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Family Life 5 O’clock Report – 05/17/24
Last Friday at 7:04 PM

Capital Connection – PA and NY’s biggest issues of the week – 5/17/24
Last Friday at 4:18 PM

Planned Parenthood Closing Up Shop at a PA location

Why Assisted Suicide is Bad Medicine

Trump Effect on State-by-state Races

Nassau County’s Transgender Athlete Ban

What to Watch for in the Closing Days of the Legislative Sessions


Christian lobbyists Jason McGuire and Michael Geer discuss the issues that impact Christian voters on this weeks’ edition of “Capital Connection”


For further information:

Pennsylvania Family Institute: New York Families Foundation: Previous editions of our weekly “Capital Connection” roundtable:

Family Life Noon Report – 05/17/24
Last Friday at 3:20 PM

5/16/24 5 O ‘Clock Report
Last Thursday at 8:38 PM

5/16/24 5 O ‘Clock Report

Family Life Noon Report – 05/16/24
Last Thursday at 3:10 PM

5/15/24 5 O ‘Clock Report
Last Wednesday at 9:14 PM

5/15/24 5 O ‘Clock Report

Real Answers – continuing our conversation about “Raising Sons” – 5/15/24
Last Wednesday at 4:21 PM

Raising children is a delight and a challenge. Parenting is one of the most important tasks in all of life for those who are given this privilege.

Daughters also rely on uplifting upbringings, yet today we focus on boys.  What is unique about raising sons?


On this edition of Family Life’s “Real Answers“, therapeutic counselor Christopher Anderson offers Christian areas of emphasis for parents. These apply, whatever your son’s/sons’ age, whether you are married or a single parent, and whether you are a dad or a mom or a grandparent:

 The urg...

Family Life Noon Report – 05/15/24
Last Wednesday at 3:07 PM

5/14/24 5 O ‘Clock Report
Last Tuesday at 9:16 PM

5/14/24 5 O ‘Clock Report

Can we even have conversations, in a contentious election year? – 5/14/23
Last Tuesday at 4:20 PM

 “Don’t talk about Religion or Politics” …. so they say. 

But our guest on this Family Life News Feature says our faith can help us talk about tough topics — at work, with friends, and even in our families and congregations.


Focus on the Family counselor Joanie DeBrito offers advice for people who have strong opinions, but might feel afraid to raise an argument on political or social Hot Topics. She says it takes wisdom, humility and self-control. Also, Christians (and others) need to be discerning. With some people who don’t listen well and have no mot...