Accounting Technology Fireside chat

22 Episodes

By: Nick Beaugeard

Nick and Trevor have been working in and around technology for accountants for over 10 years and have some super insights on the way things are moving and how accountants can be more efficient. Join them for their fireside chat about the latest and greatest in this space.

Document Management Part 1

In this Episode, Trevor and Nick discuss document management, detailing what accounting firms do with documents, how they work with them, and how a basic theoretical system works.

If you're looking to adopt document management or just want to understand more, listen to this episode to get a view of just what Document Management is, and what problems is it trying to solve.

Automation with Teams Apps

In this episode, Nick and Trevor discuss the vast array of tools and apps available in Office 365 and Microsoft teams. Listen to this session which was streamed live to hear what are your opportunities for automation

Practice Automation with Microsoft Teams

In this episode, Trevor and Nick discuss Microsoft Teams, its opportunities for Automation and how this can be adopted in a practice and what benefits it brings.

Your Map to the Cloud

Welcome back to the Accounting Technology Fireside Chat. In this Episode, Nick and Trevor discuss your map to the cloud, or how to choose the right technology for your practice given the hundreds of options available.

Episode 19 - Telephony

In this episode, Trevor and Nick discuss telephony, how it works in the modern world and how to enable your business with new tech (including drawbacks)

Episode 18 - Application Sprawl

Listen while Trevor and Nick discuss application sprawl or why you have purchased more software than you need.

Basically this episode saves you money.

Episode 17: So you really want to write software

Trevor and Nick discuss the pros and cons of writing software yourself.

Episode 16: APIs

Join us as Trevor and Nick discuss APIs, what they are and how they work.

Episode 15: Ideal Configurations

In this Episode, Trevor and Nick discuss ideal configurations for different staff in accounting firms

Episode 13: Document Ownership - Live-streamed

In this Episode, Trevor and Nick discuss document ownership, who owns your documents and what formats they are. Useful for those thinking about a document management platform.

Episode 12: What is the cloud - Livestreamed

In this episode, Trevor and Nick discuss the meaning of the term Cloud. This episode was livestreamed on Twitter.

Episode 11 - Practice Security

In this episode, Trevor and Nick discuss security, the dark web and more.

During the episode, they discuss a podcast episode on the dark web, available here:

Episode 10 - Practice Technology

In this Episode, Nick and Trevor discuss technology relevant to an accounting firm and talk about best practices in your firm when choosing your tech.

Episode 9 - Scanning

In this episode, Trevor and Nick discuss the paperless accounting firms, scanning hardware and software and the discipline and benefits of being a paperless firm.

Episode 8 - Managed Services

In this episode we have Scott Atkinson from Tribetech chatting to us about managed services and how they apply to the Accounting Industry.

For more information on TribeTech (

Episode 7 - Covid and More

Join Trevor and Nick as they discuss, working from home, COVID-19, IT Security and more.

Episode 6 - Value Based Pricing

In this Episode, missing a very busy Trevor, Nick discusses Value-based pricing, its effect on other industries and which items to consider when thinking about how you bill clients.

Episode 5 - IT makes your job easier

In this episode, Nick and Trevor are joined by Luke Butler from Needus ( They talk about the differences between IT recruiting and staff and Accounting. There are lots of references to how IT and great people can change your world Find Luke at: +61 413 734 079

Episode 4 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In this episode, Trevor and Nick discuss Customer Relationship management and its use for the entire customer life cycle. This leads to a discussion on systems automation, Artificial Intelligence and Value Based Pricing.

Episode 3 - Telemarketing with Matthew Cowan

Trevor and Nick are joined by Matthew Cowan from Matthew Cowan Prospecting, one of the leading providers of telemarketing services to give his candid insights into the use today of telemarketing. Checkout his book at: Matt can be reached at

Episode 2 - Marketing

In this episode, Nick and Trevor discuss marketing for accountants and small and medium businesses

Episode 1 - The IT Industry in Small and Medium Business

In this episode, Nick and Trevor discuss cloud computing, the IT industry, anti-virus and more, finding out what is affecting accounting firms and their technology and what is holding us all back.