30 Episodes

By: Gavin Binger & Cody Burns

Want to know the hardest shape to draw? A square. Why? Because all 4 sides are equal. It represents balance, stability, sharpness, and order. Your co-hosts Cody Burns and Gavin Binger draw from a range of experiences in many different areas, including Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Leadership, Business, Parenting, Lifestyle, and a plethora of other hobbies and interests. Our mission is to provide the best information to our listeners from our broad range of knowledge and experience, and in doing so inspire and empower you to be overall better in every aspect of your life. One thing is for sure, you will...

29: Five (5) Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew, That I Now Know Today
Today at 10:00 AM

After 6 years of being an Entrepreneur, I have made almost every mistake possible when it comes to Leadership. I watch a lot of amazing team members walk because of my inexperience. Learn from my Mistakes so you can be better set up for success yourself! 

1. Lead by Example 
2. Stop trying to make everyone better at their position and start making them a better all around person. 
3. Don't assume that your goals will align with everyone. 
4. Learn how to communicate with everyone. 
5. Stop the "Parent Guilt" over your business! 

28: Five (5) Things They Don't Tell You About Being a Personal Trainer

Episode 28?! You guys have no idea how jacked we are to keep rolling out episodes for you all! It has become almost therapeutic for us to have conversations about the many things we think and talk to each other about on a daily basis. Continue sharing, leaving 5 stars on Spotify and writing a review on Apple! We Love you guys!

In this episode, Gavin dives into the 5 things most people don't understand about being a personal trainer. This is meant to give you listeners some perspective into our daily interactions with our clients and how it influences...

27: Lose The Governor!!! Stop Giving 40% Effort When You Could be Giving 100%

Your Co-Host Cody Burns is fired up in this episode talking about mastering your mindset. Your brain has a Governor which protects your body from stress. With this Governor, most people will only be able to hit 40% of their potential. 

Time to lose that Governor Master your mindsetLearn how to say no to your loved onesBe the best version of YOU! 

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26: Active Recovery Days & Deload Weeks

Your co-hosts Cody & Gavin are back together to talk about active recovery and deload weeks while on their way to their fishing spot! 

These two things are VITAL to your recovery, performance, and injury prevention IF you are consistently training intense.

Topics Include:

1. What is the difference between an active recovery day and a deload week?
2. Why are they both important?
3. How do you know when you should take them?
4. How to perform a deload week?

At the end of the day, you need to listen to your b...

25: SHOW UP! Even When You Don’t Want To

In this Episode, Cody Burns discusses ways to show up for yourself on your hardest days. 

1. You don't have stick with the program! You can pivot and switch it up to something else on the fly. Just keep moving towards your goals. If you move for one hour a day, you are already 1% better every day. Do that for 1 year and you're 365% better each year! 

2. Know your WHY! If you wake up and think about the reason why you're going to gym and it doesn't fire you up enough to do a back flip...that's no...

24: Is Starvation Mode Real? (Metabolic Adaption, Stress & Cortisol, Energy Balance, & More)

Co-Host Gavin Binger dives into his opinion on the common fitness topic of "starvation mode". This one is a doozy and is too commonly used as an explanation for someone's inability to lose fat without considering a ton of other lifestyle factors.

Questions answered:

What is "starvation mode"? 
Is it real?
Does starvation mode cause people to gain fat?
Why is energy balance important to understand in relation to these topics?
Does high stress and high cortisol cause you to gain fat?
Stress response and it's influence in body composition.

23: It's NEVER TOO LATE - Overcoming 20 years of Alcohol Abuse/Addiction to Running Marathons w/ Cory Britt

This week we decide to bring on a very special guest, Cory Britt, to talk about his lifelong struggle with alcohol and overcoming his addiction. Cory went from coasting through life completely dependent on alcohol to a change in his career path, consistent exercise, and eventually completing a marathon.

In this episode, Cory covers what life was like before now, when his addiction started, how it took over his life, and the moments in which he realized he couldn't continue any longer. He highlights his change in his career path after achieving sobriety, who influenced him the...

22: Lessons Learned from Each Other

The duo is BACK!!! Co-Hosts Cody Burns & Gavin Binger dive into the biggest life, coaching, and mindset lessons they've learned from each other after two years of working together. These two have taught one another a lot! And if there is one thing to take away from this episode, it is to find people who challenge your current beliefs and also ones who never stop developing you.

