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By: Chris Joseph

“One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small. And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all…” - Jefferson Airplane Americans consume around 25 percent of the world’s prescription pharmaceutical drugs, while comprising only about five percent of the world’s population. And it’s not like we have good outcomes resulting from this. The health of the American populace sits quite low in the rankings of industrialized nations, as does our health care system (especially for the amount of dollars we pay for it.) Americans have largely forgotten about eating healthy, moving our bodies, an...

Surviving Pancreatic Cancer, with Teona Ducre

Teona Ducre has to be one of the most inspirational humans I've ever spoken with. I hope you listen to this conversation about her cancer journey, and how she is helping others deal with this disease.  She's a hero---cancer didn't steal her joy!


About Teona:


Teona Ducre is a six year pancreatic cancer survivor from Atlanta, GA. She is a single mother of two adult children, Grant (22) and Sydney (19) and works for Pinnacle Health of Atlanta as a Physician Recruiter.


Teona was diagnosed at the age of 41 on A...

Meditation for Your Life, with Jeff Kober

Actor, photographer, meditation teacher and now book author Jeff Kober joins the podcast to talk about all things meditation. Check out his new book EMBRACING BLISS: 108 Daily Meditations, found online wherever books are sold. Jeff can be reached at

49-Year Old Virgin, with Dr. Paula C. Perez

Dr. Paula C. Perez, author of the new book "49-Year Old Virgin: Delayed Not Denied" joins the podcast to talk about her unique story of waiting until the age of 49 to lose her virginity. It's a fascinating talk, with lessons for everyone.


Dr. Paula C Perez is an author, educator, speaker, and leader committed to teaching, equipping and challenging people to live triumphantly, especially in the area of relationships.  She has worked with students of all ages. Paula is a retired principal. Currently she is an adjunct professor at the State University of New York in...

Overcoming Addiction: The Successful Writing Afterlife with Timothy Gager

Tim Gager joins the podcast to talk about his vast writing career, how addiction and recovery informed his writing (pre- and post-recovery), and discusses his latest two books and a potential upcoming limited mini-series.  Timothy Gager has published 18 books of fiction. He has had over 1000 works of fiction and poetry published, 17 nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work also has been twice nominated for the Massachusetts Book Award, The Best of the Web, The Best Small Fictions Anthology and has been read on National Public Radio. Currently, a screenplay for his novel is under production consideration. Tim can be r...

Psilocybin for Mental and Emotional Health, with Nicole Treadaway

Magic mushrooms for mental and emotional health? You betcha'!  Nicole Treadaway joins the Life is a Ride podcast to talk about the  healing and medicinal power of the plant medicine psilocybin. If you're interested in this treatment modality, please listen!

About Nicole Treadaway:  Nicole travels the world assisting others in connecting to and remembering the love within their own heart… she helps her clients to heal the woundings they hold there… to melt away the walls they have built… the chains they are bound with… to open up to the love which she believes is the truth we are all...

Restoring Your Life After Trauma, with Shuna Morelli

Shuna Morelli, author of the new book "Deactivate Your Survival Trances: Three Ways to Restore Your Life After Trauma" joins the podcast to talk about the work she is doing to help clients deal with and overcome trauma.


BodyMind Bridge Institute Founder, Shuna Morelli is the author of three books in the BodyMind Bridge series, a professionally trained teacher, licensed massage therapist, and registered hypnotherapist with the Washington Department of Health. Shuna has developed the BodyMind Bridge System of Healing in response to the need for a more complete understanding of the effect that mind a...

Combining Body Work and Psychedelics for Healing the Emotional and the Physical

Lisa Parker joins the podcast to talk about how and why she created Trilome, a truly unique experience not being offered anywhere else. It is a new process of bringing balance within the physical, emotional, and spiritual by using bodywork and psychedelics together in the same session. This work is  inspired by her own journey in finding healing from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, nightmares, and more.


Check out this episode---Lisa is doing some pioneering work, stuff that most western medicine caregivers can't or won't do, or don't even know about. Lisa can be found at https://tr...

Germanic New Medicine and the Role of Trauma in Cancer, with Author Danny Carroll

Danny Carroll, a thriver/survivor of several different cancers, joins the podcast to talk about the role of trauma as a cause of cancer, his skepticism about western medicine, and how he believes Germanic New Medicine helped him and why this approach can be explored by anyone who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Danny can be found at

Cancer Coaching, with Hayley Dubin

Hayley Dubin joins the Life is a Ride podcast to talk about the role of cancer coaching in an integrative treatment plan. Hayley discusses her own cancer journey, and what prompted her to seek training to become a nutritional specialist and a cancer coach.  She also offers some key tips for those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer.  


Hayley can be reached at


Her highly recommended podcast "The Cancer Liberation Project" is on all podcast platforms; the Spotify link is:

Yoga for Health, with Bryan Kest

Long-time yoga teacher Bryan Kest joins Chris for an interview on the Life is a Ride Podcast. In addition to discussing how he got into yoga (when he was 15, and he's 57 now), Bryan talks about the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. He also offers practical tips and advice for first-timers who are exploring yoga and meditation. More info on Bryan can be found at

Yoga for Trauma, with Stacy TenHouten

Stacy TenHouten---yoga teacher, writer and podcaster---joins the Life is a Ride podcast to discuss her journey as a yoga student and teacher, and how it led her to teach a trauma informed yoga practice. Stacy teaches yoga with an intention of offering tools to help navigate and alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, tools that students can implement in their daily lives as a means for healing trauma and maintaining a sense of well being.


More about Stacy at:

The book "Th...

The Power of Music in Dealing with Grief, with Singer/Songwriter and Author Cidny Bullens

Musician, author, singer/songwriter...Cid Bullens has had quite the career over the decades. Our talk focused on the loss of Cid's daughter Jessie in the mid-90's, and the subsequent album "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth" that emerged from Cid's grief. (Please note that there are a handful of sound issues, but they only last a couple of seconds each.)


