The Titans RFC Chat

11 Episodes

By: De Wet Coetsee

With our podcasts, we will focus on 2 things:•First – General youth development and •Secondly - We want to talk rugby. General rugby things about Singaporean rugby, Asian rugby, Pacific rugby, and international rugby.

Titans Rugby Chat - Episode 24 - Directors' Thoughts on 2022

Our 24th episode for 2022 and also our final one!

The Titans RFC directors discuss their standout moments of 2022 and what they're looking forward to in 2022.

We also announce our new sponsors for 2023.
Rentokil and Helm Specialist Recruitment.

Have a blessed festive season and see you all again in 2023.

Titans Rugby Chat - Episode 23 - Robbo and Andy (part 2)

These two fine gentlemen entertain us further during the 2nd part of our conversation about whom will win the Rugby World Cup in France next year and also share some learnings they have had over the course of their coaching careers.  

They share some interesting viewpoints over the course of this interview on the TMO, how to grow the game and whether scrums should still be part of rugby union.

It was a great discussion with great insights from two great rugby men.

This is not to be missed.

Titans Rugby Chat - Episode 22 - Robbo and Andy

This is part 1 of a 2-part interview with Robbo and Andy.

Andy Martin is head of Rugby at Tanglin Trust and also the Head Coach of Gaulois Rugby club here in Singapore.

Then there is Robbo, yes, just Robbo. 
He is the forwards coach of Wanderers Rugby Club and is full-time employed by an investment Bank here in Singapore.

These two gentlemen discuss a few rugby topics and give us their views on the TMO, Scrums, and other interesting things during this discussion.

Do not miss it!!

Titans Rugby Chat - Episode 21 - Summary of Series 2 thus far

We’ve learned from 8 different people over the last 7 weeks how they think about different things. They’ve challenged us on different levels. Some of them inspired us and helped us to think differently about the way we do things.

If I’ve learned anything from my time with Titans and here in Singapore it is that people can surprise you. So I need to drop my judgemental attitude and be open to learning from everyone and fill my life with experiences to gain experience.

 We should care more about the people around us, doesn’t matter...

Titans Rugby Chat Episode 20 - Kim Power - Having a Super Woman Attitude

Kim Power has a Super Woman attitude. When you listen to this interview everything sounds so matter-of-fact. She runs an accounting firm, has 4 kids, and has time to volunteer in youth rugby here in Singapore. She gets things done. 

Any person you speak with that knows Kim or knows of her will tell you that Kim always puts the players first. She really wants what's best for the kids. Whether it's a follow-up on injured players after a tournament or making sure during a tournament that all teams get an equal chance to participate. She gets it d...

Titans Rugby Chat Episode 19 - Gareth Rae Tsunami Clothing

Gareth Rae is a sports lover of note! He coaches age-group rugby in Hong Kong and enjoys any type of sport you throw at him. He is married and has 3 boys!

He is also the Global Head of Sales for Tsunami Clothing. The new clothing partner of Titans RFC for 2023!

Gareth gives us a proper introduction to Tsunami Clothing and we discuss some interesting rugby matters that will tickle your fancy! 

An episode not to be missed.

Titans Rugby Chat Episode 18 - U17 Players Wallace Wong and Taine Sullivan

Wallace and Taine have been with Titans RFC for more than 7 years! They share some of their experiences and learnings over their rugby journey of the last 8-9 years! 

We discuss why they think Titans RFC is different than other youth clubs in Singapore and what they intend to do now that they are about to embark on life as grown-ups!

Please join us and share this interview as far and wide as possible!

Titans Rugby Chat Episode 17 - Dr KC Orthosports sponsor of Titans RFC Rugby

Dr. KC, Orthosports Sports Injury Clinic, founder and lead doctor here in Singapore. Dr KC has operated on both Beige and Rhino and so it is only right that we get him on our podcast and discuss the finer details of what he did with their joints and why are they pain-free after the operations!

Dr. KC has been a loyal supporter of Titans RFC  over the years and is a financial sponsor of the Titans. Dr KC is a very approachable doctor and anyone who knows him can vouch for his excellent bedside manners. That is i...

Titans Rugby Chat Episode 16 - Paul Hellyer - Passion and People

Paul Hellyer is the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Paul is married and has 2 boys. 
Paul has been with Rentokil for more than 20 years and has lived around Asia for 10 years. He is passionate about his company, his family, and rugby. 
Rentokil is heavily involved in Singaporean youth rugby because they believe it can make a positive difference in the lives of young people. Getting them active and part of a team sport. 

Rentokil is Titans RFC's big financial partner and they enable us at Titans RFC to function and do the...

Titans Rugby Chat Episode 15 - Martin Williams - Finding my Identity as a teenager in Singapore

Martin Williams, vice-president of the SRU and full-time counselor joins us today on the podcast in a discussion that will help parents and teenagers guide through the difficult field of finding one's identity in an age where there are so many distractions.

Martin turned full-time counselor only 6 years ago after he went through a challenging time in his own life and realized that what gives him energy is to help other people.

Since then he did all the required courses to be a qualified counselor and gained valuable experience over this time in helping people...

Titans Rugby Chat Episode 14 - Andy Martin - "Gamifying" sport for better engagement!

Andy Martin is Head of Rugby at Tanglin Trust School in Singapore. He is also the head coach of Gaulois Rugby Club in Singapore.

Andy is not your average rugby coach! He thinks differently about everything about rugby. He lives, breaths and loves rugby! He likes to challenge the way you think about rugby and by doing that he improves coaches to go back and be better coaches. 

He likes to challenge the players he coaches to better prepare them to make decisions on the field. He does this while striving to engage players more d...