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G'day and Welcome to Formula Bums!! Join us for every round of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship, where we, will give you a preview and review episode for each round. We cannot promise you an unbiased perspective, why would we when this is the home of Big D!#K Danny Ric. However, we do promise that no team, no commentator, no one will be spared the ire of our resident bogan Andy, the conspiracies of the tin foil prophet Rhyso, the smooth calculated (and British) thoughts of Dave. Jacko also talks heaps and has the memory of a goldfish. ...

Formula Bums 037 - Abu Dhabi Review

Join Andy and Jacko as they look back and review the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP. We also take a deep dive into ferrari's struggles this year and celebrate the career of Sebastian Vettel... Oh and DANNY IS COMING HOME!!!!

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Formula Bums 036 - "Sao Paulo Review/Abu Dhabi Preview

Join Andy and Jacko after a short delay so they could calm down. They eat Humble pie and discuss the race that occurred in Brazil this past weekend and talk all the controversy surrounding their favorite team and driver. They then look briefly to this weekend's final race of the season .

Formula Bums 035 - "Mexico Review/Brazil Preview"

Andy and Jacko are back after an enforced week off due to Illness (Not Covid this time). They discuss the week of news while throwing shade at sky sports for their coverage of F1. There is some MotoGP talk for the Italians who like to win. They then look back at the Mexican GP and talk about their thoughts and how much of a monster Danny Ric truly is when he is on form. Jacko and Andy move down the Americas and talk about the Brazilian GP and completely forget its a sprint race. That's how much they love...

Formula Bums 034 - United States Review/Mexico Preview

Boys are back with another double up episode. Due to the early start of the race and our work schedules this will be the norm for the next 2 weeks, sorry about that. Jacko and Andy look at the spectacle that is the US grand prix and all the issues and incidents. Jacko finally starts embracing the Dark side of the podcast and lets loose on the resident Squid George Russell, Andy continues with his beef with Lance Stroll and amongst all the chaos and nonsense they review an overall great Grand Prix.

Boys then move down south...

Formula Bums 033 - United States Preview

Join Andy and Jacko as they take a deep dive into the Red Bull Cost Cap saga as they discuss potential punishments and other tidbits of news. They also take time to look at the United States Grand Prix held this weekend at the Circuit of the Americas and hope they do it justice.

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Formula Bums 032- Japanese Grand Prix Review/Bathurst Chat

Join Andy and Jacko as they look at the race from this past weekend. No not the Grand Prix you can't call that a race, This has a sprinkle of the Repco Bathurst 1000 review throughout as it is the holy grail of Australian Motorsport. On top of this Jacko and Andy talk about Japan and the incidents at the track and how somehow Max pulled off the perfect weekend and yet no one realized he won the title.

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Formula Bums 031 - Singapore Grand Prix Preview

Join Andy and Jacko as they quickly wrap up Monza while also looking at the driver market and the pieces still in play, Also they preview the next Round of the 2022 F1 Championship and learn some new facts about Singapore's' Track and look at the 2023 F1 Colander

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Formula Bums 030 -"Dutch Review and Italy Preview"

G'day and Welcome to another episode of the Formula Bums Podcast. Join Rhys Jacko and Andy as they look at Super license points and criteria as it pertains to Colten Herta, They also look at the race from this past weekend and Andy breaks the cast with a stupid video of Latifi Made by RocketpoweredMoHawk on Youtube. We also play the corner guessing game with Jacko and Rhys for Monza and look forward to the Temple of Speed.

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Formula Bums 029 - "Belgium Review/Netherlands Preview"

Join Jacko and Andy as they take a look at what was the Belgium Grand Prix. There was a lot of Alonso funny business, Tear off talk , Laughing at Ferrari and also once again a discussion about coffee orders. Then due to the fact people are busy this week Jacko and Andy look ahead to the Netherlands Grand Prix which is being held this weekend. Andy quizzes Jack on corner names and Jacko wasnt too impressed by it. All in all a fun episode and we will be back next Tuesday for our Zanvoort Review

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Formula Bums 028 - Belgium Preview

Join Jacko, Andy and Rhys as they do everything except talk about the Belgium Grand Prix. We discuss the Danny Ric news that broke over night. Andy talks shit about Piastri and other things. Jacko cant count and thinks Mika Hakkienen has been out of the sport for 10 years and 10 years ago was 2002. Rhys try's his best to keep the other 2 on track but it derails pretty quickly.