More info on Cid:

Interview with Dan Schneider from Netflix's "The Pharmacist"

Dan Schneider is a pharmacist and long-time advocate whose journey to avenge the death of his son – shining a bright light on the opioid epidemic in the United State in the process – is detailed in the 2020 Netflix docuseries, “The Pharmacist.”


Dan's story shows how one person, after suffering a tremendous loss, can find a modicum of healing through the act of trying to save others. Dan's story is nothing short of amazing, and I hope you watch the Netflix series either before or after listening to this interview. Says Dan: “Some people watch things happen. Some people...

A Conversation with Functional Nutritionist and Health Coach Kimberly Kaye

Kimberly Kaye joins the Life is a Ride podcast to discuss overcoming a deadly illness that she was diagnosed with over 20 years ago, and how she used that experience to find  a way to help others struggling with their health.  Kimberly and Chris also discuss the state of the American health care system, Covid and obesity, and how Americans can find ways to improve their health and well-being.


Kimberly is a certified functional medicine health coach, functional nutritionist, and trainer who works primarily with people who have complex, multi-system inflammatory conditions. She fell into this wor...

Nancy Szakacsy of the D.R.E.S.S. Syndrome Foundation

Nancy Szakacsy of The D.R.E.S.S. Syndrome Foundation and author of "Hannah Was Here" joins the Life is a Ride podcast to discuss the death of her daughter Hannah from an adverse reaction to a commonly prescribed prescription drug. After Hannah tragically died from Minocycline induced D.R.E.S.S. with multiple organ failure and myocarditis in 2011, Nancy became determined to create awareness of this horrific illness and the dangers of certain medications.  


This episode is produced by AJ Joseph. The song "Life is a Ride" is by Paul Sanchez, Alex Mc...

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction with Samantha Perkins

Samantha Perkins joins the podcast to talk about overcoming alcohol addiction and how she shared her journey with others through book writing. Samantha is the best selling author of "Alive AF-One Anxious Mom’s Journey to Becoming Alcohol Free", and a contributing author of "The Epiphanies Project." 


Samantha uses her book and her blog (Alive AF) to highlight the role that alcohol plays aside from addiction. Samantha found that, although she was not clinically addicted and had no “rock bottom,” alcohol was having a big impact on her happiness, contentment, and overall anxiety. Samantha speaks openly a...

Surviving the Loss of a Child (Part 2) with Psychotherapist Josie Breger

Episode 6: Josie Breger, a psychotherapist in private practice (and who also happens to be my cousin), joins the podcast to discuss the loss of her infant child 16 years ago. Josie talks about her horrible emotional pain, how she dealt with it (and continues to deal with it), and provides practical advice for others who have been in a similar situation. Josie can be reached at


This episode is produced by AJ Joseph; bumper music is from the song "Tears of Healing" by Paul Sanchez and Chris Joseph.

Surviving the Loss of a Child (Part 1) with Book Author Barbara Legere

Episode 5:  New book author Barbara Legere joins the Happy Ending podcast. Barbara's new book is titled "Keven’s Choice: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Son’s Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide".  Barbara talks with Chris about her journey with Keven, the lessons she's learned, the messages she hopes that readers of the book learn, and also offers advice to other parents who may be embarking on a similar journey.


This episode is produced by AJ Joseph; bumper music is from the song "Tears of Healing" by Paul Sanchez and Chris Joseph.

Interview with Brad Willis (Bhava Ram), Author of "Warrior Pose: How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life"

Episode 4:  Chris interviews Brad Willis, author of "Warrior Pose: How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life". Brad was diagnosed with terminal/4th stage throat cancer over 20 years ago.  Through yoga, meditation, dietary changes, love, connection and purpose, Brad found a way to not just survive but thrive in his life.


Brad's book can be found at:


Warrior Pose: How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life


My book:


Life i...

Interview with 4th Stage Melanoma Survivor/Thriver Bailey O'Brien

Episode 3: Bailey O'Brien was diagnosed with 4th Stage melanoma cancer back in her college days. Eleven years in remission, Bailey joins the Happy Endings Podcast to talk about her journey, and the alternative treatments she used (and still uses) to regain her health and live a thriving life.


Bailey can be found at:


The "Alternative Cancer Treatments and Clinic Reviews Facebook page can be found at:


My book, "Life is a Ride: My Unconventional Journey of Cancer Recovery" can...

Interview with Dr. Larry Payne

Episode 2: Internationally-renowned yoga teacher and author Dr. Larry Payne talks with the Happy Endings podcast about how he used yoga to cure his back problems.  Larry is also the author of "Yoga for Dummies" and is the founder of the Yoga Therapy program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

 Larry can be found at

To read more from Chris Joseph, go to


***This episode is not intended as a substitute for health, wellness, or medical advice. The listener should consult with a hea...

Interview with Pancreatic Cancer Survivor/Thriver Stephanie McCarthy

Episode 1: Join the Happy Endings podcast for our interview with Stephanie McCarthy, who has thrived after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over 5.5 years ago.   Stephanie shares her secrets on how she hasn't just survived, but has continued to thrive and live life to the fullest.


***This episode is not intended as a substitute for health, wellness, or medical advice. The listener should consult with a healing or medical professional in matters relating to their health and well-being, particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require immediate diagnosis or medical attention. Further, while this podcast is...

Welcome to My New Podcast!

Welcome to my new podcast! I'll be interviewing individuals from all walks of life who have overcome a great challenge, and did so in ways that may have not been conventional. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Chris Joseph---author of Life is a Ride: My Unconventional Journey of Cancer Recovery.