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By: Sonia Nolan

My Warm Table is an independent podcast amplifying the passion and purpose of smart, generous and civic minded Western Australians who are making our communities better.  We gather around a warm table of good conversation, acceptance, positivity and curiosity (in Italian we call this a Tavola Calda - a warm table). We'll talk politics, religion, science, sustainability, wellness, inclusion, social impact ... in fact no topic is off limits - but good table manners will rule! 

Respect @ Work with Franca Sala Tenna
Last Monday at 4:00 PM

PASSION: Changing workplace behaviours for the better.
PURPOSE: Translating the law on workplace behaviours through interactive theatre and training workshops through her business
EEO Specialists.

The laws have changed around workplace behaviour. In fact more change has occurred in the last 2 years than 20 years prior …

So this is an important episode for everyone with a job - because you need to know where the new line in the sand is when it comes to sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Now it might sound like a...

Volunteering with Craig Spencer

One of the greatest ways we can channel our passions for purpose is through volunteering. It’s good for civic society, it’s good for our local clubs, and research tells us that volunteering even increases our sense of wellbeing. 

Today I’m joined around the Warm Table by Craig Spencer – who has volunteered most of his adult life and knows better than most the importance of giving things a go and getting involved. 

As Head of Community Engagement at Bankwest some years ago, he was among those who spearheaded the movement in corporate volunteering and today...

Stories from Snake Gully and Aboriginal Health with Jenny Baraga

Jenny Baraga is a pioneer of Aboriginal mental health practice and training in Western Australia’s north west region. 

Jenny describes herself as a quiet achiever. She is a trusted voice, an experienced health practitioner and a proud Garra Yarra woman with a compelling story about the importance of taking the time to have a yarn and show cultural respect to people – especially when they are at their most vulnerable. 

During our warm table conversation Jenny also shared the legend of a painting she created some years ago which tells her family’s story of loss and...

Endometriosis with Kath Sloan and Emma Dixon

Endometriosis is a chronic and painful condition which affects about 176 million women worldwide. One in 9 women suffer (almost daily) with this condition which impacts a woman's physical, emotion and social wellbeing. 

There is currently no cure, the cause is unclear and diagnosis takes an average of 7 years.

Kath Sloan and Emma Dixon are passionate about sharing their lived experience of endometriosis so that more women are aware of the condition and seek help and diagnosis. This is an intergenerational conversation with Kath in her 50s and Emma in her early 20s sharing their wisdom and i...

EarthMAD with Christin Smith

Christin Smith is an award winning earth scientist with qualifications in geology, natural resources, sustainability and environmental management, and education.  

She's the founder of EARTHMAD - an acronym which stands for Everyone Acting Responsibly Today Helps Make A Difference.

Christin found herself leading the charge in her Mandurah coastal suburb to protect her local beach from coastal erosion and with the support of 1200 petitioners she started a movement for change!

Link to EarthMAD:

Warm thanks to:
Sponsor: Females Over Forty-five Fitness in Victoria Park

Motion by the Ocean with Alanagh Godderidge

PASSION: Identifying unmet needs and then taking action to enable a stronger, more vibrant community where everyone feels connected.
PURPOSE: Creating community as CEO of her charity
Motion by the Ocean.

Alanagh Godderidge lives and breathes her values.  

Alanagh is the CEO and Founder of Motion by the Ocean and a pioneer of the Cycling Without Age movement in Western Australia.

Motion by the Ocean reconnects seniors and disabled communities with rippling sun, sand and a joyous fresh salt water breeze and meaningful conversations for the l...

Females Over 45 Fitness with Kelli Reilly

Kelli Reilly has poured all her passion and purpose into creating Females Over 45 Fitness which aims to make women over 45 stronger and fitter into their older years. 

Kelli is proof that even in our 50s we can go back to study, launch a successful business and follow our dreams. 