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Formula Bums 027 "Mid Season Review"

Join Jacko, Andy and Dave as they take a quick look at their earlier season predicitons and see how they rank going into the mid season break. Andy Breaks down the Oscar Piastri, Daniel Riccardo, Alpine and McLaren mess and gets the boys take on the situation. Join us mid next week as we continue this review/look at the 2022 FIA Formula 1 World Championship as a whole during the mid season break and then the main event will be later on as we sit down and attempt to call a race ourselves.

Formula Bums 026 "Hungary Review"

What an episode we have in store for you, the listeners who we love. While discussing Seb Vettel and his retirement and potential replacements the news drops on who is replacing Seb and you get the Bums genuine reactions to the news. Andy is in shock, Jack is adamant about Piastri and Rhys who returns can't believe the news. On top of this they review the race from the weekend Andy takes the tinfoil hat while Jacko and Rhys dismiss him as needing to go to the nut house. Mid season break is here now but our content doesnt...

Formula Bums 025 "Hungary Preview"

Here we go again, Last Double Header before the Mid Season Break, Jacko and Andy try to put together a podcast talking about the Hungarian Grand Prix while getting off topic all the time. Andy and Jacko also preview the mid season content we have planned. Sit back and Relax while we try our best to entertain and inform you while talking about our favorite sport

Please note as well, The Sebastian Vettel News dropped mid recording of this episode however as we are professional we weren't scrolling Instagram when it dropped as we were recording. All...

Formula Bums 024 "France Review"

Join The Bums as they first of all welcome back Dave for an episode (Suspiciously after Mercedes started doing well again). The Team all agree this race was a bit of a snooze fest and the TV Direction didnt really help. We do our best to talk about all the teams which is hard when you only see like 4 of them over the duration of a race period. Also we are aware we made a mistake and said both Haas's finished when K Mag retired but it was easy to forget that when we really dont remember seeing him...

Formula Bums 023 " France Preview"

G'day and welcome to another episode of Formula Bums, Andy returns from his Covid hiatus and gets all worked up about things from the previous race I.E Lewis Hamilton having the nerve to make a dig at Max last year about their incident at Copse, Jacko brings us a bunch of News from alpha Tauri and Andy discusses the Multi 21 incident. ( Please note his covid rattled brain mispoke and he knows it was the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix not the 2012 one)

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Formula Bums Bonus 001 "Great Britain Review/ Austria Preview"

Here is a special Bonus episode for this week. Andy of course has been out with Covid and we weren't able to make the deadline for this episode. So here is our Great Britain Review/Austria Preview. Hopefully next week we return to our regular schedule. So sit back and relax crack a cold one and enjoy our bonus episode this week even though all discussion points are outta date!

Formula Bums 022 "Austria GP Review"

Join Jacko and Rhyso as they look at the Austrian GP as a whole. Andy is still out due to Covid and to make up for that he will release their Britain Review/Austria Preview later this week. So sit back and enjoy the chat about one of our favorite tracks on the calendar... Also Go HAAS and GO MICK!

Formula Bums - 021 "British GP Preview"

G'day Everyone and "ITS COMING HOME!' well Grand Prix racing is, This week we preview the Great Britain Grand Prix held at the Former Air Force Base, SIlverstone. This Racing is always an exciting one and the bums can't wait to watch it. Listen to Jacko Forget how the Circuit runs, Andy gives a run down on all the teams and Rhyso brings a little Trivia to the show which pisses Jack off to no end,

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Formula Bums 020 "Canada Review"

Join Andy and Jacko as they Review the ninth round of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship Hailing from the Circuit Giles Villeneuve located in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

They talk about the latest technical directive and laugh at the Team bosses arguing with Toto Wolff about it, They dress down Latifi's latest failure as a driver and are just shocked Lance Stroll got a Grandstand named after him.

We look at each team in depth and their performance at the race and also discuss Oscar Piastri and his future.