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21: The *10* MOST COMMON Questions We Are Asked as Personal Trainers

Your Co-Hosts Cody Burns & Gavin Binger get back together for the first time since April to shoot an episode together!

In this episode, they cover the 10 most common questions they receive as personal trainers!

1. Where do I start?
2. Can I spot reduce fat?
3. How do I look like you?
4. How do I lose weight?
5. What supplements do I need?
6. Do I need to workout every day to see results?
7. When will I see results? How long will it take?
8. What are good carbs and what are bad carbs?<...

20: Enhancing Personal Productivity-Two Ways to Clear Mental Clutter

Do you ever feel like you can't shut your mind off, or you can't stay focused on something for too long without being sidetracked by the million other things you have going on in your life?

You are not alone. Everyone struggles with stress, overstimulation, and overwhelming feelings of endless task lists. I feel like as we gain more trips around the sun, the more things we stack onto our plate. This ultimately leads to less productivity and underachievement because we have not been taught how to handle our busy lives. 

In this episode, co-host G...

19: Three Tips to Becoming A Servant Leader w/ Cody Burns

In this episode, Cody reveals the tough life lessons learned through his professional career in both the Military and Fitness field. Tune in on how to learn from his mistakes and to become not just any leader, but a servant leader. If you want to serve your team, family, and friends while becoming successful, this is the episode for you! 

18: Two (2) EASY Things I JUST ADDED to My Health Routine

In this episode, Co-Host Gavin Binger highlights two things he recently started doing to further improve his overall health and longevity, and these are two super easy things to implement into your daily and weekly health routine to prevent disease and improve mood and alertness. If you know Gavin, you know he won't waste his time doing something if he doesn't think it is going to benefit him in a certain way. At the end of this, we hope you are convinced to implement at least one of these things! 

We appreciate you all so much for l...

17: Five (5) Tips to Stay Motivated in Your Health & Fitness Journey

Co-Host Gavin Binger dives into ways to re-ignite motivation and keep it for longer periods of time. Anyone looking to embark on a health and fitness journey will inevitably come across times when motivation is lacking and the desire to change is low, but there are definitely strategies to use to help you maintain your desire to reach your goals/vision!

In this episode, Gavin covers:

1. What is Motivation?

2. Why & how is it generally lost?

3. What are ways to re-motivate and stay motivated?


16: The Art Of Not Caring What Others Think!

In this episode Cody Burns reminds you of who you need to surround yourself with to be successful! 

15: How 75 Hard Took Personal Trainer Theresa Brucks to the Next Level

In this Episode, Co-Host Cody Burns interviews Head Trainer Of Burn Boot Camp Kenosha, Theresa Brucks, about her 365 Day transformation through 75 Hard. She faced adversity, obstacles, and every excuse to quit. But did she?? No. Tune in to hear how this Boot Camp grew her as a person and brought success and happiness to her. 

The Journey with Ryan Duey
Ryan Duey is the owner of Capitol Floats and Co-founder of Plunge. "The Journey with...

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Summit Health & Wellness
Together, let’s get healthy and fall in love with the...

14: My Journey To Becoming a Personal Trainer w/ Gavin Binger

When we (Cody & Gavin) were discussing what we should talk about next on our podcast, we realized there were a ton of people who know only one of us, so we thought it would be good to step all of our listeners through how we made it to where we are at, and what jobs, experiences, successes, and failures we have had leading up to our current status. 

In this episode, Gavin discusses how his High School sports experiences, previous jobs, and college education all directed him to the fitness industry.

If you have not l...

13: How Being Told "No" Lead Me to Success w/ Cody Burns

It is too easy to assume that success comes easy for some. Here is a little secret, success does not happen over night! In this episode Cody walks you through his rocky start as a personal trainer and how he almost gave it all up. 

The Journey with Ryan Duey
Ryan Duey is the owner of Capitol Floats and Co-founder of Plunge. "The Journey with...

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Summit Health & Wellness
Together, let’s get healthy and fall in love with the process. Make yourself a priority 💕

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12: Forward Thinking - You Can't Change What Has Already Happened

There is no way to go back in time and change what has happened, and it is a waste of time to spend most of your day thinking of how things could or should have been. Reality is, things are the way they are for a reason. Although it is hard to realize in the moment, everything happens for a reason. Things happen to teach us a lesson, to catalyze growth, and to test us. There is so much to learn from our situations, experiences, and decisions, but so many people are not allowing these things to positively affect...