I’m delighted to welcome Kelli around the warm table to learn more about her life as a country girl and farmer, and to share with you what happens at the FOFF gym – what exactly is this fabulous fitness formula that Kelli has created especi...

Grief (Part 2) with Lionheart Shelly Skinner and Lauren Breen

PART 2 of our warm table conversation on GRIEF with local bereavement organisation Lionheart Camp for Kids CEO Shelly Skinner and Board Member Professor Lauren Breen.

PASSION:  Building a community where grief is seen as a healthy and positive response to death and life challenges.
PURPOSE: Empowering bereaved children and families to navigate their grief journey through education, peer-support, strength-building and resilience through Lionheart Camps for Kids (a not-for-profit organisation).

We cover:
Sibling grief
What healthy g...

Grief (Part 1) with Lionheart Shelly Skinner and Lauren Breen

Lionheart Song Credits:
Music and lyrics by Oscar Thomas and Christian Barratt
Produced by Christian Barratt
Performed by Christian Barratt and the 2019 Lionheart Kids Chorus

Warm thanks to:
Sponsor: Females Over Forty-five Fitness in Victoria Park
Sound Engineering: Damon Sutton
Music: William A Spence
... and all our generous and inspiring guests around the warm table this season!

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Be a leader and change your world with Alicia Curtis

PASSION: Building a society that is inclusive, kind and where we can all lead social change
PURPOSE: Inspiring people to unlock their leadership potential through her social business Alyceum.
Alicia Curtis has led award-winning board diversity programs, experiential millennial leadership programs and social change campaigns.She’s co-written a book and been named as one of Australia’s top 100 women of influence. 

Alicia is the Patron of Girl Guides WA and the co-founder of 100 Women – a philanthropic giving circle which has granted more than a millio...

Happy brain chemicals with Charlotte Ingham Ellery

PASSION: Harnessing our brain chemicals (think oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and cortisol) to be our very best selves and thrive!
PURPOSE: Teaching everyone how to tap into these happy chemicals - including people in prison - for our wellbeing, emotional intelligence and to live our best lives. 

Charlotte Ingham Ellery runs her own business called Well Built Mind and she is a woman of many talents. She’s a mother, a yoga instructor, a wellbeing and psychological safety expert, and she teaches corporate wellbeing, emotional intelligence and psycho-social hazard management.  She’s amazing!

Welcome to Season 2 - Passion and Purpose

I am very excited to welcome you to My Warm Table Season 2. 

Over the last few months, we’ve done a lot of thinking, listened to your survey feedback and tried to sharpen the focus of the podcast a little more. 

My Warm Table Podcast is an independent podcast which is unashamedly focussed on Western Australians. It’s my way of adding some positivity to our state’s media landscape and amplifying the smart, kind, values-driven people in our communities who are out there doing good.

So this season around the warm table we will...

BONUS LIVE Sr Anne Tormey - Catherine McAuley Award 25 Year Reunion

I’m sneaking in this live and raw episode of My Warm Table recorded on 28 March 2023 with Season 1 guest Sister of Mercy Anne Tormey. 

I had the privilege of hosting a conversation with Sr Anne during the 25 year reunion of the Catherine McAuley Developing Women in Leadership and Service Award.  

We celebrated this milestone in the olive grove at MercyCare Wembley - a foundation sponsor of the Award Program.  Speakers on the night included Award co-founder Elena Douglas, convenor Rosa Speranza and our evening’s MC Jenni Del Marco. 

I’m sharing this conversati...

Season 1 Wrap Up with Sonia Nolan

Thank you for your support of Season 1 of My Warm Table Podcast. 

Sonia Nolan wraps up the Season with an overview of some of the smart conversations with heart we have enjoyed around the warm table.  She shares  how your feedback affirmed her goal to build empathy and perspective by adding more positivity and warmth to the WA media landscape.

This episode is also an opportunity to say thank you for all of the wonderful people who contributed to the feast of insights and expertise around My Warm Table.

As we look forward to...

