It's All My Fault

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Hello universe!As always, my greatest hope in this lifetime is to somehow, some way, get the chance to see you performing at your absolute best.That day may not be today... I get it. The seas have been a little choppy lately. Best to appreciate today in whatever ways you can because we haven't bottomed out yet. Worse is coming. Plainly stated it's become a flustercuck. One that's emerging right now in full cluster. The worst part is that I saw it happening in real time and did nothing to stop it. The blame falls directly on me. And...

Because he's certainly going to hell.

I know, I know... I heard you okay... ??.

I've been going a bit long lately. I get it.


I thought I'd take it easy like a hotel in California by preparing something a bit more Tik-Tok.

In this recording I spend 10:33 of the 12:46 talking about ticks.

The rest of the recording is a public service message from some foundation with a ridiculously long name.

Then, unexpectedly, we hear from Benji Netanhayu.

Do you think he'll be cool if I call him Benji?


Benny? BenBen...

Because apparently you have nothing further to add.

My failure to launch yesterday, March 29th, was not intentional.

In fact It would have been my guardian angel's 35th birthday were she still with us. It's an event I've been eyeing since Thanksgiving if not earlier. Given her recent passing, I wanted yesterday's recording to express how much I valued her while she was here.

I simply could not find the proper tone to match the moment.

It just wasn't meant to be.

But today's recording?

This one was very much meant to be. Meant to be interesting. Meant to be respectful...

But it's March 29th. There's your hint.

Making it tremble on command? I'm not sure I like the sound of that. But I'm a guy so of course I find that intimidating.

However we are not here to get bogged down in a discussion about men and their uncertainties when another season opener for the recording project "It's All My Fault" has just dropped:

Season 10 - TensHUnsRye.ziNg Epsiode 1 - But it's March 29th. There's your clue.

Of course that's as far as our promotional efforts will go. Ten seasons into this thing we still know there are 923 things you could be...

If that's not the greatest finish ever... well ...what is?

Recording the season finale of NëiNsensiCaL felt like a tragedy that lost its comedy for all but 13-ish of the minutes.

If I had to guess the other 94 minutes aren't all tragedy but the funny parts will be hard to find. It feels like I did a lot of wandering down alleys of immediate regret.

How life does.

Listen to me. How life does.

The truth is that I really have no idea how bad it got in there since I'm posting the recording without reviewing any of it. Putting the QED o...

I seriously wonder... who the hell are you?

This recording is NëiNsensiCaL's 52nd installment. You now have the full deck of cards.

Which means the next episode, #53, adds the joker to the deck while officially closing down the 9th season of my personal vanity project/confession/podcast project: "It's All My Fault".

As such, I want to point out that if ever there were an episode to avoid entirely it's this one.

It's almost 82 minutes long so there's that.

But even more than the amount of vacuous time this recording is perched to inject into your current reality, I say t...

From a postcard point of view, well... it's f'n great!

It certainly took a while to get my point across in this one.

Like 27 hours if you work it all out. I think.

Maybe that's just how distracted my efforts have been since my melancholy manhole mishap threw me for a "clean burps" loop.

Or maybe it's indicative of how little substantive contribution I'm making now.

Without 27 hours to percolate... my cup very much not runneth over.


It could be I'm just as full of it as always.


I'm guessing it's a lot like that!


Unfortunately it would be. That's the truth.

So getting a bit "crunchy" with my time means I kind of cut this one off short.

I know I know I know - there's no time for that with the 8 days of VACA I'm just now rolling in from - I agree this is a bush-league maneuver.

But still - timecrunches in this linear sh!tstorm are real.

Can't live with that much denial.

So if you want to know what can cause me, the chronic-talker-to-myselfer-of-epic-proportions to StFU for a little over a week - well here's your chance.

Otherwise go watch...

... government by lottery.

I used most of the last recording to complain about the human condition we're collectively accepting here on Earth867-5309.

The one that has our humanity so unfulfilled right now.

And then, like a jerk, I offered nothing in the way of solutions that might help offset this situation.

So today, I try and make up for my faux pas with {drumroll please} -

Government By Lottery! Seriously! Now how you gonna be?

Madam President?


Episode 49 of 53

Every body in a human meat suit is worth it.

In the version of english I use to attempt communication with others, the one that today is spoken in the nation currently labeled the United States of America in the spacetime moment that is the "year after the year" Love Was Left on the Cutting Room Floor - in that specific version of reality - I really think the collective nailed it on one word:

flaw(s)(ed)and maybe one phrase: "run-on sentences".

I'll even go so far as to include FLAW as an example of onomatopoeia but completely understand if you feel less "buzz" in...

Let's all lose some files ...huh?

It's "Saturday Date Night" universe so should we pick up Thai or go out for Italian? Or did you want to grab something to cook together?

I'm sorry I didn't hear you... come again.

You're what now? You have a what now?

You say you have a headache?

Really... ? A headache?

That's almost believable given the insanity I'm putting myself through lately...

But come on universe - you don't even have a head.

Do you?


Episode 47 of 53