11: Introverts Overcoming Struggles In An Extroverted Career w/ Maxi Marinis

Cody and Maxi tackle ways to fill your cup as an introvert, how to handle your relationships, and how to say NO to people. 

The Journey with Ryan Duey
Ryan Duey is the owner of Capitol Floats and Co-founder of Plunge. "The Journey with...

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10: Six (6) Things I Wish I Knew Earlier In Resistance Training: Grow THE BEST Looking Muscles Around

Co-Host Gavin Binger has been lifting weights for 10+ years and has helped hundreds of individuals achieve muscle growth through proper resistance training. From personal experience, observation, and training, these are the top 6 things he has learned and wishes he knew sooner to be more effective in the gym and grow the sexiest, baddest muscles around!

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9: What is Stopping You?

Co-Host Cody Burns gives insight as to what is stopping you from your goals. 

8: *HOW-TO* Achieve Nutritional Balance

Nutritional Balance is something *ALMOST* everyone has struggled with in their life at some point. Whether you are a person who has a phenomenal week and self-sabotage on the weekend, or you are always trying the latest and greatest diet trend, or you heavily restrict yourself on certain foods or food groups, Cody and Gavin dive into all ways to create more balance in your life around nutrition, which will hopefully lead to a happier and healthier you. 

Topics Include:
1. The #1 thing you need to think about before deciding what your balance looks like
2. Being r...

7: 4 Pillars of High Performance Nutrition (Pre/Post-Workout Timing, Supplements, Hydration, Macros)

Cody & Gavin link up to discuss everything about fueling your body properly throughout the day and around your workouts to achieve highest performance!

Topics include:
1. Hydration (why it is important)
2. Macros (what to aim for, quality v.s. quantity, and more)
3. Pre and Post-Workout Timing and Nutrition (Nutrient timing, what you should focus on)
4. Supplements (what we take, supplements to avoid, supplements to use)

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The Journey with Ryan Duey
Ryan Duey...

6: The ONE, *SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT* Thing I Tell People Looking To Make A Change In Their Life

Wanting to make change in your life is part of being a human. People want to be better, period. And that is a fact. But why do some people struggle so much with making a change? And how do you create lasting change?

Your Co-Host Gavin Binger dives into his #1 tip to help people make massive change in their life. 

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5: Unleash the ENERGY!

Cody Burns shares his top three secrets as to how to unleash your energy, leading to a better YOU! 

4: Becoming a NEW Parent

Cody interviews Gavin about becoming a new parent!

Topics include:

1. How Gavin & Bri met
2. Pregnancy from a guys perspective
3. First thoughts after holding baby for the first time
4. Life before kids v.s. after having kids
5. Finding & utilizing your support system
6. New baby horror stories

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3: Three (3) Factors *DESTROYING* Your Consistency & Success

In Episode #3 of the B-Squared Podcast, Cody & Gavin highlight what they feel like are the top 3 things inhibiting people from remaining consistent and seeing long-term success!

The Journey with Ryan Duey
Ryan Duey is the owner of Capitol Floats and Co-founder of Plunge. "The Journey with...

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2: THREE (3) Tips To Better Managing a Busy Life

In this episode, Co-Hosts Gavin Binger & Cody Burns take a deep dive into what it takes to juggle a super busy schedule. Let's be real, everyone is busy in some form or another. Some people are busy with full-time work, business, family, their own fitness and health, as well as personal interests, hobbies, development, and more, while other people are "busy" sitting on their butt watching Netflix for 4 hours, or mindlessly scrolling on their phone! These are often the same people who claim they "don't have time" for certain things.

Our three tips will help you decide...

B-Squared Podcast Episode #1- What To Expect

In this episode, your Co-Hosts Gavin Binger & Cody Burns give you a background of their experiences and current life update, and discuss their goal with the podcast. 

1: What To Expect

Welcome to the B-Squared Podcast with your Co-Hosts Gavin Binger & Cody Burns. In this first episode, they dive into their goals of the podcast and what you can expect as a listener. They also offer a little background into their experiences and what their current life is like.