Becoming Famous Sharron with comedian Bonnie Davies

WA’s own Glambassador Famous Sharron Famous Sharron is the alter ego of creative director, award winning producer and comedian, Bonnie Davies.  

Bonnie’s mission in life is to make things ‘unboring’! 

She gives us a backstage pass into her career in the highs and lows of WA’s comedy and festival scene during COVID, how Famous Sharron was born, and why Bonnie and her alter ego are parochially Perth and ambassadors for regional WA. 

Duration: 43 minutes.


The Gelo Com...

Royal housemaid, lighthouse keeper and other life adventures with Annabel Tellis Tunley

Annabel Tellis Tunley lives life large!

She shares inside knowledge of the British Royals and her adventures of travel and trying her hand at many different jobs gathering memories, stories, friends and fascinating insights along the way!

 Duration:  50 minutes

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Are you future ready? Trends to watch with Futurist Gihan Perera

Perth based, and internationally renowned business futurist Gihan Perera takes us on a trip to the future.

Global business magazine Forbes, rates Gihan as the number 5 social media influencer in the world in his area of expertise – and he is Australia’s number one business futures influencer. 

Gihan urges us to listen to and amplify the voices and experiences of young people and shares many of the futuristic insights he talks to when he’s on the global conference stage.  

We’ll take a trip back to his own childhood warm table and the ideas...

Living with Migraine with Brenda Moore

Migraine attacks are not just bad headaches. They can be debilitating and as My Warm Table guest Brenda Moore explains, migraine is a complex genetic neurological disorder.

Brenda shares her lived experience of migraine and how after much angst she accepted the disability as a constant in her life, finding effective treatments and life work balance. 

Brenda has established her own productivity consultancy, working on her own terms and also helping others understand the superpowers of migraine. 

*NB audio correction:  Brenda refers to some medication as “off-brand” in our interview, but instead this should...

Towards the Dreaming - Aboriginal Funerals with Sharon Todd

Kariyarra Noongar woman Sharon Todd has become the first Aboriginal female in WA to direct a funeral company.

Sharon shares her road to reaching this business and cultural milestone and how her work deeply resonates with her identity and determination to give Aboriginal people a loving and culturally appropriate farewell.

Duration: 49 minutes


Towards the Dreaming Funeral Services:

Waalitj Foundation:

Articles about Sharon Todd:

Connect with Sharon Todd on LinkedIn


Beauty In My Back Yard with Street Level founder Milly Main

Street Level Founder and Perth Chapter Lead Milly Main is on a quest to restore the wisdom of the past through a revolutionary movement to bring beauty, connection and sustainable solutions to our streets in Australia. 

Street Level Australia is an association of local groups working to make Australian places more beautiful and conducive to human flourishing by advancing good urbanism, traditional architecture and quality building.

In this Warm Table conversation, Milly shares her perspectives on  urban sprawl and how cars and transport dictate the way we live; we challenge the thinking of developers and de...

Perth's secret dining experience unveiled with personal chef Valerio Fantinelli

Valerio Fantinelli is a personal chef who's created a slice of Italy by hand in his backyard. He offers Perth's most authentic Italian secret dining location.  Together with his wife Anna, Valerio brings the tastes of his Nonna's kitchen, warm welcoming traditions and historic recipes to life at Flour and Fire.

Valerio shares his journey from a young, restless pizza boy in Italy to finding his innate talent, place and style as a personal chef in Australia and the enormous acts of love which helped guide his way.

Duration: 53 minutes


Survive, thrive and adapt with survival expert Mike House

Mike House is one of Australia’s leading survival instructors and leadership coaches.  He has survived several life-threatening situations in the ocean, raging white water and tropical jungle.  

Mike shares the leadership lessons learnt when in extreme situations; why we should step out of our comfort zones; learn rhythmic breathing to find calm; and why we should never leave our vehicles if stranded. 

Duration: 54 minutes.


