My Warm Table ... with Sonia

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By: Sonia Nolan

My Warm Table is an independent podcast amplifying the passion and purpose of smart, generous and civic minded Western Australians who are making our communities better.  We gather around a warm table of good conversation, acceptance, positivity and curiosity (in Italian we call this a Tavola Calda - a warm table). We'll talk politics, religion, science, sustainability, wellness, inclusion, social impact ... in fact no topic is off limits - but good table manners will rule! 

Fleeing Ukraine and Rebuilding Life with Olga Hurina

Witness the strength of the human spirit through Olga Hurina's eyes, a Ukrainian humanitarian entrant whose life took a dramatic turn when war forced her from her homeland to the unfamiliar shores of Perth, Australia. Leaving behind her husband and a career in public service, Olga's story is one of resilience and hope. Amidst the backdrop of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, she shares her emotional journey, the challenges of adapting to a whole new world, and how she's now contributing to her new community while reaching back to aid those in Ukraine.

Our conversation with Olga culminates...

Storytelling Resilience with Andrea Gibbs

Imagine being captivated by a voice that weaves humor and vulnerability into a tapestry of tales, drawing you into the very heart of storytelling. That's precisely what Andrea Gibbs, a storyteller extraordinaire, does as our guest. As she unravels the intricacies of performance, from the raw exposure of acting to the subtle rhythms of narrative comedy, we explore how each story, whether whispered in a theatre or laughed over at a comedy club, forges connections that ripple through our lives.

Andrea takes us into her world where humor and hardship dance in the delicate balance of storytelling...

Illuminating Lives with Lightbulb Skills: Embracing Independence and Hope with Desley Delic and Megan Hancock

Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn a spark of inspiration into a beacon of hope for others? Desley Delic and Megan Hancock sit at my warm table, sharing the heartfelt origin of Lightbulb Skills, a testament to their determination to help individuals with additional needs learn life and independence skills. Their stories, steeped in personal family experiences, will touch you as they discuss the transformation of challenges into opportunities for growth and social connection within their workshops.

As we gather around, you will feel the genuine passion Desley and Megan have for their transition...

Connection with Dan Minchin

Today we are talking about our seniors, our young people, intergenerational relationships, the old-school village approach to looking after each other in communities, and how we can find hope in loneliness. 

 Yes we’re asking lots of big questions! 

 These big human challenges, are deeply embedded with the whole range of emotions from love and joy to pain and suffering. 

 There is no-one better to dive deep into this discussion with than Dan Minchin.  I know that Dan will instil hope around the warm table with a fresh approach about what we can do...

Kicking Cancer with Lisa Holland

Lisa Holland is a truly remarkable woman. She embodies the words hope and inspiration equally as much as she personifies strength and resilience. 

During our warm table conversation Lisa shares her fight with two different types of breast cancer and also thyroid cancer and how she has been both a victim and a hero of her own story and has survived to become wiser, more generous, and inspired to leave a legacy.

Lisa is a non fiction author, publisher, truth teller, lover of life and experiences. She thrives in complexity, she pushes the status quo a...

Welcome to Season 3 - Hope

Welcome to Season 3 of My Warm Table. 

I’m so delighted that you’ve joined us again for more smart conversations with heart around a warm table of acceptance, curiosity and empathy.

This Season, which is our third, we are focussing on HOPE. 

The world is a crazy place right now, and I believe we all need to channel the power of hope into our days. 

What is hope? 

What does it mean for you? 

Does it drive people differently? And what situations and life challenges have people fo...

Season 2 Wrap Up with Sonia Nolan

Thanks for listening to Season 2 of My Warm Table Podcast.

In this episode, Sonia wraps up the season with highlights of the previous episodes.

Thanks to all of our wonderful, generous guests and to you our listeners for supporting a warm table of curious conversations, acceptance and spreading positivity in our communities.

Warm thanks to:
Sponsor: Females Over Forty-five Fitness in Victoria Park
Sound Engineering: Damon Sutton
Music: William A Spence
... and all our generous and inspiring guests around the warm table this...

Turning the lights on - a history of EPT, migration and modernising Australia with Matthew Quomi

In this episode  we  stop a moment to think about how we are so connected to electricity. 

We’re going to honour the courageous and skillful men who climbed heights without fear to assemble and construct those tall steel structures which look like mini Eiffel Towers across our Australian landscape.

We’re going to step back in time to 1951 when the Australian branch of an Italian company set up in Australia to connect our vast, remote country to a reliable electricity source which enables a future of possibility and prosperity.

Electric Power Transmission Pty Ltd...

Saving lions and rewilding our world with Donalea Patman

We are in what scientists call the 6th mass extinction with wildlife disappearing at a rate of 1000 times the natural extinction rate.  

Today’s warm table conversation is a big one.

We share tears and fears with Donalea Patman who, 12 years ago, locked eyes with a lion - one of the world’s most majestic and revered creatures – and from that moment she has dedicated her career to ending the cruel and barbaric industry of canned hunting, followed by the closing of the domestic trade in ivory and rhino horn in Australia and worked on moderni...

InsTRUCKta! Virtual Reality road safety lessons with Rob Sharpe

The number of trucks on WA  roads is set to double within the decade and triple by 2050.  In fact we'd all  come to a stop if it wasn’t for the work of our amazing truck drivers carting everything from milk to machinery across our vast state.  

 So it’s really important as drivers that we know how to share our roads safely with trucks.

Rob Sharpe of Transafe and InsTRUCKta! has traversed more than 1.4 million kms as a truckie and he’s had a birds eye view of more than his fair share of close calls...