industry (2:10) About Virtue Worldwide and what Suresh’s role is there (11:50) Suresh’s approach to storytelling (21...

Music, Marketing, and a Bit of Sales ‘Magic' With David Stewart, EVP and CMO, Sweetwater

How vital are authentic customer connections to growing a business? David Stewart, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sweetwater, suggests that the focus on customer experience is the “magic” behind the company’s massive success. Tune in to learn how David’s lifelong passion for music has fueled a 30-year career at one of the world’s leading musical instrument and audio equipment retailers.

Tune in to learn:

How David’s love of music led him to Sweetwater (2:30) About Sweetwater and how it started (11:45) About David’s evolution into a marketing leader (23:40)


“Boston” (Albu...

The ‘Death’ of the CMO? With Michael Diamond, Academic Director, NYU School of Professional Studies

With a number of major brands taking a more comprehensive marketing approach, are the days of the CMO numbered? Michael Diamond, the Academic Director and Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU School of Professional Studies offers his take on whether the role of the Chief Marketing Officer is disappearing or simply evolving.

Tune in to learn:

Michael’s take on the current state of PR and marketing (2:45)About ways that CMOs can source innovation (10:30) If the CMO position is becoming obsolete (24:50) About Michael’s marketing journey and his love of language (37:15)


Keith Weed, Former CMO, U...

The Unifying ‘Power of Sports’ With Emeka Ofodile, Vice President of Sports Marketing, ESPN

With so many ways that people can consume sports content, what role does marketing play in bringing fans together? Emeka Ofodile is Vice President of Sports Marketing at ESPN, a network that over the years has become closely associated with sports fandom. On this episode, Emeka shares how innovative strategies from his marketing “playbook” have helped ESPN adapt to the modern-day sports fan and unite the fan experience.

Tune in to learn:

About Emeka’s background and marketing journey (5:00) About the evolution of the sports consumer (10:45) About the diverse culture at ESPN (25:00) Emeka’s take on how to grow...

‘Always Soar, Don’t Settle’ With Brooke Mlsna, Vice President of Marketing, Fastenal Company

What does it take to work your way up from an entry-level position at a major organization to eventually becoming a leader in its marketing department? That’s Brooke Mlsna’s experience at Fastenal Company. Brooke joins us to talk about her inspirational rise through the ranks at the industrial supplies and solutions behemoth. 

Tune in to learn:

About Fastenal Company (3:15) About Brooke’s 14-year journey at Fastenal (8:50) Brooke’s secret to maintaining her role as VP of Marketing (17:30)About a crucial moment in Brooke’s marketing career (38:50) 


Eric Tosi, Chief Marketing Officer at Foley Enter...

Finding ‘Purpose’ in Marketing With Jawad Bisbis, Global VP of Marketing at Ball Corporation

What do Coldplay, Jason Momoa, and the 2022 Stanley Cup champions, the Colorado Avalanche, have in common? They all partner with Ball Corporation to build a better future. Our guest today is Jawad Bisbis, the Vice President of Marketing at Ball Corporation. Tune in to hear Jawad’s thoughts on marketing for positive environmental change.

Tune in to learn:

How Jawad sees the role of the marketer (9:30)  How to build good marketing team culture (23:00)Personalizing the product and connecting customers to the brand (30:00)Jawad’s advice for marketers (52:10)


“Party Like Jason Momoa With the Ball Alu...

Traveling to New Business Territories With George Hammer, Global Head of Marketing of Tripadvisor

Is it best to grow your career by staying in one industry? George Hammer, the Global Head of Marketing of Tripadvisor, suggests that traveling to different industries and jobs is the way to learn more. Tune in to hear from George about how marketers ought to have an interdisciplinary approach and how marketing leaders should make out-of-the-box hires.

Tune in to learn:

How George’s entrepreneurial roots shaped his career choices (10:30)Lessons George learned from working at previous companies (13:15) What combinations of skills are needed by today’s marketers? (21:30)George’s leadership style and the importance of team...

Pointers From a Product Marketer With Lubor Ptacek, Vice President of Product Marketing, Motive

Historically, have some companies underestimated the importance of product marketing for their bottom line? Lubor Ptacek, Vice President of Product Marketing at the fleet management and software development company Motive, shares why he believes modern metrics are finally shining a light on the true “value” of the product marketing department. Tune in to learn from Lubor about the versatile communication skills that every product marketing leader should have.

Tune in to learn:

About Motive and Lubor’s role at the company (4:10) About Motive’s major rebrand (7:15) What marketing trends Lubor is following (28:45) What metrics Motive takes into accoun...

Making the "People Connection" With Mariana Prado Cogan, CMO,

Are some marketers losing sight of their department’s primary function? Mariana Prado Cogan, the CMO at the revenue operations and intelligence platform, suggests that leaders in the field bring the focus “back to the people.” Mariana joins us to explain what CMOs need to prioritize to maximize their tenure and connect with customers. She also recounts her formative years in Mexico City and Japan, and how both cultures have influenced her personal and professional outlook.

Tune in to learn:

About Mariana’s unique upbringing in Mexico City (7:32)  The biggest challenge of being a CMO (21:20...