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Formula Bums 019 "Canada Preview"

G'Day and Welcome to an episode of Formula Bums once again only featuring 2 of the hosts. This time Jacko is joined by Rhys and they talk all things Groundhogs for some reason, There is discussion about Formula 1 and the upcoming race and in the twisted fantasy that is Jacko's Formula 1 where everything is made up and the points don't matter so max always wins there are a few corrections I the Editor will be making now

the Crown jewel of motorsport consists of the Monaco GP, Le Mans 24 hr race and the INDY 500 not the Daytona 500 Like...

Formula Bums 018 - "Azerbaijan Grand Prix Review"

G'day and welcome to what we thought would be a quick Formula Bums review for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Its only Jacko and Andy but without Rhyso and Dave to reign in these 2 they just talk nonsense for quite a long time. There is a lot of ripping on the Formula Bums favorite punching bags Stroll and Latifi. Jacko and Andy think they are funnier than they truly are while trying to review the race. So sit back relax and enjoy this clusterf#

Formula Bums 017 - "Azerbaijan Preview"

Welcome to the Formula Bums Preview of this weekend's Azerbaijan Grand Prix

On this episode, Rhyso still can't say the world Azerbaijan and the bums make fun of him for it. Jacko Reads out a bunch of Williams News so he can once again forget about the team till next year. Andy Brings the track facts and looks back at the 2018 Azerbaijan GP to be sad about Max and Big D^#K Danny Ric having an incident going into turn 1.

All this and More on the Latest episode of DRAGON BALL Z.....I Mean Formula...

Formula Bums 016 "Monaco GP Review"

Today on Formula Bums, Jacko and Andy agree that Monaco probably should stay on the calendar while Rhyso and Dave still need convincing,

Rhys Plays Fun Police and talks setups while Andy is trying to make fun of Latifi

Jacko talks about his live tweeting a lot

Dave shows up and cops it for forgetting to submit his picks for the Grand Prix

All this and we talk about the race as well

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Formula Bums 015 "Monaco GP Preview"

Today on Formula Bums,

Andy forgets Checo Exists while doing his predictions and wonders how much his lead will dwindle after the race.

Jack Discusses with the boys the effects of gusts of wind on the cars

Rhyso brings some weird track facts like how many cars have retired due to crash over the last 20 years.

All this and so much more on todays episode of Bottom Gear....I mean Formula Bums

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Formula Bums 014 "Spanish GP Review"

Today on Formula Bums... Jacko Remembers williams exists more than the rest of the team,

Andy refuses to call Aston Martin by their actual name and sticks to "Green Bulls"

Rhyso brings all the upgrade talks

And Dave makes an appearance to talk up Hamilton for racing extremely well for the first time this season

Oh and they review the spanish GP which was really good for the 1st time in a long time.

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Formula Bums 013 "Spanish GP Preview

Jack returns to his hosting duties and actually does a little research for this weeks episode, Andy and Rhys are so taken back by the amount he did they just let him talk while pondering the idea jack just dreamt all this knowledge up. Andy realized in post he doesn't know his left from his right when talking about sector 3 in Spain. Dave is no where to be seen while the tin foil prophet himself takes 15 minutes to come up with a wild and bizarre theory that sounds like it came out of Jack's world.

Oh and...

Formula Bums 012 "Miami Review"

G'day, Welcome to the first Jackless Formula Bums, our resident story teller and Space Cadet Jacko went on holiday and left Andy in charge of everything this week (Was that a mistake Jack?) Anyway, Rhyso and Dave drop in and give their thoughts on the Miami GP while Andy stumbles his way through hosting and can't figure out when to shut up and just continues to ramble on. Anyway hopefully you enjoy this weeks episode and if not send all complaints to Jacko on Instagram cause I sure as hell will be!!!!

Formula Bums 011 "Miami Preview/Dream F1 Calenders"

G'Day, Welcome to our 2022 Miami Grand Prix Preview. Due to the fact this is the inaugural event we really didn't have much to hype up about it so we instead Discussed each of our dream f1 calendars if we had control of where everyone went. Some shocks are there, others aren't as shocking and Andy completely forgets to check one track and has to change it on the fly. Sit back and relax as for the first time ever the 4 bums are united and chaos ensues

Formula Bums 010 "Imola Review"