Mike House

Book: Unshakeable

Ebook: Why did they leave the vehicle?

Want to jo...

All Shall Be Well: a message for today from yesterday's Christian Mystics with Sr Anne Tormey

Sr Anne Tormey is a Catholic Nun. She has been a Sister of Mercy for 60 years, devoting her life to the complexities of social justice issues such as modern day slavery and human trafficking while becoming a great reader, thinker, empathiser and encourager of the human spirit.

Sr Anne shares her faith, calm and wisdom and leads us in a moment of meditation.  She shares her many reflections on the great Mystics of centuries past, who offer us windows of truth where we can find meaning and stillness in today’s busy and often troubled world. 

Comic Book Contracts: bringing the fine print to life with Professor Camilla Baasch Andersen

Professor Camilla Basch Andersen is a professor of law at the University of Western Australia and the founder of Comic Book Contracts which is revolutionising how we engage with big business and become more clear on the behaviours, expectations and services we are signing up to. 

Do you meticulously read and understand the fine print in every one of the contracts that you sign?  Have you maybe clicked the ‘Yes’ button and inadvertently agreed to give away your first born child?! They do say the devil is in the detail!   

 Contracts are a part of everyday...

Reflections of a real Flying Doctor with Dr Kieran Hennelly

As a young boy growing up in Manchester UK, Dr Kieran Hennelly watched the sunkissed, exotic, adventures of the Australian flying doctors on TV. 

He never imagined that would be his life and vocation, living and working in the WA Kimberley and saving many lives while leading the medical crews and operations of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)WA. 

Kieran shares his journey of finding his place in the world among rugged terrains, breathtaking landscapes and heart stopping emergencies. 

Duration: 37 minutes.

Royal Flyi...

SpaceDraft: Perth tech startup set to go global with Lucy Cooke

Lucy Cooke, tech start up entrepreneur is the CEO of SpaceDraft – an innovative and groundbreaking Perth tech start up which will revolutionise how we communicate across time and space, bringing to life and underpinning ideas for Web 3.0, gamification, virtual reality and even providing a new avenue of communication for the neuro-divergent. 

SpaceDraft is a visual logistics plotting startup that provides a creative planning tool for any virtual or physical service.

Hard work, resilience and passion go hand in glove in the start up community and Lucy has this in spades. She’s a p...

Concussion with Professor of Neurotrauma Melinda Fitzgerald

Professor of Neurotrauma, (Melinda) Lindy Fitzgerald is on a mission to improve outcomes for people who have experienced traumatic injury to their central nervous system.

Lindy and her team at Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia have developed a free online concussion short course to help you and I identify and manage concussion to prevent long term issues. 

It's a relevant and important chat – for the sporty, the aged, those suffering repeated injury from domestic violence or really anyone who sustains a knock to the head. 

Duration: 36 minutes.



Ripples of kindness and compassion with Catherine Kolomyjec

Catherine Kolomyjec is studying at Stanford University’s Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research to become a Global Ambassador for Applied Compassion.  She talks to us about her journey in social work, helping to resettle Bosnian refugees in Norway, sending hundreds of postcards to stranded sailors off the coast of WA during COVID lockdown and many more inspiring acts of kindness. 

Our table is set for a smart conversation with heart about kindness and compassion. These are core values of this podcast and so I’m delighted to be joined by Catherine - Perth’s own kindness guru - ...

Brain rehab at Brightwater Oats Street a story of serendipity with Janet Wagland

Nestled in Victoria Park, Perth WA is a one-of-a-kind, world leading brain rehabilitation centre.  Janet Wagland, CEO of Brightwater Oats Street, tells us about the innovative teamwork at the centre which means clients can learn to take back their lives.

 We learn what an Occupational Therapist does and how Janet’s talent for competitive rifle shooting has seen her travel the world and represent Australia. 

 “Because if we don't have a crack and take a bit of a risk and try something different and fail and learn from that in the way we operate ourselve...