The Multiverse of Toys Podcast

19 Episodes

By: Sean and A.C.

Two bro's discuss all things toys from collecting, hunting, trading and selling. We also dive deep into the pop culture of conventions that showcase collectibles, cosplay and everything nerd!

E19 Cosplayer Tori Michelle interview

 Sean has an interview with an amazing cosplayer and special effects artist Tori Michelle!
Tori has some amazing insight into the culture of cosplay and special makeup effects tutorials!

E18 Big McFarlane DC Haul, Halo show final review.

A.C. keys Sean in on a huge Target App sale and the Bro's captilize! We round out our final thoughts on the Halo season and Sean finds his original McFarlane treasured figure on eBay.

E17 Stranger Things, The Boys, Top Gun

The bro's discuss season 3 of The Boys, season 4 of Stranger Things, Obi-Wan series and Top Gun! 

Ep16 Obi-Wan Kenobi review, Tub of random old toys

A.C. is out due to a demanding work schedule. Great friend of the show Bryan To fills in and brings a tub of old toys to dig through. The Bro's talk about the season premiere  of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

E15 Ray Liotta, She Hulk, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Korg BAF

The Bro's get into some reviews, pay tribute to an iconic actor and put together a Korg Marvel Legends BAF! Sean Makes A.C an offer he can't refuse and Jerod eats forty year old gum from a series 4 GPK pack! 

E14 Megacon Hauls!!

The Bro's just got home from Megacon! We met Gina Carano, tooks pics with some awesome cosplayers, strolled through Artist's Alley and bought some awesome toys!!

E13 Joker Titan, GI Joe, Dr Strange spoiler free review

A.C. is out sick, a friend of the show Mario jumps in to chat with Sean. We discuss movies, toys and Jailbreak a Joker Titan figure!

Ep 12: BAF Armadillo, McFarlane Bloody Violator and eBay stories

Sean and A.C. tell a couple eBay horror stories from a sellers point of view. McFarlane Violator with signed print and She Spawn off the shelf! Sean puts together his Armadillo Marvel legends BAF.

E11 Thor trailer and Moon Knight review

The Bro's are back! A.C. scored huge off the shelf on a monster Target clearance!  We give our thoughts on Thor Love and Thunder trailer that just dropped and dive into Disney + new series Moon Knight.

E10 Visionaries, off the shelf, toyz in the hood

A.C. brings his childhood collection of 80's Visionaries onto the show.  Sean shares some video proof that in a post apocalyptic world toys will be more valuable than money.  Off the shelf toys to discuss as well as some toys in the hood.

E9 Star Wars Hot Wheels toy haul

Sean picks up a huge star wars hot wheels collection over 200 cars! A.C. and Jerod hook Sean up with some birthday toys. The bro's have off the shelf and then dive into identifying some of the hot wheels cars with A.C.'s wealth of Star Wars knowledge.

E8 Halo show review FNF Springtrap BAF Jailbreak

The Bro's open up series one Five Nights at Freddy's action figures and build SpringTrap!!
Then the Bro's open up about their love for Halo and the new show on Paramount +!!

E7 Animated Hotties real talk

The Bros sound off on their top 5 favorite cartoon hotties. Sean has another toy that gets some tv time! "Toyz in the Hood" scooped up toys from some awesome local comic stores and a fresh "Off the Shelf" segment.

E6 Kingshark BAF Jailbreak and Peacemaker show review

Sean talks about showcasing his G1 figs as props on an episode of  Access Hollywood. The bro's jailbreak and build a Kingshark figure. After that the bro's talk about the show Peacemaker.

E5 Scott Hall tribute MOTU reveals and a new segment.

A.C. pays tribute to one of his favorite wrestlers of all time Razor Ramon. The bro's spent way too much money on toys, we introduce a new segment "Jailbreak" and give our thoughts on new MOTU reveals!!

E4 We're talking cons baby!

The bro's share their experience as vendors at conventions!  Discussing selling, cosplay, artists and the great times had at some amazing shows.

E3 Toys currently on the shelves

The bro's are back talking what's in stores now! We intro our new segments "Off the Shelf!" and "Toyz in the Hood!" 

E2 He - Man Origins line

The 80's kid and Mr M.O.C. share their weekly pickups. Sean describes a live troll experience and then the boys dive into the He Man origins line!  We give a shout out to Figure Realm, an amazing website to identify action figures and accessories.

E1 Intro host backgrounds

Sean and A.C.  share their love for toys starting from childhood to current day adulting. They also discuss what to expect from future shows.