WE'RE OUTTA LOCKDOWN FINALLY... Apologies for missing the preview but Jack who has all the gear was stuck in lockdown and we couldn't record, however we make up for it with another long episode running down the news, sprint and grand prix which was held this past weekend at the Imola circut. So grab your beers and sit back and relax while Jack and Andy continue to fight as there footy teams played each other and Andy was too salty to think about Jack's terrible team winning and didnt want a bar of Jack talking about it

Formula Bums 009 - "STRAYA REVIEW"

Welcome to the longest episode of Formula Bums yet!!! Doing their best Sir Lewis Hamilton impression the boys boldly state this was a very Lackluster race in their home country then proceed to break their own recording length record by a lot talking a lot about everything that happened! There are laughs, facts and serious discussion all rolled into this one plus a lot of insults directed at the bums favourite punching bag Lance Stroll, Sit Back relax and enjoy our Straya review and once again any statements said by the bums (Jack) have a blanket allegedly tag on...

Formula Bums 008 - "STRAYA PREVIEW" Reuploaded

Ladies and Gentlemen a short view back to the past... Its been 2 long and gruelling years but Formula 1 hits the shores of Australia again for the first time since 2020 when they sadly canned the race while the V8s were on track. 2 years of disappointment has led to the Single most Expletive episode as the Formula Bums get excited for their first race they can all watch live (except andy as he is stuck at work)

Join Jacko, the tin foil prophet and the resident moody bogan as they try their stand up comedy routine as well...

Formula Bums 008 - "STRAYA PREVIEW"

Ladies and Gentlemen a short view back to the past... Its been 2 long and gruelling years but Formula 1 hits the shores of Australia again for the first time since 2020 when they sadly canned the race while the V8s were on track. 2 years of disappointment has led to the Single most Expletive episode as the Formula Bums get excited for their first race they can all watch live (except andy as he is stuck at work)

Join Jacko, the tin foil prophet and the resident moody bogan as they try their stand up comedy routine as well...

Formula Bums 007 "Saudi Arabia Review"

G'day Everyone. Join Jacko, Andy and Rhyso as they talk seriously for a moment about the news from the weekend and then continue into our light hearted discussion about Qualifying and the Grand Prix itself... It also seems before the end of the race Andy and Jacko once again make contact and continue to argue and banter about who gets to wear Rhyso's tin foil hat!!!!

Formula Bums 006 "Saudi Arabia Preview"

G'day Everyone!!

A short little preview of this weekends Grand Prix

Formula Bums 005 "Bahrain Review"

G'Day, Everyone!

Join the Formula Bums as Jacko, Andy and a belated Rhyso run through the exciting and hard to predict season opener.

Jacko remembers Williams and talks about them.

Andy is proven both a gaslighter and somewhat of a prophet!!

Rhyso has his conspiracy hat on and refuses to remove it.

We had a blast, we hope you do too!!

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Formula Bums 004 "Bahrain Preview"

This is it. Its finally happening, Cars, on a track, racing!!! It has got the boys a tad excited.

Join Jacko, Andy & Rhys as they attempt to provide a comprehensive look at the upcoming race.

Andy reveals himself as a culturally sensitive bogan.

Jacko again forgets exists, mid-sentence this time.

Rhys lets chess decide the fate of the Championship!!!

Formula Bums 003

G'day, everyone, this is a little bit of everything.

Shakedown, Haas, the FIA and what we think the season will bring.

Formula Bums 002 "Season Predictions"

G'day, Everyone, It has been a while.

A short disclaimer, this episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago. This means we are horribly out of date in regards to the current state of the world, and specifically in regards to our discussion with Haas, their drivers and the decisions of the FIA.

However much of our discussion is still relevant, and we think it is our best one to date!!

Welcome to Formula Bums 20 to 1 Drivers predictions, please let us know what you think!

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Formula Bums 001 "Livery Review"

This week on Formula Bums Jacko is joined by Andy Ona'Kaison to discuss the 2022 Car Liveries and Designs!

Conversation strays incessantly from the look of the cars to the drivers, principals and stories that come with each entry into the 2022 World Championship.

We hope you join us for a semi-professional look at the Teams & their cars, while we quickly fall into petty insults and arguments.

Formula Bums Pilot One

Welcome to our "free practice" where we hope you can get the feel of the show and what to expect coming up. Stay tuned for our 2022 Season Livery Launch coming soon!!

Instagram: formulabums

Discord: FormulaBums