The Value of Values With Paul Stoddart, CMO of Customer Success and Growth, Salesforce

What is the true value of a tight-knit work environment? Paul Stoddart, the CMO of Customer Success and Growth at Salesforce, joins us to discuss his first six months at the CRM software provider. Paul shares why the company’s “family” culture and hyperfocus on customer experience contribute to its overall success.

Tune in to learn:

About Paul’s first six months at Salesforce (5:35) About the culture of “ohana” at Salesforce (8:50) Salesforce’s approach to messaging (25:20) Paul’s perspective on Web3 (32:50)


“Paul Stoddart, CMO of Epicor, Emphasizes Developing Meaningful Relationships with Peers and Consumers alike as th...

Starting Small and Thinking Big With Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, iCIMS

How does one go from being a young marketing coordinator at a company to spearheading its international marketing campaigns as CMO? Susan Vitale, the Chief Marketing Officer at the talent acquisitions company iCIMS, joins us to discuss her unique 17-year marketing journey there. She shares how her early days at iCIMS helped prepare her for the CMO role and offers valuable advice on overcoming self-doubt when stepping into a new position.

Tune in to learn:

About Susan’s journey from marketing coordinator to CMO at iCIMS (5:00) About what it’s like to have a global marketing direc...

Smart TV and Smarter TV Marketing With Jordan Rost, Head of Ad Marketing, Roku, Inc.

In the relationship between people and technology, which side is really transforming the other? It is a question that Jordan Rost, Head of Ad Marketing at the streaming provider Roku, Inc., has been exploring throughout his career. Tune in to hear Jordan’s thoughts on how marketers are adapting to new technologies in the TV space and why some traditional TV advertising practices have remained relevant during the streaming revolution.

Tune in to learn:

Jordan’s thoughts on the modern day marketing leader (06:10) How TV marketing has adapted to the streaming world (10:40)Jordan’s take on the sta...

Be a Driver of Change With Siddharth Taparia, Global Chief Marketing Officer, JLL

When a CMO joins a well-established company, how can they effectively gain the confidence of the other executives? Siddharth Taparia, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at the real estate services company JLL, boils the answer down to just a few crucial components. Tune in to hear his take on why building trust as a marketing leader requires a careful balance of both humility and assertiveness.

Tune in to learn:

How did Siddharth cultivate a culture of collaboration with his team? (10:40)How Siddharth builds trust with the other executives (18:40) Siddharth’s thoughts on the resurgence of office and...

Making Digital Memories With Lachlan Davidson, Head of Digital and Marketing, Memories Group Limited

Memorializing a lost loved one is a longstanding human custom. But how is that tradition changing in today’s digital world? Lachlan Davidson is the Head of Digital and Marketing for Memories Group Limited, a leader in the burgeoning digital legacy industry. Lachlan joins us to discuss how technological innovation is opening the door to new possibilities in the memorialization space and shares the joys and challenges of growing a category as a marketer.

Tune in to learn:

Memories Group Limited’s services (4:20) Creating and growing a new marketing category (21:50) The technology that exists that will enhanc...

The Modern Age of Sports Marketing With Eric Tosi, Chief Marketing Officer, Foley Entertainment Group/Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights made history when they reached the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals in their first NHL season. But the franchise’s early success can be attributed to more than just the action on the rink. Eric Tosi, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Vegas Golden Knights and Foley Entertainment Group, has been with the team from the outset and joins us to offer insider tips on how he helped build a standout sports brand in a city teeming with entertainment options.

Tune in to learn:

How Eric entered the sports marketing field (6:00) How to raise bra...

Creating Customers for Life With Narine Galstian, CMO, SADA

What does a genuine customer-first marketing approach look like in practice? Narine Galstian, the Chief Marketing Officer at SADA, a Google Cloud Partner, asserts that when the company gains a client, “that’s just the beginning of their transformation.” Tune in to discover how marketing leaders can build long-term customer relationships that help their clients grow.

Tune in to learn:

About SADA and about Narine’s role as CMO there (03:30)About SADA’s “customers-for-life” philosophy (17:40)What inspires Narine’s leadership style (32:30)How Narine’s immigrant experience has shaped her team-building work at SADA (38:30)


“Diversity In The Cha...

Events Will Never Be the Same With Brianna Haag, Director of Demand Generation, Hopin

As society becomes more virtualized, how can people make real, substantive connections in the business world? Brianna Haag, the Director of Demand Generation for the events platform Hopin, shares how technology is opening the door to new possibilities in the events landscape. Tune in to hear why she’s claiming that “events will never be the same” again.

Tune in to learn:

Why it is an exciting time for the events industry (4:20) About Hopin’s platform and Brianna’s role at the company (12:25) About the challenges of hybrid events (14:48) Where there is room for growth in the events in...

Cold, Hard Business Logic With Avi Kulkarni, Senior Vice President of Health Sciences, Cognizant

Can a long-established medical premise actually be a new trend? Avi Kulkarni, Senior Vice President of Health Sciences at the IT services and consulting company Cognizant, says the patient needs to be “the center of the universe,” and also describes how innovation and risk-taking are “cold, hard business logic.” Tune in for Avi’s straightforward healthcare and business assessment.

Tune in to learn:

What makes Cognizant such a healthcare innovator (11:30) The role marketing plays in healthcare advancement and expansion (13:25)The challenge of risk tolerance (23:10)What healthcare will look like in five years (39:33)


“Why Tech Marketin...